The four all sat at the dinner table and Jada just looked down at her plate and looked around. It was a steak and as she looked around it seemed at she was the only one to actually have a cooked meal but she was about to say anything.

"Is everything ok baby?" Dean asked her. "Would you like something else?"

Jada looked over at him and smiled, "Everything is perfect. I'm just not really that hungry tonight. I had a large lunch and I'm still not feeling that well."

"That is expected for a few days but I can see the servants are spoiling you already." Dean said and lifted his wine glass, "Just want I wanted."

"They are doing their job very well." Jada said.

"So how do you like your new life style?" Stella asked as she sipped from her glass and Jada knew she didn't want to know what was in there.

"So far I love it so much. Everyone is just so nice and the house is more than I could ever dream of."

"I take it you aren't use to this kind of living?"

"No not really?"

"So tell me….what did you do before Dean bought you here?" Stella asked. "Did you work?"

"I worked at a pharmacy and lived alone in a small apartment. Nothing exciting." Jada said.

Stella just gave her a smile, "Well now you can have the life a woman deserves. Woman like us deserves to have anything money can buy. Isn't that right Sam?" Stella asked and placed her arms around Sam.

"You are right about that sweetheart." He said and gave her a small kiss.

Dean smiled at the two of them and turned his attention to Jada and took her hand in his, "Me and Sam are going to step out and talk business. Will you be ok?"

"I'll be just fine." She smiled and caressed his cheek with her free hand, "Go enjoy yourself."

Dean leaned in and gave her a quick kiss before standing up and looking over at his brother, "Sam, care to join me for another drink out on the patio?"

"I would love to." Sam said and smiled at the girls, "You two have fun."

"I'm sure we will." Stella said and the girls watched as the guys walked out of the room. Once they were gone Stella folded her hands together and smiled at Jada, "No we can girl talk."

"What would you like to talk about?" Jada asked, "I told you about everything about me."

"Oh I know but I'm here to give you a few tips to help you get by."

"Good because I think I need all the help you can get." Jada said.

"I was the same way when Sam first found and turned me. It's a lot to take in but soon you will fit right him and you will play your role very well. I can already tell that about you. You are strong. That is what Dean must have seen in you. We aren't that different. Sure we have different….taste... but deep down we are the same. In a few days you will really begin to feel yourself changing and your hunger growing. At first it will seem uncontrollable but you will learn in time."

"I think that is what scares me the most about this life. I can already feel it inside me. Like running though my veins."

Stella smiled, "I know the feeling but things get better and soon you will be a whole new person. You are going to be queen of your kind and that is something to be very proud of. You can have anything you want. Money is no object. Make Dean give you the life you want. If you want a brand new car every day then you make him give it to you. What the guys won't tell you is that they need us to survive. Once you are chosen and turned you two are stuck together. They need us to carry their children. They can never take another mate as long as they live."

"Oh wow." Jada said. "So this is forever isn't it?"

"Yes dear it is but its going to great."

Jada sat there and looked around the room as she sipped on her wine. Everything about this house was perfect and beautiful. She could get use to this and she already was. She could be queen. No problem. Stella was right. She knew she was changing by the second. Her need for Dean growing stronger and stronger. She longed to have him touch her again.

Sam and Dean stood out on the patio with a smoke and a drink looking out into the night, "So things are going well here?" Sam asked.

"Perfect and how about things on your side?" Dean asked him.

"Great. I can't complain. Me and Stella are getting ready to try for out first child. The timing is all right we think." Sam said.

"Congratulation." Dean smiled at his brother, "I have to say it's about time. Stella is quite a woman."

"Thanks and so is Jade. She is just stunning if I do say so myself. Any plans for children?"

"As soon as she is in heat I'm going for it. I'm not getting any younger." Dean said, "She's the one I'm sure of it."

"Then here is to our future." Sam said and raised his glass, "May one day we all live in peace."

"I'll drink to that." Dean said and brought the glass to his lips.

"Any chance of getting you over to our side one day?"

"You just name the date and time but I want you to come back here for my wedding and be my best man." Dean said.

"Are you sure that is a good idea. I'm sure you will want you kind there to celebrate with you. It may not be safe for me and Stella." Sam said. He knew how Dean's kind felt about him.

"I can assure you that you will both be safe in my home. I want my brother here over anyone else. Say you'll be here."

"You tell me when and I will be here." Sam said, "I'm happy for you. I never thought we would see the day."

"Neither did I. Speaking of the loves of our lives how about we get back in there and see how they are."

"Sounds good man."

After the guys returned the couples said their goodbyes and Sam and Stella where on there way back to their side before the sun came up. Jada took the plates off the table and took them into the kitchen and placed them into the sink. Dean walked into the kitchen and saw what she was doing and smiled a little, "You know you don't have to do that. Mona will be back in the morning."

"I just wanted to help." Jada said.

Dean walked into the room and up behind her, "You've got such a tiny waist. I can fit my hands round it with ease." Dean said and wrapped his arms around her.

