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Forks, Washington. Population: 3,532. Well-known for the Quileute Indian reservation, fishing, lodging, and being the cloudiest town in the United States.


Starting over again was always a stressful production. I can't recount what number this one was. Every three to five years I have been doing this. My family's inability to blend in well with the public has minimized our permanence in any area.

I would be lying if I said I looked forward to yet another fresh start.

It was all the same to me. Chicago, Galena, Quinter, Auburn Hills, Vancouver, Denali, and all the places we have stayed make my head ache with the constant memories of dragging myself through repeated high school or college courses. I was relieved to finally leave Alaska. Tanya and her coven were very gracious to let us stay for as long as we had. Poor Esme dreamed that she and I could become mates. That repulsed me almost as much as when she and Carlisle tried setting me up with my bitter sister Rosalie. How Emmett could handle her, I would never comprehend. I accepted my solitary lifestyle.

I learned over the decades to keep to my family or myself in public. I decided against ever becoming attached to classmates in any way.

Who would want to become a friend of a monster like me?

Edward, seriously? Stop calling yourself that, it's getting really old, my other sister thought beside me in my Volvo.

Had I said that aloud?

"Alice, I don't have any idea what you are talking about," I said while keeping my eyes on the road.

Yeah, right. I see it all over your face. Your eyes can't hide your feelings. Of course Alice knew me. How I felt about myself. My family. My race. You're nothing of the sort, so stop thinking otherwise.

"Remind me again why you aren't with Jasper? I thought you would want to ride into town with him?" My voice was struggling to remain calm. Of all my siblings, Alice could see right through me. Her ability of seeing the future also didn't block much.

I knew you would be beating yourself up on your way here. I wanted to keep you company. "Don't need you getting so broody that you crash your precious car into a telephone pole," she teased with a light giggle on her lips. I rolled my eyes. An image appeared in my mind, of me losing control of my vehicle and colliding into a thick pole of wood. I snorted at the scene. "See? We'll have none of that!"

"You have been spending too much time with Esme."

"Tell me about it! I can't wait to start classes tomorrow and meet some new people. I've been dying for interaction," Alice sighed. I took a moment to glance at her, seeing her hands fidget with her black strands of short hair at her side and gaze out into the grey hue of our approaching new hometown.

"You're more interested in shopping than making friends, Alice. Even I know that," I snapped at her. The last thing I wanted to discuss was college. I had four college degrees already. The mundane existence of going to school made me want to cringe. The mindless banter about gossip, the latest incessant fashion trends, who was dating who, underage drinking parties…

"Hrm, well, that's true. I haven't stepped into a mall in way too long," she replied. She understood my lack of desire in discussing it further, so she dropped it. We were quiet for the next fifteen minutes. I could see the main road that led into Forks quickly appearing, and I sighed. I would have to slow down my speed, which saddened me. But it would look bad to get arrested before I reached my new house. Once I got a feel for the police force in the area, I'd be able to please my inner speed demon once again. The moment I noticed the wooden sign which spelled out "The City of Forks Welcomes You", I sensed Alice tense in her seat.

Oh? Really? Hmm…

Her thoughts perked my interest. She must be getting a vision. Was it bad? I focused my mind on hers, bent on finding out. Instead, I heard lyrics to a German song repeating over and over, with images of some rock band. Alice usually never hid visions from me. She giggled lightly. What was all that about?

I grumbled under my breath, shifting my attention back to the road. Forks really was a very small town. As we rode through the main street, I could see various family-owned businesses and restaurants. The main reason we decided to move here was because of the seclusion we would receive. Carlisle researched the hospital in the area and told me that he liked the good reviews he found. The fact that there was rarity in sunlight was another perk that made Forks our new destination. Living with less fear of being caught sounded welcoming to everyone in the family.

It didn't take long for me to find our road. It was on the opposite end of the main part of town, through a patch of forest that looked relaxing to me. I made a note to explore it once I was settled. Carlisle and Esme had shown us pictures online of the new house, but I still was surprised at how open it was when I pulled into the driveway. Alice opened the door and bounced out to help out Carlisle as he carried boxes from the large truck in front of me. When I removed myself, I heard Emmett cursing inside the opened garage.

Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!

I raised an eyebrow and peered around the truck to see him looking quite shameful beside his furious mate.

I can't believe he said that out in the open! How embarrassing! Rosalie sounded like her usual, bitter self as she bore into Emmett's side.

"What did you do now, Emmett?" I asked casually, startling the two of them. Emmett's eyes turned into large pools of fright.

"I, uh, no-nothing, Bro, don't worry about it," he stammered. Oh god, Rose, I'm sorry. It was a stupid joke! I hate my big fat mouth sometimes!

"None of your business, Edward. Go help Esme. She was waiting for you in the kitchen," my blonde sister spat as she scowled at me. Referring to my body as a sweet piece of ass in public will not get you any brownie points!

I shrugged my shoulders and walked past them, holding in a chuckle. How asinine.

The inside of the house looked modern. Much more contemporary than the large estate the Denali coven owned. The large windows and wide space seemed refreshing. There were movers placing our newly-purchased furniture in their places in what looked like the living room. I heard the rummaging noises of metal and china while I strolled to my immediate right, seeing my "mother" pulling out cooking tools out of boxes. Her eyes lit up when she saw me.

Oh my, he looks so depressed. I hope this move changes his attitude. I don't want him sulking alone for hours like in Alaska. "Edward! I'm so glad to see you made it here safely," she hummed as she came to hug me. My eyes narrowed briefly at her thoughts. Was my attitude that poor around everyone?

"I see you're setting up the kitchen," I observed, trying to change the subject. "Expecting to use one this time around?" She let me go and smiled radiantly as her eyes darted towards the new-age stove nervously.

"I'd like to, yes. I'm hoping to finally learn how to use all these appliances. Who knows, maybe you or your siblings will make some friends and would like to bring them over?" I hope you meet some compatible companions, Edward. I hate watching you alone all the time.

"Rely on the others for that, Esme. Not me." I know that I sounded rougher than I intended. Esme's frown as she returned to the kitchen made me feel somewhat guilty. For all intents and purposes, she was my mother. I hated letting her down. I silently followed her to the counter and helped pull out different sets of plates, utensils, and pre-packaged food.

"Where is Alice?"

"She disappeared with Carlisle when we arrived."

"Oh, she must be helping him with the backyard." Silly to do on the first day here.

"What has been delivered so far?"

"Most everything. The beds will arrive tomorrow, as well as some of the electronics and the rest of the cars."

I smirked slightly at the mention of beds.

"Has Carlisle checked in with the hospital already?"

"Ah, yes. He starts tomorrow morning. He's awfully excited. I'm happy for him." He is always so endearing when he is excited about a new job.

"I'm happy for him, too. He is so passionate for his field. Working in a hospital like the one here will do him some good, I'm sure." I hoped so, at least. Carlisle loved his work. He loved helping others. His compassion was strong and contagious. Forks was going to be lucky to have him.

"Your piano should be in the music room by now, Dear," Esme said after some time passed. I placed a stack of plates up in the cupboard by the sink. She slid a hand over mine and smiled at me. "You can go and see for yourself if you'd like. I can handle the rest," she insisted. With a simple nod, I left her and walked across the living room. There was a small hallway, which from my knowledge would lead to Carlisle's new study. There was another room off of it, and I felt a wave of relief when I entered it. My Steinway piano sat in the center of the room. Its rich ebony color contrasted the bright walls, but the ivory keys beckoned me.

I immediately took my place on the smooth bench and inhaled the fresh scent of perfect craftsmanship before me. It had been a long time since I last played; the Denalis lacked a decent piano. But this piano was one of the best. My fingers stroked along the cool keys, admiring each note that rang at my touch. Music was my escape from the tragedy that was my existence. I easily lost myself to the melodies I played, relishing in how freeing the notes could be. For those few moments, I could forget what I was. Oh, how I wished I could lose myself again in the blissful sounds of music at that moment. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance, because I heard footsteps approaching the music room. And with footsteps came thoughts.

Of course he is in the music room. I hope this won't be a repeat of Vancouver. He needs to get out into the world and interact with humans. His siblings can do it. Why can't he? Does he still blame me for the change, after all this time?

