While walking with his prey following silently, Spectra closed his eyes behind his mask. He should have foreseen this little accident. Not that he feared that Jane would tell Zenoheld what happened, she is too proud to do so.


He needs to gain her trust and due to the small problem with Lync, the puzzle pieces will take time to fit.

"You're very quiet." Jane confirmed.

"I'm just trying to find a way to make you feel comfortable, my Lady." Spectra opened his eyes.


"I hope the little incident with Lync didn't cause any disturbance to you."

"I try not to think about it."

Spectra turned around unexpectedly, causing Jane to abrupt retreat. "Once again I apologize for his behavior." He bowed his head and brought his hand to his heart.

Jane silently swallowed, took two steps back and quickly put her mask of disguise. "I would like to hear it from him."

"Don't worry." he said. "Today at dinner, you my lady, you will see that the Vexos are highly educated and are prepared to serve you efficiently." He said returning to his previous position.

"Yes, we'll see." Jane began to walk with her calm demeanor while in the face of the Vexos leader grew a smirk.

"I promise you will feel like you were at home." Spectra continued to smirking.

"Hn!" She said looking from the corner of her eye as she walked.


Gus waited with Lync and Shadow in a room, for his master. When he found Shadow he was with small bumps on the head. Lync got lost while searching for Jane. But he managed to find them.

Well the worst for him to accomplish this task was to calm Ghost. Honestly that bakugan has a very bad temper. Gus to calm Ghost he had to put him inside a glass. In the first seven minutes was a hell, but he eventually calmed down.

He even manages to be more unbearable than Jane. They really are perfect for each other. Master Spectra needs to understand one's head to decipher the other.

But with those two hot-headed, it will be very difficult.

Hearing footsteps in the hallway, Gus got up from his seat and looked at the door. The door slid to the right automatically and entered his master with the future princess of the Vestal planet. "Master Spectra." Gus recognized and made a small bow to the girl and his angry master. "My lady!"

"Lync and Shadow." Spectra said. "We have a serious problem among us."

"Jane!" Ghostfreak interrupted. "Are you okay?" He jumped into his brawler's hands.

"Yes. I'm sorry for leaving you behind."

"It's ok."

"As I was saying, your behavior is unacceptable." Spectra crossed his arms. "Jane is our guest and future Princess of our race. How could you two have disrespected my orders?"



"If this reaches the king's ears, the consequences will be serious for both."

"It's Lync's fault. He was the one who wanted a date with Jane." Shadow stood up pointing the finger at his fellow Vestal, while the bag of ice fell onto the floor.

Lync stood up to complain, but Gus put a hand on his shoulder and he stopped

"The fault is also yours for having helped him and you have to address Jane as my Lady"


"I am the leader of Vexos and if you two aren't happy about it, pack up and leave."

"You can't send us away. And King Zenoheld is our leader" Shadow protested.

"I'm the leader when king Zenoheld and prince Hydron aren't here."

"I doubt it."

"Silence." Gus said through gritted teeth. How dare those inferior vexos to disrespect his master?

"You better not doubt. There is good reason why I am the best and if my Lady decides that you two have no longer to pay services, you're going to leave with shame."

"Ouch." Jane whispered.

"Interesting." Ghostfreak said.

"Now tell me my Lady, what will you do with these two?" Spectra turned around and stepped aside so Jane could have a good look on Shadow and Lync.


"A punishment would be good." Spectra focused his visible eye on her.

"Throw them overboard." Ghost said releasing the sadistic laugh he had.

"Well, an apology is enough." She said unsure while bringing her index finger to her lips, at the same time she looked to the other side.

"Are you sure?" Gus asked. "They disrespected you and disobeyed the King's orders."

"I don't want to leave and I'm sure I don't want this to happen again, so yes. I just want this topic to be buried and forgotten." She looked at Gus and Spectra who smiled to himself.

"Very well." Spectra turned to look at the two Vexos. "You two are lucky."

"We apologize for what happened." The two young vexos said at the same time while kneeling on one knee, closing their eyes and did the traditional Vestal bow.

"Gus!" Spectra called.

"Yes, Master Spectra?"

"Take our Lady to her room."

"Yes sir."

"Oh, my Lady?"


"Once again I apologize for this unpleasant event and hope to see you tonight at dinner." He bowed.


"What a minute." Ghost began.

"Ghos,t stop it. We'll talk when we get to the room."


"This way, my Lady." Gus stepped aside and Jane gave a last look at the three Vexos. When she left, Spectra returned to his posture while turning around.

When the door closed automatically, he spoke. "Let's brawl."


"It's my way to punish you two. If you don't want me to report this to our king it's better to grab your Bakugans."

