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A familiar redhead stood, dressed reasonably well. As compared to his usual choice of clothing anyway. Quite a few of his paintings were on display. Some rich man had requested the redhead to put on a gallery. All expenses paid. The redhead accepted, of course. The more he advertised, the more money he got. The more money he had for alcohol the better. Apparently the man, Shino Aburame, had taken a real liking to his drunken paintings and wanted to share Sasori's 'artistic brilliance' with the world. Idiots like him are what made people like Sasori live.

Presently, the redhead was bored as hell, and tired of talking to stuck up people about what each of his paintings 'meant' and if he was ever influenced by the 'Great Sculpture Bomber'. Sasori always said no when the answer was always yes. He would never admit that out loud though. Most, if not all, had a certain Deidara-esque feel to them. At least, in his mind they did. He did a few paintings of explosions and those were the ones people asked about the most. Those ones, ironically, were not influenced by Deidara, well not exactly. He painted them based on what his life has turned into. Which is because of the blonde, but they had nothing to actually do with him.

Sasori checked the wall clock for the umpteenth time that night and sighed. It had only been five minutes since he last checked. He still had two plus hours to go. He leaned his head against the wall behind him and closed his eyes. Nobody was near him, nobody was talking to him. If he did this right, maybe he could sleep through the next two hours.

The redhead awoke with a jolt and nearly fell to the floor. He caught himself at the last moment and growled quietly. He wondered how long he was able to sleep before this douche bag woke him up. He turned his head up after righting himself and looked at the clock. Oh, an hour and a half. Impressive. He turned to look at the person who woke him up, all previous anger completely gone. Only half an hour left!

"What are you doing here?" The person asked. Sasori gaped, eyes wide, and couldn't move. He couldn't breathe. He just couldn't. The man in front of him tilted his head in that ever-familiar way. "These don't seem like your kind of paintings. Are you here to buy some?" Sasori could tell the man was just rambling. His face was slightly red, his breath was ragged, and his eyes kept on shifting, never staying on one point for too long.

"I-I'm the painter." He mumbled, regaining control of his body.

"Oh… So how've you been, Sasori?" The redhead bit his tongue. He hadn't heard his name said by that voice in so long… At least, the real thing. When he imagined the blonde, he said his name sure. But it wasn't the same.

"Fine, and you?" No. That's not what he wanted to say! It's not what he meant. He most certainly was not fine.

"Pretty good. My work as an artist has gotten pretty far… Speaking of, I don't see any puppets here. I thought you said this was your gallery, un." Sasori flinched. He'd ignored a certain blonde so many times just to make puppets.

"You know that I don't like to sell my puppets." I haven't been able to even think about making any without you there.' The redhead ran his hand shakily through his hair. He looked directly into the eyes of his ex. He swallowed thickly and the room suddenly felt very heavy. He was sure his face looked as cocky and arrogant as it always did, giving nothing away to the turmoil inside.

"Right right, sorry Danna." The blonde clasped his hand over his mouth faster than a venus fly trap snaps shut over it's prey. The redhead felt his heart skip a beat.

"Old habits die hard, huh?" He chuckled awkwardly.

"Yeah. Sorry… Anyway, how's life without me, un?" He grinned falsely. Sasori saw right through the smirk and felt a glimmer of hope inside him. Would they get back together? Was the blonde hurting just as much as Sasori? He quickly quelled those thoughts. He'd long since given up on anything so ridiculous.

"It's been alright. Not too bad after the first several months." 'Horrible. It never got easier, it never got better.'

"Same for me." Deidara said. Sasori couldn't tell if he was lying or not. Sasori wasn't sure if he wanted him to be lying or not.

"I'm didn't mean to hurt you." 'I'm sorry! It was my fault… I know it. I didn't know how to treat you…or trust you…'

"Sasori, don't okay? Just don't even bother with that." He said sternly. "I've read… I've read your letters. I know you're sorry." Sasori half-smiled. He hadn't said he was sorry just then, but the blonde knew that's what he meant.