"Edward?" I heard Carlisle call out softly from behind the closed door.

"Yes? I'm in here, Carlisle."

The door opened swiftly and in walked Carlisle with a small box. "I found some of your music and thought you would like it in here. Not that you need it," he said as he dropped the small cardboard box on the floor by my side. "How are you doing, Son? The drive was well, I assume?"

"I'm alright. Other than being long, it was uneventful." I shrugged my shoulders, glancing down at the box with slight interest.

"Hm. Alice didn't get on your nerves too much?" His tone was an amused one. Did he know the reason why Alice felt she had to babysit me? I ran a hand through my hair and sighed.

"Not any more than usual."

"Edward, I wondered if we could have a little chat while everyone else is busy. Is that alright with you?" I peered at Carlisle for a moment before nodding. He kept his mind strangely silent.

"Sure. Something wrong?"

"Esme is worried about you," he said, rubbing a finger against his temple. "She fears you'll seclude yourself here like in the other places we have resided."

"She always worries," I grunted in frustration. "Doesn't she understand that I like my space? I don't have any desire to go out and party like Rosalie or Emmett or go on shopping sprees like Alice. Jasper is reserved, why doesn't anyone point fingers at him?" My voice surprised me at its brazenness. Somehow, I sounded like my appearance. A teenager.

Jasper is reserved because of his bloodlust, Edward. Your isolation from the world had an entirely different source. Don't try to avoid it. "There's nothing wrong with having time alone. But you never interact with anyone. In Denali you stayed inside most of the time, and before that you spent all your time with your piano. We feel that it's unhealthy. Esme and I would really like you to try this time. Try to talk to your peers."

"And what do you expect, exactly? For me to start having relations with those who I crave to kill?" I practically growled, feeling my body tense up as anger bubbled within me. "I'm not that masochistic, Carlisle."

"Edward," Carlisle sighed. "Please, Son. We want you to enjoy yourself. You seem so depressed when you are alone. It breaks Esme's heart every time she sees you like this. Your belief that you are a monster is hurtful to her, and to me. I didn't realize you would feel so strongly like this." I don't want you regretting being a part of this family. I know this is my fault from the beginning.

"Carlisle, don't blame yourself," I said. "I'm just…it's hard for me. I know all of you care about my well-being, and I appreciate that." I pulled at my hair hard for a few seconds, then dropped my hands and looked into the sad eyes of my "father". "I promise to try. For Esme's sake."

"Thank you." We only want for you to be happy, Edward.

"I know."

After that, Carlisle asked me to help him set up his bookshelf in his study. Without realizing it, the daylight faded into darkness. Once the two of us were finished, we joined the rest of the family in a nearly-done living room. The setup was comforting. I was amazed at how open the space was. We wouldn't have to hide here. Jasper had returned from being sent to the store, and gave us each our own toiletries and linens for our bedrooms. Emmett and I laughed at him. Emmett even dared to call him whipped.

You seem much calmer than you did this morning, Jasper thought as our eyes met. It's refreshing, to say the least. I can tell you're nervous about tomorrow. I hope you don't ruin it for the rest of us.

"I think I'm going to work in my room," I blurted out amongst the banter. "Tomorrow being busy and all," I shot a glare at Jasper quickly before going to the stairs.

I see you having an interesting day tomorrow, Edward. Better keep your spirits up! Alice's cheerful demeanor came through clearly in her thoughts.

Seriously, Eddie, you need to quit your brooding crap. It's just college. No need to scare off the campus. I scowled at Emmett. I hated when he called me Eddie.

I ascended the stairs after giving a short goodnight to the others. I had yet to see the second floor. Carlisle had mentioned to me that my bedroom had a small balcony. Rosalie was jealous of that. It made me feel a little smug, I have to admit. The hallway was still bare, but I figured Esme would have that fixed by the time I came back from classes the next day.

The room that was designated as mine was perfect. There is no other word for it. It had shelving everywhere for my books and types of collected music. My desk was there, with my laptop and speakers. Boxes of my books and clothing were stacked by the closet. I knew that this room would become my second sanctuary. As I walked out onto the small balcony that sprouted from the opposite end of the room, I took in the relaxing sight of the forest. The trees carried on for miles. I could smell the cooling August air as it flowed through my system. For the first time that day, I felt truly at ease.

