Chapter Two

" The Greatest love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the

most unexpected time."

Hinata was practicing her violin when her butler Ko, came with the evening's post.

She admittedly had been more focused on replaying the event's of yesterday in her thought's more than the piece her violin instructor had set before her.. In her carelessness she had simply begun to play that which her heart told her too. She blushed when she noticed Ko waiting near the door's to the study . She set down her bow and violin gently before curtsying. Ko chuckled lightly " I do not recognise the piece " He said teasingly as he handed her a thick letter. Hinata began to resemble a cherry " I.. I composed it.."

Ko inclined his head " You preformed marvelously my lady, Excuse me but I must go to prepare your tea.." Hinata grimanced at the mention before smiling gently " Thank you Ko."

She waited until he was gone before she broke the seal on the letter and began to read..

Dear Lady Hinata...

Is it too soon to ask to see you again? Perhap's it is improper, I hope I do not offend you ..

You looked radiant yester night.. Like the nightengale you have a beautiful voice..

I suppose that is not a valid excuse for this letter, alright my lady..

On December third , there is to be a masque ball to celebrate Itachi's birthday before we leave with our father's infitry, I would be honored if you attend and wear this masque..

So I may better find you..

With sincere hope I may see you..


Hinata gasped when the masque fell into her lap, it was light lavendar with what looked to be butterflys carved of light blue topaz, and amethyst.. She gently traced the masque with her finger's .. Which brother was S? She grimanced when she could not recall their names..

She smiled softly , maybe with luck it was the older brother with the long black hair..

He was so kind!

At Uchiha Manor.

Sasuke was pacing like a caged animal in front of the mantle place, dispite Itachi's warning's that he would light his tail coat on fire if he insisted on being so close to the fire while he turned so dramaticallly..

" It's just a letter Ototo " Itachi chided halfheartedly, inwardly he was seething, why did their father ask his Ototo to write to his Hinata? Sasuke had spoken so very little to her yesterday , so how did he earn such an honor?

Sasuke stopped suddenly and turned to Itachi, a smirk twisting his features . " You can write to her!" Itachi frowned , though he was pleased with Sasuke's descion.

" Won't that displease father?" Itachi feigned concern. Sasuke scoffed " Leave father to me , just write the stupid letter Aniki." He walked to the door , he was about to turn the handle when he turned to Itachi " Oh , do sign it with my name" His said dismissively before yanking the door open and stalking out . Leaving Itachi to settle at the writing desk..

" Now.. My sweet nightengale... " Itachi murmured talking a mask from his waistcoat pocket. " Perhaps we will see each other again much sooner than we thought.."

Sasuke closed the door to Fugaku's study with a sly smile on his lips.

" He will do it father" Sasuke said confidently when he turned to face his father. Fugaku smiled softly " Thank you Sasuke."

Sasuke inclined his head . " Why must we trick Itachi? Wouldn't it be easier just to tell him, that his to marry Hinata? "

Fugaku shook his head. " We both know Itachi will never choose anything I want for him, we need him to come to desire Hinata. That is why I need you to make him jealous. "

Sasuke nodded slowly " And you swear to uphold your promise?"

Fugaku inclined his head. " Naturally... If you suceed."

Time past quickly and suddenly it was December third, and Hinata sat in front of her vanity, her stomache in knot's. She felt so warm, she smiled softly as she combed her hair.. A package had arrived that morning, inside was a small delicate necklace with forget me nots, carved from amethyst's and topaz. And a dress, of Lavender silk, it was long sleeved, with a black corset and it flowed from her hips down to the floor, but the best part was the skirt, which was ruffled and fluttered when she walked ,it was simple but beautiful.

Hinata gently curled her hair and pinned it out of her face with a large purple flower.

She didn't like makeup very much but she used power to illuminate her cheek's and a little glitter on her eye's and mascara. She wasn't sure if she looked pretty but she knew it was the best she could do.. Was this how it felt to be happy?

Hinata almost felt sick with this twisting feeling in her stomach, before she could think about it anymore her butler came in to escort her down to the carrage.

Itachi sat at the end of his bed, in an all black suit, with a crow feather mask in his lap, the look on his face told the world that his thought's were far away.. Perhaps with a lavender eyed girl.. He flinched when he heard Sasuke walking in the hall..

Well he mused inwardly, it's too late to backdown now.

So he stood with the elegance and pride he could possess and secured the mask to his face before striding out in to the hall to recieve the guests with his family..


It's not much but it's a start -_-" sigh...