I had a dream about this and I decided to make this story. I thought it was a pretty good story line...

Sams POV

It was dark all around me. I could smell the rain on the muddy ground as I was running through the forest. I heard dogs barking behind me and saw the lights from the torches. I was running so fast that I felt my throat burning. I wasn't sure where I was running, but I just wanted to get away from police and have a drink already! Oh, and I was also sweating like a pig. Stupid cops! Suddenly, I felt myself trip on something and fall to the floor. What? How would you feel if you had massive heels on AND you were running, like... a hundred miles an hour? I felt someone grab my right arm and a lot of other arms all around my body. Soon, everything around me became blurry and I couldn't hear a thing. Then, I passed out.

Normal POV

Sam woke up on a little bed behind the bars. She groaned and sat up on the bed. It was cold and there was a little light shining from a little window behind some metal bars. Sam was wearing a tight, black catsuit with a black belt on the waist. She had black boots with very high heels. Her blonde, curly hair fell freely down her shoulders and stopped near her ribcage. She put her hands on her hips and started to walk around the small cell.

"Not this hell hole again!" She exclaimed, annoyed.

"Then, why don't you just stop doing bad things?" She heard a voice say. It was Freddie. The hottest cop in America. He was wearing his police uniform with a gun and handcuffs on his belt. He didn't have his hat though. His thumbs were in his pockets, like always.

"Freddie." Sam said simply, raising her eyebrows quickly.

"Sam." He greeted back. Sam's hands were holding the cold, metal bars.

"Look, I don't get all the fuss! What did I do?" She asked, getting more angrier.

"What did you do?" He asked surprised. "You stole this!" He shouted, holding up a silver necklase with diamonds all over the chain and a blue, saphire heart hanging off of it.

"Well, it does suit me..." She said in her defence.

"Sam!" He shouted at her.

"What? It's not like I murdered somebody! This is just a piece of crap!" She pointed at the necklace.

"If it's just a piece of crap, then why did you steal it?" He came closer to the bars.

"It's not for me!" She sang.

"Then who is it for?" He asked calmly inches away from her face.

"None of your bussiness..." She raised her eyebrow and quickly turned away. Freddie sighed.

"Sam, every piece of information is important." She was still silent. Freddie stepped away from the cell and sat down on a wooden chair. "I'm going to stay here until you tell me everything." He folded his arms and stared at her. She still had her back to him.

"Don't expect that to happen anytime soon." He heard her say.

This was New York, really far from Seattle. Carly moved to California after graduation, and Freddie got a job as a cop. Sam on the other hand, owned the title 'The Most Wanted Woman in America'.

There was silence in the room. Freddie was sat in the chair, playing with his gun. Sam was leaning against the cell wall, sat down, watching the gun carefully. Suddenly, Sam's eyes started to close and she started breathing lightly. Freddie noticed and guessed that he could take a nap too. It's been 2 hours afterall.

Sams POV

I noticed Freddie was asleep, so I took the chance. I stood up slowly and looked out of the window. It was dark. Well, I guess it's night. Slowly and carefully, I reached out for Freddie's key through the bars. I went inside his pocket and gently grabbed the key. I could use some handcuffs too. So I grabbed the pair.

"Yes!" I whispered, smiling. I stood up and unlocked the cage quickly. As I was about to leave but something stopped me. I felt the tip of a gun against my back.

"Key please." Freddie said, clearly. I sighed and slowly turned around. I handed him the keys. "The handcuffs too." He added.

"Only if you stop pointing the gun at me."

"Sam!" He warned. I rolled my eyes.

"Fine! Jeez." Okay, time for plan B.

"Get back inside." He ordered. I shook my head. "Sam, I'm warning you. Last chance." I looked at the floor, not obaying his rules.

Suddenly, someone opened the door. "Hey, Freddie I just wanted to-" I punched Freddie in the shoulder and took his gun. I saw that the man was trying to get his gun out, so I shot him in the arm and he screamed in pain. It was for self defence! I hit Freddie on the back of the neck with my elbow and he also screamed in pain. Next, I grabbed the wooden chair and broke a nearby window (the one with no metal bars on it). I crawled through the window and ran as fast as I could...again.

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