I've been reading quite a few Jack m-pregs recently, so much that I've dreamt of my own version the other night. I liked it so much that I had to write it down before I forgot it, so this is my version. And I got to say, it's a bit different than the other stories I have read. I have to warn you that I'm not the best writer, so there might be a few mistakes there. AND, some of the characters are going to be OOC for a few chapters; it's all linked with the story so you'll have to bear with me. There will also be some Gwen bashing. So, enjoy.

Ianto sighed, threading his blue fountain pen through his fingers hoping his mind would comprehend the situation in front of him. Jack and Owen were arguing, the arguing wasn't the reason for Ianto to be so confused, heck they argue with each other all the time. What made his mind stop working was the fact that they were fighting over a pair of die. A smirk appeared on Ianto's lips, he found it amusing. Leaning against the rail above the autopsy room he watched the scene progress beneath him.

"Where did they come from, Owen?"

"For the last time I found them here when I came to work this morning!" Owen protested, Jack wasn't convinced.

"So you're telling me you came to work this morning with no clue that there was dice on your autopsy table?" his arms folded.

"They're just bloody dice Jack!"

"They could be an alien artefact for all we know. If you've fiddled with them you could be poisoned, infected, anything!"

"I'm not that idiotic Jack! If I find something that isn't mine on my territory I instantly get suspicious. And I definitely don't get the desired feeling to interact with the item without thinking what the item's been through!" Owen snapped.

Jack shrugged his shoulders, his eyebrows slightly narrowing. "Just checking" Owen glared at him. "But if you didn't put the pair of die there, then who did?" he bluntly asked.

"The rift could have brought it in?" Ianto suggested, noting that the two of them had just noticed Ianto hovering above them.

"No, if it was I would have heard it" Jack said frowning.

"You could of missed it; you have been distracted for the last few hours" Ianto replied with a smirk, Jack grinned at him.

"I don't want to know what you two do in your spare time, thanks" Owen groaned, soon glaring at Jack when he heard him chuckle.

"Jealous much?" Jack asked with his eyebrows wiggling suggestively.

"Hardly" Jack attempted to make a pout, his face making nothing more than a pathetic little child's face when they were upset. Smirking at how childish he was acting Ianto gave a brief glance towards Tosh at her workstation.

"Tosh, could you give a scan on these pairs of die? They suspiciously appeared on the autopsy table over night" Ianto asked.

Toshiko smiled "Sure" pushing her glasses further up her nose she grabbed the scanner besides her desk. Watching her walk down to join Jack and Owen by the autopsy table he noticed that Jack had sweat forming around his forehead. Ianto frowned; Jack never sweated. Something about his 51st century hormones made it impossible for him to sweat, so why was he sweating?

Shaking the thought out of his head he watched Toshiko as she began to scan the two red dies on the table. Jack and Owen leant over her shoulder eagerly; with Toshiko unaware of what they were doing.

A few moments passed before the scanner beeped happily, alerting them that it had no traces of the rift on them, this sparked Jack's attention.

"But if it has no traces of the rift, then how did they get there?" Owen asked Jack who shrugged.

"Who knows? But until we find out I want them to be treated as a dangerous artefact; just to be safe." Jack said, leaving Owen and Toshiko in the autopsy room. Ianto eyed Jack as he walked up the steps, he was now definitely sweating. A pool of sweat was now formed over his forehead, now that Ianto mentioned it; Jack also looked a bit pale.

"Are you okay Jack?" Ianto murmured, his hand cupping Jack's roasting cheek. Softly sighing Jack leant into the touch, his eyelids sealing for a moment at the refreshing feeling of a cold hand.

"Yeah, just need a pee" Jack answered and moved out of Ianto's touch, leaving the Welshman standing there and wandering what had just happened.

Shrugging, Ianto made his way towards the coffee machine. If Jack was acting strange Ianto knew the only way he could make him open up was to give him one of his refreshing cups of coffee. Turning it on, he glanced at the cog door at the sound of the sirens ringing. He performed a small smile at Gwen, 20 minutes late as usual.


"Oh morning Ianto, say you couldn't be a love and make me a cuppa? Rhys has been moaning at me again" Gwen asked, Ianto instantly nodded.

"Of course" The coffee machine gurgled at Ianto, demanding for attention. Ianto fiddled with the buttons, hearing it hiss Ianto winced. The coffee machine was getting more aggressive than it used to be.

Filling up the coffee tray with mugs Ianto began to do the hand out of coffees. Firstly he went to Gwen, her mug easily at his reach he carefully passed her the steaming hot coffee, only to get a mumble of thanks. Ianto raised an eyebrow; what was with her sudden change of mood?

Shrugging Ianto climbed down to the autopsy table, passing Owen and Tosh their own mugs.

"Thank you Ianto" Tosh smiled, Ianto nodded.

"My pleasure" he looked at Owen who nodded at him, it was better than a mumble from Gwen he supposed.

Soon there was only two mugs left on the tray, his and Jack's. Maybe now could be his chance to ask Jack for why he was acting so strange recently. Hearing the sound of footsteps Ianto glanced up, Jack's appearance had got worse.

Jack now seemed paler than earlier, his facial features were soaked with sweat and his fringe was wet. His arm was loosely wrapped round his stomach and he quietly groaned before walking into his office.

Ianto then knew something was up.