The plan was almost destroyed because of these two idiots. But Jane is too predictable. If she wants her adventure she wouldn't tell what happened to nobody.

Not even to her king and prince.


Jane walked with Gus behind her and Ghost on her shoulder. Once at her door's room Jane turned to Gus. "Well thank goodness, it's over."

"My Lady, I hope that tonight you can forget about what happened."

"What will happen to the other two?"

"Master Spectra will have to punish them for disobeying the King's orders and of course his."


"Ghostfreak, I apologize for the glass incident."

"Don't talk to me."

" The glass incident?"

"Jane, it's enough for today, let's go." Ghost jumped out of her shoulder and rolled onto the bed.

"Well then see, you later." Gus made a bow. Jane nodded, entered the room and Gus walked away.

"Well today is a day unbearable. Where have you been?"

"Running away from Lync, but I ended up crashing into that chicken."

"Well, I'll tell you one thing. If you wanted to flee from those routines of the castle you aren't going to succeed."

"What do you mean?"

"This dark blue dress here upon your bed!" Ghost said jumping, so he could reach the remote.

Jane took the edge of the dress and the fabric slid gently from her hand, through her fingers tips, falling gracefully in the bed. "You're right. And I was thinking to convince them to treat me by my name."

"Hah, dream on goofy." Ghost joked.

"Shut up, you're annoying."


"Look here's a card." Jane grabbed the small card and began to read it. "A gift from Vexos as a form of gratitude for having joined us. Please use it at dinner. The Vexos."

"I told you so."

"Shut up."



The boring day passed quickly. Jane was ready, waiting for someone to pick her up. She was wearing a beautiful french twist hairstyle, the dark blue dress and the Ghost on her shoulder.

"And the earrings?"

"I don't want to look like a little princess. I like being simple and natural."

"I know you. But you should have left those women to get you a more beautiful hairstyle than that you made."

"Shush." Jane sat up and took a deep breath. "I'll make them treat me like one of them."

"Good luck with that."

"You know sometimes you're really boring. You-!" Jane was interrupted when she heard someone knocking on the door.

Going to the door she expected to see Spectra or Gus but instead the one who came to pick her up was Volt.

"Are you ready, my Lady?"

"Yes, but I would like you to treat me by my name."

"Sorry but that would be a lack of respect." Volt said politely and bowed. "Everyone is waiting for you."

"Lead the way." She said while putting her mask on. That bow was starting to get on her nerves.

"You can always talk to the old man." Ghost said.

"I want to solve my problems without having to consult him."

"I understand." Her Darkus bakugan assumed his spherical shape and jumped into Jane's chest.

"Perv." she whispered.

Once in the small dining room Jane met with the team Vexos. They were all there without exception. Spectra was the first one to speak. "Welcome, my Lady."

She had on the tip of her tongue to say that she would like to be addressed by her name, but again she didn't succeed. "Thank you." once again they made the bow.

That annoying bow.

"Please sit down." Mylene came and pulled a chair. "I'm glad to have you here with us."

"Thank you."

"That dress emphasizes your eyes." at Lync said passionately. Spectra and Gus looked at Lync who laughed nervously.

"Thank you."

"Where is Ghostfreak, my Lady?"

"Oh he's here." The servants began to serve her first.

"It's good to know."

"Yes!" She felt like a little fish in the middle of the sharks.


After dinner and the boring conversation about how was good to have her with them, Jane started to get annoyed. Realizing that Mylene asked. "Is everything okay, my Lady?"

"No." Jane said, making the rest of the group growing silent.

"Why? There is something that isn't at your taste?" Asked Gus.

"Everything is wonderful but I wish you to do me a favor." She said cleaning her mouth with a napkin.

"Anything you want."Lync replied without hesitation.

"Err ... ok!" Jane looked at Lync who blushed when the group looked at him.

"And what is this, my Lady?"

"First I'd like you to stop calling me, my Lady. I don't like it and I don't feel right with that name." Jane said looking at each one of them. "And second: I would be grateful if you guys stopped to make me that bow. And third I want to be treated as a Vexos….As one of you."


"And if I say it's an order?"

"That would be different." Spectra spoke. "But it will be seen as disrespectful sign coming from us to treat you by your name in front of the king and the prince."

"I'll talk to them. After all if I want to be part of this team i need to be treated as such."

"Well, she has a point." Shadow said as he ate a bite of his strawberry cake.

"Well, if that is your desire, then so it is Jane." Spectra rested his elbows on the table and hid his lips behind his hands.

"You know. It would be much better, if you take that mask-off." Mylene said.

