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Summary, Sasuke and Hinata are engaged, Itachi writes to her, while using Sasuke's name and slowly falls in love with her, when Hinata learns who he really is , they engage in a forbidden romance, only to find that its wasn't as forbidden as they thought.

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In 1846 , while Queen Victoria was on the thrown in England, in Kohona , Japan.

The two richest and most prosperous families were the Uchiha Clan and the Hyuuga Clan, both equal in power and honor.

For years, they faught, until November 21, 1846. When the eldest daughter of Hyuuga Hiashi turned 15 and was of marrying age.

Both clan's begin to seek union through sacrafical marriage, of both their heir's,

Uchiha Itachi, And Hyuuga Hinata.

But it was well known Itachi would not marry willingly, so their father's devised a plan...

Hinata fiddled with the folds of her beautiful soft Lilac colored dress, it had butterfly sleeves, and a ruffled full length skirt, with and embroidered train, with black lace and beaded flowers, and had a black corset trimmed with silver revealing her womanly curves.

She was a beautiful girl, with delicate pale skin, and long indigo colored curls, and soft rose petal lips- and an ever present blush.

And was known for her quiet gentle nature, and her father said the Uchiha had asked for her specifically .

A rare flower, for a warrior, After she had begged her father he had said that the man she was to marry was a decorated military man. So when She learned both the Uchiha brother's would be coming to dinner she could not help wondering who it was to be.
The arrival of a carrage in front of the mansion interrupted her thoughts, she rose quickly to greet the as the butler Neji opened the door. The first to step in was a man with a long black ponytail and almost just as dark eyes, he had beautiful pale white skin and high cheekbones. He was wearing a fitted black coat with crimson trim, a black waist coat and a dark red almost black button up shirt, with black slacks that where tucked inside knee high black leather boots.

He froze for a moment when he saw her, before his the corners of his pale red lips twisted upwards into a smirk, he placed one hand over his heart before he bowed lowly, " Lady Hyuuga." He murmured, before straightening out,

Hinata's face flushed before she curtsied and offered a delicate hand " Milord, by what name shall I call you?"

The man smiled geniunely, before taking her hand and bringing it to his lips " I am Uchiha Itachi, and what is your name sunshine?"

Hinata laughed softly " Hyuuga Hinata. Am I wrong that there was suppose to be another guest?"

Itachi chuckled" Sasuke is a little depressed and is moping outside."

Hinata frowned " Should we go get him?"

Itachi shrugged " He will come when he wants too."

Hinata glanced and the door again hesitantly.

Itachi feigned hurt " Is my presscence not enough Sunshine?"

Hinata winced " No! No! Your quite pleasant, I just was worried is all."
Itachi leaned forward slightly and touched her hand , and her worries melted into butterflies. " He is quite fine and capable I assure you, there is nothing to worry about . I promise."

Hinata did not think of Sasuke again the entire night, not even when he joined them for supper."

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