FINAL CHAPTER :O Take your time to read this. I was half asleep and it took me like a day to write this. I'm still not impressed with it but at least it's there :)

Enjoy :O

The forest was lifeless. The sound of the engine revving was the only sound they could hear. Soon, it stopped and the surroundings were dead again. Freddie stepped out of the car, tucking his silent gun into his belt. Ross did the same thing. The slamming of the car doors echoed through the woods and the duo started walking fearlessly towards their destination. Victor's hideout. Freddie was in the lead, his eyes focused forward while Ross did the complete opposite. His eyes scattered around the place as he held up his gun in defense.

"Freddie, we should slow down. I-I don't like this." His voice shook in fear as he nearly tripped over a branch. "Freddie, slow down!"

"What?!" Freddie turned around to look at him. "Look, if you wanna go back you can. I'm not gonna force you into this." Finally, he lifted his head slightly to look around and sighed.

"No, no, I'm coming with you, man. Just... be careful." Ross lowered his gun, being calmed down by Freddie's bravery.

"I'm always careful." Freddie sighed again and turned around to continue walking.

They got there in the end. From what Freddie could see, the shelter was badly damaged (probably from the rain). The roof has completely collapsed now and all that was left were the rotting four walls. Freddie squinted and jogged towards it, his excitement getting the best of him. "Wait for me!" Ross yelled from behind and ran after him. Freddie pulled his gun out swiftly and pointed it forward as he stepped inside. The tip of his gun scanned the setting sharply and melted back into his belt.

"He's not here." Freddie muttered and took a few more steps forward. This was the first time he was actually able to view the hideout from a high angle. He took the opportunity to look around, wrinkling his noise at the odors in the air.

"Crap..." Ross sighed, sitting down onto a chair near the wall. It wasn't even surprising. They knew Victor wasn't that stupid to return to this place after everything that happened, knowing they would find him. But it was worth a shot.

Suddenly, something caught Freddie's eye. He walked over to the corner of the room and knelt down in front of a box. "What're you doing?" Ross asked from the chair and Freddie shook his head. He noticed there was a lock and took out his gun, shooting it open. He slowly lifted the top of the box, revealing a bunch of dollars, wrapped in an elastic band.

"Ross!" To this, he jumped out of his seat and joined Freddie on the floor.

"Woooah, that's a lot of money..." Freddie rolled his eyes.

"Don't you know what this means?" He turned to face him, "He's gonna be back. He can't just leave all this behind."


Sam's POV

Can't believe the nerd left me here. I'm so angry, I could just kill him. I double checked the apartment and sighed in relief when I finally realised that everything is secure and in place. Although, I still wasn't comfortable. It didn't feel right not being with Freddie at this point. I wanted to go after him so bad but I knew that he'd be disappointed in me for following him. I have to listen to him just this once... but it's so hard. No. I'm gonna go. Since when does Sam Puckett get scared?

Biting my lip, I threw my jacket on and went to the front door. I tried opening it but remembered that Freddie locked it. Why does he make things difficult? Without hesitating, I kicked the door and watched as it came slamming down. Quickly, I ran out of the apartment and down the stairs until I was finally outside. I looked around and saw pedestrians staring at me in shock. A faint wail of the police sirens was heard in the distance. Being a devil, I rolled my eyes and ran out onto the road, stealing the nearest car and leaving the owner shaking in fear on the floor.

As soon as I drove down a familiar road, I widened my eyes, realising this was the place. I got out in a hurry and looked around quickly, then spotted a car.

"Freddie?!" I yelled and ran towards the car, nearly tripping up a few times. When I looked in, I saw that nobody was there. My heart sank as negative thoughts flooded into my head. But then out of nowhere, I heard his voice.

"Sam?!" My head swung in the direction of the sound and I sighed in relief as I saw him. He looked furious. And hot.

"Freddie!" I started running towards him and smiled slightly as he did the same. My smile dropped when he shook his head and grabbed my forearms.

"Are you fucking insane?! I told you to stay home!" He shook me roughly but pulled me closer.

"I'm insane?! For worrying about you?!" I spat at him, gripping his shoulders tightly and resting my forehead against his.

"You're stupid, Sam! So fucking stupid!" Out of nowhere, I felt his lips crashing against mine and whimpered when I started kissing him back wildly. His arms tightened around me and pulled me even closer. His hot breath made my head spin. This was like the most intimate moment we had this week. Suddenly, I felt the need to rip his clothes off and do stuff to him. But stupid Ross was there.

"Erm, guys?" I heard him say but ignored him. "This isn't the time." Freddie broke the kiss and sighed, nuzzling my neck with his nose.

"I love you." Freddie mumbled as I caught my breath.

"I love you too." I closed my eyes and in a split second, I was in heaven.


"So, that's the plan." Ross finished and looked down. I raised an eyebrow and then nodded, resuming my seat on the floor next to Freddie.

"Alright, I got it." I nodded again and watched as Freddie took my hand and started kissing my knuckles softly. I smiled slightly in his direction and leaned my head on his shoulder.

