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Dean kept catching a faint glimpse of skin as Jada Nelson shifted in her sleep, her legs moving apart and together unconsciously, drawing his eyes since there were no covers shielding her from his view as she lay on the bed. His servants had prepared her perfectly, following his instructions to the letter. She was lying there helplessly, with her hands and wrists bound to the bed with thin leather straps and her eyes hidden beneath a blindfold. A warm fire was burning brightly in the fireplace, keeping her warm since she was merely wearing a nightgown made of thin cotton. He watched her as she slept from his chair in the corner of the room,planning his activities for the day. Dean knew she should would wake shortly and he looked forward to seeing her reaction to the situation.

Jada was starting to come to and Dean knew their playtime was about to begin. He heard a faint whimper as she noticed the change in her circumstances and surrounding "W-Whats going on?" Her hands moved uselessly when she tried to free herself from the bindings. Her legs moved as she tried to explore the area around her. She gasped when she discovered she was almost nude and that she was lying exposed on a bed.

Dean got up from the chair and made his way over to the bed and sat down near her head. He bent over and kissed her ear lobe before whispering, "Welcome, my love. I've been waiting for you."

He heard a hitch in her breathing and watched in joy as her chest heaved under the thin cotton gown. She looked exquisite lying there, waiting for whatever was about to happen. Her long beautiful hair was spread out over the pillow that her head had been carefully placed upon. Her gown barely covered her to her knees and it was riding up deliciously as she tried to squirm away from him, revealing a glimpse of her bare legs all the way to the hips.

Dean was enjoying the trembling and the way that her body was reacting to him. Her chest was constantly heaving with her rapid were goosebumps on her legs . He ran his hand down her arm to comfort her before he leaned down to kiss her on the lips hoping her lips would part so that he would briefly taste her tongue but such pleasures was denied.

Her shaking had increased during that brief encounter and he began to take pity on her. "I'm Dean Winchester," he told her, "and you my sweet are to fulfill my desires today. You are meant to be mine." He then kissed her cheek softly, letting her know he could be gentle.

"Why am I here? How do you know me?" she asked in fear.

"I saw you and knew I must have you. We belong together."

"Please, have mercy on me." she cried.

He bit her neck lightly and growled into her ear, "I may have mercy, but you will be mine."

Dean began to lick and nibble on her ears ignoring her movements to escape from his mouth. He watched gratefully as her nipples hardened in response to his tactics, letting him know her body desired a man...him. She was gasping now and he took quick advantage of her open mouth, thrusting his tongue in and tasting her sweetness.

Dean started to untie her gown with one hand while his other held her head still so that he could fest on that delicious mouth of hers. His hand began to rome over her whole body. He parted the top of the gown to reveal her luscious full breasts just aching to be sucked. He then slowly inched the bottom of the gown upwards letting his eyes follow her legs to the womanly curves of her hips. He continued to raise the gown letting her navel appear before his sight, tempting him with her soft and young flesh.

Finally, he tore the gown from her body. Dean wanted to explore her and ready her before ravishing her. He loved the fact that her body arched up to meet him as he traced paths along and panties with both his hands and tongue, sampling the flesh. With expert knowledge he teased her breasts into arousal before taking each nipple between his teeth and nipping them harshly, causing a cry of pain to come from her. Her hips were rocking in invitation even as the word "NO" slipped from between her lips. Her skin under his hands was warm. Her lust was starting to overcome her fear even as she tried to resist him.

His hands were slightly quivering as he pulled the cloth panties from her body. He removed that last bit of protection from her revealing her waiting pussy. "Perfect." He smiled. It was moist from his earlier actions and he ran a finger along her slit.

Jada sighed at the touch but tried to bring her legs together, "Stop...please." she begged quietly.

"Shhh, its going to be ok." Dean said as he grabbed one of her legs and held it still, letting his other hand remain safely on her womanhood. He slid a finger in, confirming her virginal state. "Just what I wanted. You're the one."

"Please don't!" she cried. "I've never...done...uhhh," Her voice trailed off as he moved his finger in and out slowly before he removed his hand and got up from the bed.

Dean removed all of his clothing and he stroked himself as he anticipated what was to come. He climbed back onto the bed and he spotted a small tear escaping from under the blindfold. He wiped it away and then kissed her eye through the blindfold. "I haven't done anything wrong, please don't hurt me anymore," she pleaded. "I just want to go home."

"I don't plan to hurt you, just please you my dear." he responded.

