Dianne and Aramis when down to the shore on the island of Selinia, where they lived. Dianne loved the many colored shells and star-shaped grains of sand. Aramis, being her older brother, was in change of watching her.

So he was taking her down to the shore when he saw a strange man wandering the beach. He put his hand on his sword hilt.

"Dianne", he said," go take refuge with our immortal sisters." But Dianne had already seen the man and decided to follow Aramis. So while Aramis went to greet the man, Dianne hid in the bushes with the dryads, the tree nymphs.

"Greetings", Aramis called out," good sir. Please come with me to my home here on this island of Selinia."

"That is that name of this island." the man said," Well thank you for your hospitality." So Aramis and the man went to a simple home that lay in the shadow of a mighty palace.

"Who rules over this land?" the man said.

"Selene", answered Aramis," daughter of Hyperion, sister of Helios and Eos, titannness of the moon," and under his breath he added," And my mother."

"Well", the man said," Tell the titanness that I am Odysseus, lord of Ithaka."

Dianne gasped. So this was Odysseus, the man their uncle was mad at.

"So", Laurel, a dryad, said," who is the guest?"

Dianne answered," He is Odysseus." Laurel looked shocked.

"Oh, he should leave. Lady Selene will not be happy to see him."

"I hope my brother warned him."

Laurel turned to Dianne," Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Well are you thinking that I should go distract my mother and immortal sisters?" Dianne replied

"No but your idea is better than mine. You should go do that." Dianne smiled than leapt up and ran to the palace.

Night fell on the island of Selinia. Aramis poured some more wine for his guest. He could hear his sisters, the Menae, dancing in their secret grove. The moon was full so Pandia would not be with them but hopefully Dianne would.

"So", said his guest, Lord Odysseus," where are your parents, young lad?" My parents, Aramis thought, my dad, Endymion, is sleeping in a cave somewhere and my mom is driving her chariot through the skies.

But he said," My father is near Miletus. I don't know where my mother is. But might I ask, Lord Odysseus, what do you need to continue on your journey. You should leave this island as soon as possible."

Odysseus narrowed his eyes," And why would that be?"

Aramis swallowed. If his mom found out he was hosting Odysseus…"I told you. Lady Selene, sister of Helios, rules this island. My…" Aramis stopped himself before he could say mother," my lady was not too happy about your men killing her brother's cows. So I suggest you leave quickly, and at sunset, when Helios, Selene, and Eos can't see you."

Odysseus nodded," I see. Well your hospitality does you credit. May the gods bless you."

"May the gods bless you too, sir." Aramis replied," For all guests are god sent."

Odysseus stood up and went to look out the window," I suppose we should retire to bed. Although, it's strange, the moon has not risen yet."

"What?" Aramis said almost dropping the dishes he was clearing. He rushed to the window and, sure enough, there was no moon in the sky. His first thought was, Dianne.

"Dianne, I don't have time for this!" Selene told her daughter, who was following her around the sables of the moon. Selene towered over her daughter. Her long black hair and flashing silver eyes made her look fierce. Her silver robes and half moon crown marked her as the titanness of the moon.

Pandia sighed," Sister we must go."

"But-", Dianne said

"Dianne, leave us alone or your studies of weaponry and sciences are over!" Selene said.

Dianne stopped than ran out of the stables; she had to warn Aramis and Lord Odysseus.