Long ago my real family was attack and I was left behind in a basket. I was only a baby. So I cry and cry when I was hungry but my family was long gone then a pack of wolves came upon me like a wave. One came close and sniffed my hand and I gently grabbed his nose. He jerked back in surprised. I laughed at his reaction like all babies do. He turned around and called his family. Then they all came. They all had white fur with blue, gray, or yellow eyes. In the moment the wolf that had come to me first jerk his head and the basket lifted by a bigger wolf. Off they took me to their home which soon came to be my new home.

"Alice. Alice?" Moonbeam pushed me. I tried to get him away but he wouldn't let up. I sat up straight with my blonde hair mess up. I put it in a ponytail.

""What is wrong, now, Moonbeam? Can't you see I am sleeping?" Moonbeam was a nervous wolf. He was always at my side. We were raised in the same litter. He had white fur well the all had white fur but his eyes were two different colors one was blue while the other was yellow. He jumped back and front in front of me. I had to admit it was annoying. I grabbed him by this long face.

"What do you want?" he jerked away and finally calmed down. Then, he sat in front of me with his head held high and that let me know that he's going to brag about something.

"I saw some humans by the lake were we found you in the basket. Remember?" I turned my head how can I forget it was my second chance at life. "Yeah, what about them?" he looked surprise by m reaction. "I thought u wanted to see someone just like you or looks like you?" I jumped to my feet and went to the opening of the cave and looked back. "Are you coming or what? We only have one chance to see them while the others are hunting." He jumped and we ran southward toward the moon lake where I abandon by my own kind to see them what they look like again sixteen years living with wolves you forget what human start to look like. So our journey begins.

I sat in the tree just above the lake. Wolfs Lake more like it and humans weren't allowed there but the teenagers love to break the rules and feel alive. So, time from time they come here for a swim. There was five humans down there swim in the lake. Three were boys and the rest were girls. They wore strange clothes unlike mine. I only wear rags to cover my chest and middle part of my body, but they wore clothes that cover their whole body. Moonbeam yelped and I slowly climbed down the tree and in a second I was on the ground.

"Oh my god!" Some girl yelled. I opened my eyes to find the group of teens hovering backward against one another like I was some kind of disease. One of them approached me, a boy I could tell by the figure of his body. He held his hand toward me.

"She can't be much harm to us, there's one of her and five of us" he smirked with his blues that pops out when you include his black hair. I backed up I couldn't tell what he was saying but humans aren't what they seem to be. That's what Papa told me. He used to live by them with his parent while back. In the corner of my eye I saw the bush shake and in a flash Moonbeam was on top of me.

"Get the fuck away from her "he growl. The human boy seemed not to know what he was saying, but he back up and joined the rest of them. Then they all ran toward the sunset.