Summary: Chloe's thoughts on her final moments and thereafter. One-shot. SPOILERS.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or setting of this story. That's all the property of CBS.


She remembers it clearly, standing on the bridge. It was like a scene from a dream she'd just woken up from.

After a week of running and fear and fighting; a week of near-escapes and near-deaths, this was the one redeeming moment of it all. The island was not some place out of a fairytale. Her friend would not be marrying her charming fiancé – her charming, murderous fiancé. The whole event had been a trap for Abby Mills, and they were all to be sacrifices. Their blood was spilled so that he could sanctify the land.

Once she knew, she shook her head. Abby had no idea. And it was far too late for her to be able to tell anyone.

She's back on the bridge. That redeeming moment. She remembers it clearly. He asks her to marry him and then the killer stalks forward. He tries to get her to run, but he doesn't understand. They've already promised to be together forever. Running is no longer an option. There was no longer anywhere to run to or from. The only one she has to meet now lies floating on the river below.

Wakefield waves his knife at her face. He wants to claim her.

He can't.

"You can't have me."

She remembers letting go and falling back. She stares at the sky as she falls, memories of the week past playing out through her brain in reverse until they're back on the ferry, and she's back in his arms. And when she hits the water, it's not pain that she remembers feeling. It's peace.

And now she really is back in his arms. They stand, somewhere above the island now, with their fallen friends. But to the two of them, it's like no one else exists. And they dance, swaying for all eternity in each other's embrace.

There is no music, but there doesn't need to be.

AN: Hey everyone! This is my second Harper's Island story. I'm still working on my first, actually. (Yes, Waterfall has more to come~) This is just something I felt I had to write. I got the inspiration for it when talking about Cal and Chloe's deaths to a friend of mine and that's just how I could see them in the afterlife. My friend said it was sort of hauntingly beautiful and I knew I just had to write it down. Hope you enjoyed!