Maybe Forks would do me some good.

The hustle and bustle of the house instantly put me on edge the next morning. I had to use all my energy to drown out Alice's non-stop internal ramblings about what to wear and Rosalie's critiques of her hair and makeup. Emmett, Jasper, and I were much simpler in nature. We put on our clothes, brushed our hair, and we were done. I never fully understood why women felt the need to fabricate their appearances. My class was at eight in the morning, so I was the first to leave home. The drive to the small community college I was transferring to wasn't too bad. I still had to monitor my speed, but the traffic was light for the town.

I parked by the registration office on the campus, ignoring all the stares from people as I walked through the parking lot to the building. I hoped deep inside that I would not have to handle the vulgar thoughts from the public that I always received. It was downright dreadful at times. Sometimes I wondered which humans were worse: hormonally-charged teenagers or newly-independent young adults. After hearing the thoughts from a few passing females about my body and what they wanted to do with me, I decided that college students were worse. When I got into the registration office, I was met with a middle-aged woman who looked overworked and overtired. She flashed me a warm smile as I approached the desk, asking for a copy of my class schedule and a campus map.

My, what a handsome young man. Her thoughts made me frown a little. He's too striking to be an average student. My Susan would just fall in love with him if they met! She kindly handed me my paperwork and wished me a good first day. I dashed out of there as quickly as I "humanly" could, and relished in the fresh air of the outdoors when I returned to the parking lot. My first class was a basic musical theory course. I'd ace that one with ease. I made my way to the music hall on the other end of campus, taking the time to memorize the map in my hand.

The hall was nicer than I expected for a community college. There were multiple auditoriums and practice rooms. Music Theory was being taught in a smaller practice room. The smells of instruments, cleaning solution, and faded music sheets made me feel a little at home. The class itself was moderately sized, with only 45 students. Everyone was wide-eyed when I joined them; an expression I was sadly used to. I ignored their looks and sat at the back of the room, waiting for the professor to come in and drabble on about the semester. I found myself gazing out of a nearby window for most of the class, wondering how my siblings were doing. No doubt they were charismatic and getting along with everyone. I was somewhat jealous at how easily they could intermingle with humans, unlike me.

He is so dreamy! The thought of a female classmate distracted me. God, I would love to see how he looks under that shirt! Sexy as hell…I suddenly got an image in my head of her removing my clothes. I shot her a glare, grimacing when she turned away in surprise. I hated being this way. Why couldn't humans just leave me and my body alone? Ridiculous, inhuman charm. I despised it most of the time. Of course no one could resist me. I was all about seduction, from my eyes to my damn voice.

Wow he shot Liza one messed up stare! So mysterious. He can be a bad boy for me any day!

I returned my gaze to the outside, counting the seconds until this class was over.

4,320 to go.

I rushed through the small crowd at the exit so I could rid myself of any more mundane thoughts. Sometimes it overwhelmed me, to be quite honest. I've become accustomed to drowning them out, but some would pierce through my resolve. The most revolting ones, especially. I shrugged off the train of thought and glanced at my schedule. I had a basic humanities course next. Yet another class I could pass with ease. As I made my way to the building, I felt my pants pocket vibrate. I pulled out my cellular phone and saw Alice's name blinking on the small screen.

"What is it, Alice?" I sounded a little irritated and instantly regretted it.

"Hey, Edward. Just wanted to see how you were doing?"

"I'm fine." My eyes were surveying the people around me as I walked. I was in no mood to have a full-fledged conversation about my feelings.

"Sure you are. Anyway, we will be meeting up for lunch together at 11:30. I know that all our schedules work out for that today. So head to the main dining hall when you're done, okay?"

"Okay, Alice," I sighed. When she didn't hang up, I grew anxious. "Something else you'd like to share?"

"Edward…just….just be careful, okay? I gotta go…" When she hung up, my anxiety doubled. Be careful? What was going to happen?

