After the departure of Yami, Yugi sat in the living area of his and his grandpa's home silently. His eyes scanned the puzzle he held in his hands, thinking of the memories he and Yami had made over the last few months. Tracing his fingers over the eye of his puzzle, he thought about the nights he has spent with his other, the laughs they had shared and the jokes they had made. Faintly a smile made Yugi's lips turn; he remembered a memory of the annoying statements and teases he gestured towards the other to which the other did respond back in a playful manner.

Yugi sighed, a tear delicately tricking down his cheek and onto the gold. His Yami was gone and he couldn't be with him. His Yami had taken his path and walked away from him. His Yami...

His Yami...

Yugi held his necklace close and wailed onto it heavily, his heart poured onto the object he held around his neck; he missed his Yami and wanted him near. It was like a mother been took away from her child at birth or a kitten without it's milk watching the milk be poured down the sink. He sighed and panted heavily onto the gold, feeling his heart ache and his body fall under depression.

~I love you~

Those words ran through his ears as he tried to hold onto them. His partner's voice drifted away in his mind more and more as their touch was no more. He held himself and kissed the gold eye of the puzzle, nuzzling it with more tears streaming down his cheeks, pulling away he stared at the necklace; wondering how his other half was doing, wondering if he missed him, wanted him and loved him like he did.

"Yugi? What's wrong? Have you been crying?"

The teen rubbed his wet eyes "It's nothing Grandpa, I'm fine".

"Crying is not 'nothing', tell me".

"I can't Grandpa" Yugi looked up at his elder. "You'll never understand..."