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Chapter 1: The phone

The only little thing that Yakumo wanted to do was to destroy the damn mobile phone that had been ringing for the last seconds. He was too comfortable in the bed, so he wasn't really thinking about answering it. He thought that if he didn't answer it, they would stop calling. And it seemed like he was right.

The phone stopped ringing and Yakumo could only smile while moving to his side, hugging the warm body that was next to him.

It seemed that the phone wasn't enough to wake her up. She was with her head leaned over Yakumo's chest and with her arms around his waist. Yakumo knew that she was very sleep. Her breathe was rhythmic and she was hugging him like she always did. He couldn't contain the smile that was spreading on his face.

He slipped away his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. He couldn't get enough of her warm and her, basically. Yakumo still couldn't believe that almost 6 months ago they started to go out. It was almost impossible in Yakumo's big head.

Yakumo was starting to get used to live with a girl… almost in everything. They were living in her house and they were about to count the third month. Yakumo didn't what was the happiness like, but he thought that it would look like something this. Yakumo even found a job, a real one.

An afternoon, when Gotou-san was bored, Gotou-san started to read the already completed cases and murders. He saw that out of ten, Yakumo helped in seven and he thought that it was unjust for Yakumo. Gotou-san really didn't like the way Yakumo got his money from, neither did Haruka, but being the bighead he was, Yakumo didn't accept the job that Gotou-san offered him. At first.

Let's just say that the two weeks he continued to decline the job weren't the best part of his life. In the end Yakumo accepted the job (still not very happy about it though) and Gotou-san got another assistant… if Ishii-san could be count as an assistant.

It wasn't a really hard job. Yakumo had to do the same he did before being hired. He helped Gotou-san with the strange cases, and he was paid for his job. It was the best choice he could have taken, Haruka thought, but Yakumo didn't think the same way as Haruka. He only said that he wasn't mean to be a police officer assistant.

He only needed a week to change his point of view.

Even if Yakumo complained about it, Haruka knew that he was happy about it. He did the same as before: be in his 'club' room sleeping all day, didn't go to classes… the only difference now was that he wouldn't chase Haruka away and wouldn't dare to insult her.

Yeah, Yakumo definitely, was happy. Yakumo felt Haruka move while he was thinking. Her pajama was the only cloth that Haruka was wearing, if that could be called cloth…- Yakumo though-, but Yakumo could feel the warm that her body was sending him. He moved closer so that he was about to touch her lips with his, but the already forgotten phone rang again.

Yakumo cursed the phone in a low whisper and tried to move to turn it off. Whoever was calling didn't look at the hour or what? Haruka grumbled, something she almost didn't do. She would only do it when she was pissed off and awake.

"Pass me the gun…" she continued to grumble half sleep. Yakumo raised an eyebrow while smiling amused.

"We don't have one." He answered taking the phone and looking at the screen.

"Then we have to buy one…" Haruka said before relaxing over Yakumo's chest again, after all, the phone stopped to ring.

Meanwhile Yakumo was reading the name that appeared in the screen. He frowned again and turned off the phone. He wasn't going to answer that call, not at 5 in the morning. When the mobile phone was already turned off, Yakumo went back to the position he was before. He wouldn't admit it a lot, but he liked the way Haruka felt next to him.

"Who was it?" Haruka whispered half sleep with her eyes closed.

"No one." Yakumo answer after sighing.

"Yakumo…" Haruka whispered warning him.

"Gotou." Yakumo answered. Haruka continued to be the way she was without opening her eyes.

"You know he is going to call again."

"What a pity that the mobile phone is turned off." Yakumo answered lightly smirking. Haruka giggled.

"That's not going to stop him." Haruka said and the next second the phone, the one that is connected to the house electricity, started to ring. "Told you so." Haruka said. Yakumo only groaned while passing his hand over his hair.

"Damn bear…" Yakumo cursed, but didn't move. Haruka was waiting for him to get the phone.

"Answer." Haruka said.

"No." Yakumo refused to answer the call.

"Gotou-san isn't going to stop calling. Answer." Haruka tried again.

"I said no." Yakumo continued being a bighead.

"Yakumo." Haruka said warning him again.

"Do you know what time is it?" Yakumo asked annoyed.

"Time to get the phone?" Haruka answered smiling, trying tell him indirectly to answer the phone.

"…" Yakumo didn't answer to that, but some seconds later he gave up. He groaned and tried to stand up. He keep sat in the bed looking at the arm that wasn't moving from his waist. "You really want me to answer the phone?" Yakumo asked seriously. Haruka only continued to smile.

"Mmh…" she answered him.

He smiled and got up, leaving Haruka whining like a cat without her milk. He looked back at the bed and saw that Haruka was like before but with her face in the sheets. Her hair now was longer and it was spread around the sheets, making her look like a sleeping angel.

Yakumo shook his head and yawned, making his way to the phone that was in the living room. He took the phone and groaned.

"What?" he asked knowing who the one calling at that hour was.

"Good morning to you too." Gotou-san answered sarcastically. Yakumo only scratched his hair while yawning again. "We have a murder." Gotou-san said.

"Okay." Yakumo answered while hanging up the phone. Before he hanged it, he heard that Gotou-san continued to speak without knowing that Yakumo was planning of hanging him up.

Yakumo moved his hair out his eyes with both of his arms and started his way to the bedroom. He went to the wardrobe in the room and took some clothes. He wore a green shirt, a normal trouser and sat on the bed to tie his trainers.

"Another case?" Haruka asked behind him.

He finished tying his trainers and then looked at her. She was still arched in the bed but now her eyes were open, and she was staring at him. He knew that she was able to see him even in the darkness.

Yakumo only nodded as an answer to her question and made the try to get up, but something held him by the end of his shirt.

Yakumo looked back again, this time to find Haruka in a sitting position. As soon as he looked back, her other hand touched his cheek and she came closer to his face. Before being kissed, Yakumo saw that she was smiling.

Yakumo still doubted how did he got a girlfriend like Haruka, but he was happy. He still remembered the first time she kissed him and that made him smile before deepening the kiss they were sharing. Like always, their kisses would start sweet and slow, but that didn't last much. Even if he didn't want to, she stopped the kiss and leaned her forehead with his with her eyes closed but with a smile in her lips.

Haruka opened her eyes to find him looking straight to her. She continued to smile and gave him a little peck in the lips.

"Have a good day." She told him before letting Yakumo go to solve the murder.