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Scully folded her arms as she stared up at the night sky. The stars shone down on her as she remembered everything she had been through since she had been the little girl that had stood next to her father and wondered at the stars and how far away they were.

"I asked you to make a choice, all those years ago."

Scully nodded but she didn't turn to face her brother. Her attention was on the man playing baseballs for the son she had never thought she would see again and the red haired little girl sat watching them. She knew that she had made the right choice the moment she had laid on the bed in the motel room wondering what had become of Monica, Doggett and Skinner. Somehow they had all survived and somehow Skinner had been able to help her and Mulder get William back.

"Yes, Bill." Scully smiled as her brother narrowed his eyes. "I just wish you'd made me choose earlier."

"You married him to get William back." Bill stared at her as she shook her head.

"I married him." Scully nodded. "I made the right choice."

"Hey! Mom!" William smiled as he and Mulder finished their game and three year old Lucy ran into her father's arms. Scully smiled as her daughter waved.


"Bill, look at those kids and tell me I made the wrong choice." She shook her head as she walked towards her husband and children. Bill smiled slightly as he shook his head. Sometimes, just sometimes it was nice to be proved wrong.


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