Story 3: At the Lion's Den I

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Aranel

Disclaimer: Not Mine.

Rate: K+

Warning: This is set on Modern AU, therefore, OOC and OC, angst/parody.

Summary for this story: Aragorn and Gandalf do last talk before stepping at lion's den.

A/N: Written for 100_tridrabbles LJ community, prompt# 21: Past.

"The guards are watching us… we should go and face the lion, then," Aragorn suggested with a tremor of fear.

"Lion, huh?" Gandalf asked, grinning.

"Can you imagine the king's fury at us over the loss of his son?"

"Aye, you are right about that," Gandalf agreed and his smile quickly fell.

"Let's get it done over with." The wizard sighed heavily, and then, lifting a hand as if to cover his face, he lamented, "I am so doomed!"

"We've already agreed on that, Olórin," Aragorn reminded him cynically. "You really did bring this upon yourself, you know it." But some idea seemed to surface in the man's mind and he continued speaking, "Unless this staff of yours could turn back time."

"I can only use it twice, and I have…"

"What did you do?" Aragorn asked, being curious as a dwarf.

"This is not your business, young man."

"It is my concern, as Legolas is out somewhere," Aragorn reminded him.

"It was long time ago, young man, and I would prefer to leave it in the dark past," Gandalf suggested.

"And I would prefer to know more about it, or I might let slip to Thranduil about that fact…" Aragorn threatened.

"Don't you dare try me, young man, I have my ways too…" Gandalf responded in kind.

But at that moment, the man and the wizard were suddenly aware of how much closer the guards were to them.

Though, there seemed to be something amiss about their behavior; it was as though they had been searching for someone.

Then another guard joined the others, and Aragorn and Gandalf tensed up as the guard announced forebodingly, "King Thranduil is asking for you."

"It was nice knowing you, Aragorn," Gandalf told him with a wan smile.

"It was nice knowing you as well, Gandalf."