"No, leave him." Jane interrupted. "I don't want to see him without a mask. I don't want to have nightmares."

"Very good." Shadow said and began to laugh.

"Hn. Well, Jane, you are now an official Vexos." Spectra rose and went to her right side while extending his hand. "I have to tell you the rules"

Jane looked at his hand and then to his bright blue eye. "Come with me, Jane." Hesitating at first, she slowly grabbed Spectra's hand. "Have a good evening." He said taking Jane with him.

"Idiot." Lync said.

"Watch you mouth, Lync." Gus threatened while Lync pouted.

"Careful Lync, Gus can bite you at any moment." Mylene mocked.


"Ahah, I like her." Shadow grabbed Volt's cake and began to eat it.

"Urg?" Volt glared at the silver haired-boy.

Jane and Spectra

Jane heard Spectra talking about the rules and the brawlers' resistance. When she realized it was already midnight. She stopped in a long hallway where it had a huge window that showed the dark space.

"You know, Jane." Spectra entwined his arm with hers, making her look at him weirdly. "The Vexos goal isn't to hate me or mock me."

"I don't see that as an objective. I just don't like you." Jane said, getting her arm free.

"Fair enough. It's good to have a relationship of honesty between us and others. But remember if Lync cause you problems you can't come running to me for help."

Jane narrowed her blue eyes at him. "I can deal with Hydron. Why the hell I couldn't deal with Lync? In fact I would never ask for your help. What happened was just a coincidence. I didn't know you were in that hallway."

"You have a point on that." He said hiding his amusement.


"I confess that there is something in you that arouses my interest." Spectra confessed. Jane stopped her glaring and stood gaping.

"Repeat that again."

"You know it's an honor to have you and Ghostfreak in the Vexos. And with your personality and will, you can take care of Drago."

"What are you talking about?" she asked confused.

"I'm trying to tell you that with some work you can even get to be leader of Vexos."

"But what about you?"

"I would be the second leader here. But of course the king won't let this happen so if you do some serious modifications to Ghostfreak you would be stupendous."

"You mean evolve him?"


"I like Ghost just the way he is and I won't do this to become the leader of Vexos. I don't have that ambition. Besides king Zenoheld is the leader."

"But he's not here so I am the leader." She caught the ambition when he spoke the word leader.


"So you wouldn't like to become independent? Without having someone to take care of you?" Spectra put into play each piece of his chess. "You know even if we follow your requirements about the bow and the name, we will always have to take care of you."

"I don't care. I can reach those goals without evolving Ghost. I won't do it not less force him."

"You have plenty of time to think about it. I am very good at evolving the Bakugans. If you come to me, I will help you."

"Don't bother because I won't think about it." Jane said with conviction. Spectra on the other hand knew that this battle between them two has just begun.

"Very well, then welcome, Jane." Spectra grinned.


"Your partners will be several. Here we are paired up in groups of two. So you will be an extra member for each group."

"Yes I had noticed it." She said with sarcasm.

A short pause of silence grew. "Here, this is for you." Spectra extended his arm with highly advanced equipment developed to the battle.

"Do you know what this is?"

"Of course I know." She said grabbing the gift. "It's a gauntlet."

"This bracelet-like device was developed by us the Vestals. It is used to simplify Bakugan brawls." Spectra said while examining the girl's face. "People can't brawl without these devices in New Vestroia. You must shout Gauntlet Power Strike after which, the center of the Gauntlet will flash and the brawl can begin."He paused." The device is operated by pressing a button-!"

"I don't wanna be rude but I used one of these." She said placing the bracelet-like device on her right arm.


"Yes. I borrowed from Hydron. But then I had to return it." Jane said looking admirably to the device.

"Oh I remember. The one you used on our brawling."

"Yes that one."

"You asked borrowed from Prince Hydron? Or you took it without his permission?"

Ahh now he caught her off-guard. "W- W-what?"

"Are you stuttering, Jane?" The former Vexos asked smirking.

"Come on. Err…yes I took it." She admitted. "If you ever tell him that i-!"

"No need to worry. I've my secrets too. If you want a rematch you know where to find me."

"Whatever." Jane approached him and kissed Spectra on the cheek. "Thank you." When she realized what she had just done, Ghostfreak jumped from her bra and tried to attack Spectra.


Jane very flushed, grabbed her little cranky bakugan and said with a very nervous voice. "Sorry I don't know what got into me." She turned around and ran.

Spectra still admired by what happened he stood there in the hall. A few minutes later, when he didn't hear Ghost curses, he brought his hand and touched his cheek where Jane kissed him. A small grin grew on his lips. "Perfect." He said looking at the path where Jane went.

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