I saw the time on the clock of my phone, and realized that if I didn't hurry, I would be late. My body slid through the masses of students and faculty as I made my way to the building I needed to get in.

Something strange tingled within me as I neared the door to my classroom. As if the air was off somehow. It was very odd. I took in a deep breath to try and calm myself, and was struck with the most intoxicating scent I had ever experienced. Sweet, delicious blood mixed with strawberries. My eyes were strained as they kept wide while I entered, almost overtaken by the sudden lust for human blood. My body tensed immediately while my eyes glanced around the room for the source of this incredible scent.

Then I saw her.

She was wearing a stunning grey t-shirt that hugged her torso and upper chest delicately. It brought out her semi-tanned skin. As my eyes traveled downwards, I saw that her legs were hidden by tight black jeans. Her slender fingers were balancing a small pen along them, and I got an urge to hold them. No, not just hold them…taste them. Twisted strands of mahogany hair cascaded from her head, lying against her shoulders and neck. I realized I had stared for too long when she lifted her head and caught my eyes with hers. Oh, my, they were endless pools of chocolate. I had never seen such beautiful, captivating eyes before. I shook my head slightly to fall out of her gaze and took a seat across the room from her. In the corner of my eye I could see an exquisite blush form across her cream-colored cheeks. I wanted to look at her more, but the monotone voice of our new professor distracted me.

"Hello, everyone. Welcome to Humanities. This class will focus on classic literature dating back to the Biblical era, with some time spent on ancient Greece, Rome, and then some fun with France, because I like to live a little on the edge," he said as he passed out the syllabus for the course. My body refused to relax and I held my breath as best I could so I would not be able to take in any more of this female's overpowering aroma. What was happening to me?

I looked over the papers quickly, hoping I didn't seem too out of the ordinary. I took a second to glance back over at the alluring angel and noticed that she was holding her paper so tight it could rip. The blush had returned, and shoved my mind into overdrive. How quickly could I get her to leave? Could I get her to leave with me on some sort of emergency? I can't last for an hour and a half like this. I need her now. I know there was a small wooded area by this part of campus. No one would know. I could make it look like a car accident. Yes. Yes, that would work. She'd leave with me, no problem. Her skin looks so delicious; it probably tastes as sweet as strawberries. I wonder how soft it is, how easily I can tear into it and get to that sugary-sweet blood of hers.

It looks like we have a diverse class this time around. I think I'll break the ice by having them introduce themselves! Less work on my end today. "Now, before we go over the syllabus, I'd like for you all to introduce yourselves. Tell us your name, year, and major. That way we can get a sense of where all of our opinions will come from."

Voices filled the room, one by one. It took me by surprise, and I shook my head as logic broke my determination to kill. What was I about to do? I could have destroyed my family! I could have ruined everything. I was so selfish. No. I wouldn't hurt anyone. I just needed to survive the hour and get out. Get some fresh air. Just don't breathe the rest of the class. No one will notice.

I felt her eyes on me when the professor told me it was my turn.

"Edward Cullen," I spoke softly, trying to hide the strain in my voice. "Junior. My major is in music."

"You're new to the area, aren't you?" His outside status may come in handy for discussion!

"Yes, my family just moved here from Alaska." The female's eyes were burning holes in my face. Look away, please. Please stop looking at me. I hoped the female could somehow catch my thoughts. If only she knew how badly I wanted to kill her! As if the professor noticed my panic, he decided to continue with the introductions. I slowly inhaled to keep up appearances, but struggled with each breath. Her scent was so strong, it was coating me. I never experienced this with a human before. What was going on?

When it came to her turn, I couldn't help but glance at her. My eyes were narrowed in concentration as I tried to hear her thoughts. I was stunned. Nothing. There was nothing! Like her mind didn't exist! How was that possible?

"I'm Isabella Swan. I'm a junior, and my major is in philosophy." My mouth fell open at the symphony that was her voice. Now I wanted nothing more than to hear her scream as I drained her. No! Stop thinking like that!

"Ah, Chief Swan's daughter, right?" The professor's words perked my attention. Was this young woman the daughter of authority in town?


Her voice was exuberant. Gracious. And I heard every note of nervousness in it.