"Maybe it's just that you have very large hands." She said.

"What I'm trying to say is that you're so fragile I fear that I'll lose control and hurt you. That dress and the candle-lit table, I just... When I turn you around they'll be no turning back. I need you." Dean whispered into her ear.

Jada turned around to face him and he captured her perfect lips in a passionate kiss. His kiss is like nothing she's ever experienced. She felt like she was drowning in want and need. Her legs had gone week, she was sure she'd fall if he wasn't pressing her against the sink. She could feel herself soaking her panties as his tongue stroked her, seducing it out through her lips into his mouth.

His hands were on her ass, squeezing and caressing her so forcefully and all she could do is pant and feel the pleasure of the contractions in her womanhood. He's pulled away and was staring into her eyes as he parts her legs and lifted up her dress and pressed her against him.

Jada rubbed his face with the back of her hand, "I can't stand it. Take me now, please." She begged him

"Tell me what you feel, how you need to feel." Dean said as he ran his fingers through his hair and lifted her up on the counter.

"I'm desperate. Please Dean, take me. I need to feel you again." She answered.

The animal in him took over and Dean's eyes changed as he ripped her panties off and let out a low growl. He pushed his pants and boxers down and kicked them off before he slammed into her hard. He's so big and she felt like he was ripping her apart but the pleasure was so over bearing, "Yes….Yes….Oh Dean! F-Faster." He said.

"Your so tight, fuck you're tight!" Dean said as he pounded into her, gripping her hips tight.

Jada could feel the pleasure exploding behind her eyes as her orgasm starts to build all the way through my body, "Yes…Oh fuck! Oh baby! Dean!" she yelled.

"Oh Jada!" Dean said in a deep low growl that almost scared her as he came deep with in her.

Dean eased out of her and took her face into this hands, "Are you ok?" Dean asked fearing he was a little too rough for her second time.

"Never better." She smiled and touched his face.

"Good, let's take this to a bed shall we?" he winked.

"You're not um, spent?" she asked.

"Baby I can go all night with you." He said.

"Thank God." She said and wrapped her arms around him and Dean lifted her off the counter.

As Dean carried her up the stairs Jada began kissing on his neck, "Oh. Baby stop or we'll never make it to the bed room." He said. Jada was so turned on, the feel of his strong arms around her, gently cradling her to his body. She can feel his slightly erratic breathing pounding through her body as if they were one.

Dean carried her into the bedroom and kicked the door closed with his foot. He sat her on the floor and pulled the zipper down on her dressed. Jada looked into his eyes as the dress fell from her body. Dean stood there admiring her perfect figure and let out a small grunt of approval.

He pushed her over to the bed and gently pushed her onto the mattress. Jada lay there was she watched him unbutton his shirt one button at a time and let the material fall from his toned sexy body. "I love you." She said suddenly and couldn't believe she just said that. She had only known him a few days and she was already in love with him. Maybe it was because they were always meant to be together or maybe it was that she was changing inside. She didn't know who she was anymore and maybe that was a good thing.

"And I love you." He said.

Jada sat up and pulled into onto the bed and rolled him onto his back. She caressed his torso with her hands and grazed his nipples ever so slightly. He gasped, "Mmm feels so good

Jada smiled as she moved on top of him and straddled his lap. 'Remember control.' She told herself as she lowered herself down on him inch by inch "Uh…Dean." she moaned. It felt so good. 'Control, go slowly.' She thought.

Dean wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her ass, pulling her back and forth, "Oh fuck baby. Just like that." He moaned.

Jada let her nails scrap down his chest to the point she was drawing blood from him. She couldn't help it as she moved faster and faster, rolling her hips, "Oh God…..Oh Dean…yes baby!" She knew she was not going to last long. He just throbbed inside her.

"Ahhh…Yes!" He growled once again. The sound that once scared her was now turning her on.

Dean sat up and looked her in the eyes, "Kiss me and rap those long sexy legs round my waist." He said and she did as he asked. Their lips connected and a spark of love and lust ran through their bodies.

Dean held her tight as he began to thrust up in and out of her harder and harder. Jada tore away from his mouth just so she could breathe again, "Dean…Oh….so close." She moaned.

The friction on her clit against him every time she rocked against him was pushing her farther and farther over the edge, "You gonna come for me?" he asked as their bodies moved together as one. "You want to come don't you?"

"Yes, make me come!" she begged him. "Please."

Sweat was dripping from their bodies as Dean's trust got harder and faster. Jada wrapped her arms around him neck and held tight as her orgasm ripped through her body yet again, "Oh DEAN!" she screamed, "Yes…yes…uh…God!"

"Oh fuck! Dean moaned as he spilled his seed deep inside her for the second time tonight.

Their movement stopped and they looked into each others eyes. They were one now. They were mated for life and it was time to make it official, "Marry me. Marry under the next full moon." Dean said, running his finger though her wet hair.

"Yes." She said and smiled at him, "I want nothing more than to be your queen."

Dean smiled and kissed her again. After all these years he had finally found the one.

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