"oh… I see." 'You've read them? Really? Good. I'm glad they got to you.' Sasori gestured for them to sit down on a nearby bench. Hoping that would ease the tension a little. Deidara obliged and they sat. "How's life been for you?"

"Oh screw all the formalities Sasori!" The blonde groaned. "Look... Can't you just be honest with me? You think I don't know how to tell when you're lying?"Sasori cringed.

"Fine, you really want to know? Life sucks Deidara. It really does. You were my everything, and you took that all away. It's your fault I'm like this now! It's your fault I have a drinking problem! It's your fault that I can't do anything right anymore!" The redhead graoned inwardly. That's not what he meant. He didn't really blame the blonde, completely anyway. But he didn't mean to say all that in such a mean way.

"Oh... I see. Tell me Sasori, how exactly is it my fault? Amazing how I'm not even there and you're still blaming me for shit!" Deidara said defensively. "Just what the hell do you want form me?" This wasn't going how Sasori imagined at all.

"What does it matter anymore, Deidara? You walked out. You left me. You made it clear that you don't want anything ot do with me."

"Well, that's not it, un." He leaned back and ran his hand through his hair in annoyance. "I was tired of not being able to be me, Sasori. We aren't teenagers anymore. We're adults, and it's time I act like it. It's time you acted like it, un." He looked in the redheads direction. "Being an adult means that I have to know when something is bad for me. You were bad for me." Sasori felt like that was a bullet through his heart.

"I'm bad for you? Oh, it was all me then, wasn't it?" He said angrily. "Deidara, don't you see how you were acting bad too? You would always, always, say that you're tired of me blaming you, while you were blaming me. Whenever you would upset me and I would tell you that you were upsetting me, you would flip out Dei! You would turn right around and say 'Oh, and you're just perfect aren't you?'" Sasori ground his teeth, finally let out all that he'd been wanting to say to the blonde for years now. Even before they broke up. This felt so good. Releasing all of his pent up engergy. He had no idea he had been holding all of this inside until that very moment.

"I mean, Jesus Christ. There was a reason I never told you anything, because I felt like I couldn't. On top of my social retardation, you never let me complain about you. You never let me say what I wanted to. You don't understand that sometimes, you were in the wrong. Sometimes, it wasn't me. But you just couldn't handle that! There's no way it could only be you! It had to be my fault too! My fault that you liked to gossip! My fault that I found you're friends to be arrogant assholes! My fault for being the way I am!" He felt a weight suddenly lift from his shoulders. However, Deidara looked pissed.

"Sasori, you always blamed me, un! Always! What are you even talking about? I felt like I could never do anything right, un!" Deidara yelled back. "God, this is the same bullshit from when we were together! Nothing has changed." He cried. Sasori's eyes widened and he started chuckling quietly. Slowly, but surely, that laughter grew. Pretty soon they were both laughing.

"We're ridiculous, aren't we Dei?" Sasori laughed out.

"Drinking problem? Honestly Sasori!" Deidara's face reddened with laughter. After the giggling had subsided and they could talk normally again, Sasori spoke softly.

"We just weren't meant to be, were we Dei?" He said saidly.

"No, Danna we weren't. Or at least, not for a while, un. We met too soon. I still have a lot of growing up to do, and so do you. But maybe after we mature a bit more, we can try again. That wouldn't be too bad, would it, un?" The blonde smiled the first real smile he'd done in a long time.

"Yeah Dei... Just give it another couple of years." He returned Deidara's smile, truly happy. He felt better. They'd decided to keep in contact this time and exchanged phone numbers -well, Sasori got Deidara's, Sasori didn't have a cell or a land line- and addresses. They stuck with being friends for the time being.

That night, when Sasori returned home, he opened his refridgerator and pulled out a beer. He opened it up and put it to his lips, but didn't drink. Instead he smirked and dropped it right into the trash can. No more.

The redhead got into an old box he hadn't bothered to open in such a long time. He packed it when he was evicted from his last apartment, the one he lived in with Deidara and hadn't bothered to open it again. He pulled out all of his tools and wood chunks.

With a grin, Sasori Akasuna started creating a puppet, he was no longer nothing.

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