I couldn't harm her. If she was indeed the daughter of the police chief, it would be too suspicious. There would be an investigation. We'd be discovered. I let out a deep breath. Good. This was good.

I listened to the professor and the thoughts of different students around me for distraction. The rest of the class was like sublime torture as I fought against every urge to run and grab Isabella and claim her as my meal.

Isabella. How appropriate a name for this chocolate-eyed angel.

When the professor finally dismissed us, I watched as the beauty grabbed her things and hustled out of the classroom. I took my time, hoping the separation would calm me. I made my way through the room, only to see her standing at the exit, looking at who I assumed to be friends down the hall. I could smell coffee nearby and watched as a young woman sprinted past us, spilling her drink on the floor right in front of Isabella. She didn't seem to notice and tripped against the slick liquid.

Before I could think, I went to her and grabbed onto her waist tightly. Her skin was blazing warm and sent electric shocks throughout my body. The scent of strawberries became overwhelming. As I helped her back to her feet, her hair moved away from her neck, and I felt venom pool in my mouth as her blood called out to me. Begging to be taken. My face hardened and I used what was left of my defenses to block out the thoughts of dragging her outside that very moment and taking her. Her gaze pulled me away from her neck, and I let her go. I saw her hands shaking at her front, and there were small goose bumps forming. She had felt my skin, hadn't she? She knew I was ice cold to the touch. Would she say something?

Kill her! Kill her! Drink her blood! You know you want it!

I had to get out of there. My head felt like it would explode from the inner battle it was having. I needed fresh air. I left her side quickly, hoping that she wouldn't follow me.

Who was that? He was hot…why was he helping Bella?

Dude, what's up with that guy?

What a freak!

Looks like Bella's got some weird admirer! Haha!

The thoughts of students around me drowned out my thirst as I got outside. I remembered that Alice wanted me in the dining hall, and I stepped off to the side of the building to compose myself.

"I warned you to be careful," her voice whispered from behind me. I turned to see her golden eyes narrowed at me with concern.

"You, you saw that?" I asked in wonder. She placed a hand on my arm to sooth me.

Of course I saw it. And a hundred different outcomes. You are much stronger than you realize, big brother. You did the right thing. She flashed me her quirky smile. "Now that you've had a few minutes to calm down, why don't we join the others for lunch? They're waiting."

"Right," I sighed. I wanted to press Alice on exactly what she saw, and why she didn't warn me about it. But more students were coming out, so I knew this wouldn't be the best time. I followed her to the dining hall, meeting up with the rest of my siblings. Emmett was already whining about work he had to do that night. Rosalie was silent as usual, but her thoughts ran rampant about unnecessary topics, such as clothing and compliments she had gotten so far that day. Jasper was reassuring me like usual. I wondered if Alice put him up to it. We found a big enough table for the five of us by the back of the hall, and sat down. I somehow managed to be stuck between the two couples.

Absentminded, I let my eyes wander around the hall. It was large, with a salad bar in the center. Students were lining up for food, and the gossiping reverberated around me. Alice started talking about what we were going to do the next weekend. I just wanted to stick around the house and compose some music. Emmett volunteered to scout out the territory with Jasper. Him and his need to fight grizzly bears! It was atrocious, I thought. I never cared too much for bears. They were rather large and could be difficult to bring down, depending on their age. I stuck with deer because I loved the chase. They put up a good fight, though.

That family is so strange! I heard someone think. I mean, that Alice chick was creepy in class. Are they really all adopted? They look the same! My eyes followed the source of the thoughts and led me to a table across the room. A dirty-blonde haired young woman was flashing glances our way while talking to her friends. Bella better give me details on that hottie who helped her! My eyes widened when I recognized the name from previous thoughts in the hallway.

Then I took note of who was sitting with her. A young man was beside her, holding her around her waist. Her boyfriend, most likely. There was another young woman across from him, with a young man. They seemed reserved in comparison to the rash young woman. Lastly, I saw the hypnotizing brown eyes of Isabella. I tensed up immediately.

Is that her, Edward? Alice thought beside me. I could only nod. She looks pretty.

Stay calm, Edward. You can handle this, Jasper thought.