We were sat in the ruined shelter for a while, discussing how we were going to capture Victor again. Of course, knowing him we came up with loads of Plan B's.

Freddie and Ross hid the cars so that when Victor arrived, he wouldn't know that we were here. They were somewhere in the forest. Nothing could go wrong, surely.

I gulped slightly as I heard voices of men in the distance. Shit. They're here. We're all gone die. "Calm down." I heard Freddie whisper and watched as he stood up, taking out his gun. He then pulled me up and all three of us crouched down, hiding behind a wall outside. "Stay here, baby." Freddie leaned down and captured my lips with his. My stomach flipped. Not in a good way. Ross patted me on the back as Freddie stood up and started walking towards the gang members.

"He's gonna be okay." Ross whispered, reassuringly.

"No, he's not." I started tearing up and viciously wiped my eyes, concentrating on all the men in front of Freddie. Victor wasn't there. I watched as they talked calmly, but my eyes kept scanning the men's hands, watching them play with their weapons.

I felt Ross' hand rubbing my shoulder gently. My heart was still racing. Something could go wrong any second. Freddie could get hurt. And it will all be my fault.

Suddenly, I saw a dark figure emerge from behind a tree. The silhouette was holding a gun and I knew that his finger was on the trigger. I squirmed uncomfortably and then widened my eyes as his hand started to rise. Fuck this.

"FREDDIE!" I screamed and jumped up, hearing Ross curse behind me. Immediately, my legs took over my body and I started running as fast as I could in Freddie's direction. This was all my fault. I knew that Freddie would only get hurt because of me. Victor wants me. And he knows about me and Freddie. If he would hurt him, it would bring me up to the surface to sacrifice myself. He was right. The cold wind hit me in the face as I ran for my life. Well, not mine. Freddie's. He turned around when he heard me scream and saw him panic. Then I was there, in Freddie's arms. Forcefully, I spun him around and pressed my body against his. I had a chance to glance up at him. And when I did, I saw the shocked expression. The bang echoed through the forest as I started to sink to the ground. Luckily, Freddie's arms were secured around me. But it was useless.

Freddie's POV

I looked down at my blood-stained hands and gulped. "Sam!" What was she thinking? I was lost for words. The only thing I could say was her name. "SAM!" I shook her lifeless body gently on the floor. Her eyes froze and focused on a spot in the distance. "Sam, look at me!" I knelt down over her and sniffed, holding her chin gently to try and turn her to look at me. I burst out crying when I realised it was useless. I buried my face in her chest and held her hand tightly. "Sam, please..."

I couldn't hear a thing. I couldn't even feel anything. It took me about five minutes to realise that Ross was shaking my shoulder. Whatever it was, I didn't care anymore. I lifted my head after a while and looked at her pale face, her eyes now closed. A thought pierced my mind like a bullet. My head snapped up and I saw Victor walking away with his gang. The bastard. Without hesitation, I pulled out my gun and fired. I pulled the trigger until there were no more bullets left. It took me a second to realise that police cars started to pull over. I heard myself gasp and wrapped my arms around her, cradling her body gently. Ross ran up to an ambulance I glanced at and all the paramedics rushed towards me. I heard a series of gasps around me and looked down again. She was so pale. The reality kicked me violently and I lost control. The tears stained my face.


Normal POV

A week has passed since that day. The sound of the traffic outside seemed hushed. Freddie fiddled with his thumbs nervously as he sat outside a room with Ross. He couldn't leave. After his best friend's tragedy, the only thing that seemed right was to support him. That didn't help of course. Freddie would go ten minutes maximum with an impassive face. After that, he would break down. It made him feel better than Victor was dead. Freddie's revenge was inevitable. He tried to forget about what he did. He never shot anyone with that much wrath before.

Ross and Freddie were in trouble with the police. Automatically, they lost their jobs for helping a criminal. But Ross was the only one who cared about that. At the moment, they were sitting outside the room of dead bodies. The inspectors wanted to gather as much evidence as they could to go against Freddie and Ross.

A lady walked out of the room and the two heads shot up. "It seemed that two lives were lost." She said calmly, writing something on the notepad, the other officers surrounding her.

"What are you talking about?" Ross furrowed his eyebrows.

"Well... we ran a couple of internal tests and found a fetus in Sam Puckett's body." Freddie's eyes widened as she looked down at him.

"She was pregnant?" Ross asked and bit his lip, in fear of how Freddie might react.

"Yes." She nodded and took one more look at them both before walking back into the room.

"Freddie Benson, you are under arrest." One of the officers said and took out a pair of handcuffs. Ignoring everything, Freddie burst out crying and doubled over.

He lost his whole family. Nothing could be worse than that. He shook his head and glanced at Ross.

"Give me your gun." He whispered as Ross widened his eyes.

"Are you crazy-?!" Before he could protest, his gun slipped out of his belt and made it's way to Freddie's temple. A hint of a smile appeared on Freddie's face as he fell to the ground after the loud gunshot. That seemed like the solution to everything. No more worrying. No more crying. No more loss. All was well.