Dean caressed her face before kissing her again. He moved down her body and he turned his head to her pussy, drinking in her musk. He licked and probed at her with his tongue, tasting her juices. He could hear her moaning and looked up to see her head shaking from side to side in denial of what was happening to her.

"Pl-Please." She whispered.

"Just relax." He said and he took her clit between his teeth, drawing it up and lashing it with his tongue.

Her legs fell open further as her muscles trembled from his attention. "Oh...uh.." she moaned and Dean smiled. He spread her fold with his fingers, fully bringing her clit out into the open. Dean bit it, sending a spark through her body. Jada screamed but the amount of juice flowing from her doubled. Dean was enjoying the way she tasted and felt by her actions that her body was getting excited as well.

Dean pinched and twisted her nipples, needing to hear her cry out again again for him. She was rocking against his mouth and her breasts were swelling beneath his touch. Her body was clearly ready for him even if she wasn't.

Her groans were becoming more pleasure-filled now as she gave into him. Dean pulled away from her and got between her legs. He began rubbing his cock along her thighs, teasing her pussy with the tip, wanting to moisten it in readiness for entering her. "I –I cant." Jada said.

"You can. You were made for me and only me. Time to join us and rule our kind by my side." Dean said. "I'm going to take care of you princess."

Dean lifted her legs on his shoulders. He rubbed his cock back and forth along her slit, moistening the sides of his cock more. He felt her relax a little under him and that was a good thing. Dean knew it was time to take her as him. He pressed the head of his cock to her opening and then started to push it in.

"Ouch! Oh God!" She screamed and yelled as he pushed in more and broke her hymen. Dean slowly eased himself in an inch at a time, letting her grow accustom to him. She was shaking beneath him even as her screams subsided. He knew that soon she'd give in to the pleasures he was bringing her.

"The worst is over now." he told her.

Once he'd slid all the way into her he held himself steady, feeling her pulse and expand around him. He licked and sucked at her breasts again. He released her legs and wrapped them around his waist. Dean slid a bit further and he could tell her arousal was growing.

He gently moved in and out of her feeling her rock against him in rhythm with his thrusts. Dean started to seduce her with his cock, seeking to have her join him in the act. He kissed and licked at her neck and ears as his hands kneaded her breasts and twisted her nipples. The speed of his thrusts increased and he plunged deeper into her with each stroke. Her legs rose to his hips, holding him in her, helping him to fuck her deeper.

"You like that baby? You like they way I feel inside you?"

"Uh huh...M-more." she moaned.

Dean smiled and could feel her start to move with him, matching his speed. Her breathing grew more ragged as they moved together. He began to really take her now, pulling all the way out before shoving himself back in all the way, increasing both their passions to new heights and levels.

The harder he thrusted into her the louder her moans of ecstasy were. He grabbed her legs again and pulled them up so that she rose up off the bed. Dean got up onto his knees and really began to plunge into her, pounding her poor pussy beneath him. She was so tight that he could barely contain himself, wanting to send his seed deep within and all over her. He could feel her walls staring to tighten around him, letting him know she was close to cumming.

"I want you to let go for me. Cum on me Jada." He said. "Now!"

"D-D-DEAN!" She screamed and arched off the bed.

Dean came as well, spurting load after load into her, "Oh fuck!" he growled. He was buried into her all the way to his balls and he held her hips, keeping her tight to him as he mastered her pussy making her his forever

Dean moved to lie beside her and caressed and stroked those curves that had pleased him so much. He kissed her in gratitude for what they had experienced together. He was definitely going to keep her and teach her all the pleasures of the life.

Jada trembled as she turned her head in the direction of his steady breathing, "Will...will you untie me? Let me see you." She asked him.

"Of course." Dean said and gave her a kiss on her rosy red cheek.

He reached up and unties her hands. Jada sat up in the bed and rubbed her wrist before reaching behind her and untying the blindfold. She pulled it off slowly and looked at her captor. He was gorgeous. She found herself a a little revealed that a man like this is the one that took what she had been saving.

"Am I all that you imagined?" Dean asked and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand.

"More." She said and touched his face, "Why me? Why did you choose me?" she asked. This man could have had any woman so why did she choose a young nobody like her.

"Because you're perfect Jada. I saw you and knew that you had to be mine. I could hear you beating from miles away. No one had ever called like that to me before. You are going to be my queen." He said, "In just a few shot days when the full moon is among us." He smiled. "Until then you will be shower with anything your heart desires."

"What do you mean? Who are you?"

"My name is Dean and I'm a werewolf. The king of them all." He said. "You are going to stay with me forever."

Jada's heart began to pound again. What was going to happen to her now?

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