He is totally staring at Bella! Why isn't he looking at me? I'm so much prettier than her! I know I'm taken, but that could totally change if he asked me out. The obnoxious friend of Isabella's was aggravating me. She was like most other women. Was Isabella like that, too?

Bella. Was that her nickname? It suited her perfectly. She was indeed the definition of beauty.

Who's the human staring at us? Emmett mentally asked me.

"Isabella Swan," I said under my breath, low enough for only them to hear.

Oh? She's the daughter of the police chief, isn't she? Jasper thought. I nodded once, keeping my gaze on her as she watched us. She changed her gaze to the disgusting food in front of her, and I let out a sigh of relief.

She's nothing to look at. She has no right to be staring at us like that. Her friends are offending me with their looks, Rosalie thought with a scowl on her face. I rolled my eyes at her.

So what does she think of you, Edward? Alice's question made me frown.

"I don't know. I can't hear her." I heard gasps from the others and I looked at them blankly.

"You…you can't?" Alice asked. I shook my head in response.

"Wow, that's weird, right?" You can hear everyone, can't you? Emmett asked as he scratched the back of his neck.

Goes to show this human is more harm than anything. Rosalie peered at the table for a moment before looking at me. I pressed my lips together, not certain if I should agree or not. I needed to talk to Carlisle about this. But thinking about Isabella only made me thirstier.

"Can we please talk about something else?" I pleaded.

It was then that I noticed her standing up at her table and glancing over at us one last time. I knew Rosalie was burning holes with her glare, and I probably wasn't much better. I was clinging at the table as my resistance waned. As if by the grace of God, Bella left in a hurry, and I relaxed before I could break apart the table. The others looked at me with sad faces. Jasper knew what I was feeling to some extent. I felt a wave of calm and thanked him for using his ability.

The rest of the day was smoother. I went to my other classes, relieved that Bella was not in any of them. Her major was philosophy, so she wouldn't need to take music courses. At the end of the day, I returned to my Volvo and saw Alice chatting away with Jasper. Emmett was being pulled over by Rosalie, and I perked an eyebrow at his sour expression.

"Aw, Rose, you know I was only kidding!" he begged. She looked displeased, and I smirked as her thoughts revealed why.

I can't believe you hit on that bimbo! She has nothing on me!

"Trouble in paradise?" I asked. Emmett looked pained as Rosalie hissed at me.

"I was joking around, to fit in, you know? The guys in my class were talking about some chick, and I bet I could get her number. So I was talking to her and was about to get it when…" He glanced at the fuming Rosalie and winced. "I was caught."

"I can't believe you would do something so low to please humans." Her voice was venomous.

"It was all in good fun, Rosalie," Jasper commented. Alice was trying to subdue her giggles.

"Can't say that was the smartest move, Emmett," she said. I smiled as he squirmed, looking apologetic.

"I'll make it up to you, Rose. How about I take you out somewhere? We could see what kind of movies are playing?" He was desperate.

"Ugh. Don't play me for a fool, McCarty." When Rosalie used Emmett's original last name, we all knew he was in serious trouble. I found myself laughing at how silly this conflict was.

"Okay, okay, you choose what we do. How about that?" he shrugged. Rosalie looked at him and gave him a sly smile.


We were disrupted by the blaring sounds of a rough engine somewhere nearby.

"I feel bad for whoever is driving the poor excuse for a car if it makes that much noise!" Jasper exclaimed. We all turned or attention to a vintage-model truck as it slowly made its way in our direction.

"Wow that looks like a collectible!" Alice cried. It surprised me that it could still be functional as I watched it drag itself along the pavement.

"I'll keep my Jeep Wrangler, thank you!" Emmett snickered. I grinned at his outburst.

Then I caught the delectable scent of the driver.

And her breath-taking eyes.

She seemed to stop as she looked at us; at me. Traffic started piling up behind her, and I heard my siblings chuckling. All I could so was smile at her, seeing how innocent she was in her disastrous truck. The Honda driver behind her blared his horn for her to move, and she jumped in her seat. As she drove away, I got the strangest sensation.

My life had inexplicably, irrevocably changed forever.