We said our goodbyes,

On that summer day.

You said you were leaving,

But I wasn't expecting

To see that you were our friend's

Latest invention.

I could've swore, I saw you wave good bye

On that summer day

I'll find you, no matter how far you go

Now there's no one here to ask me how I've been,

To see what I'm doing,

Or even just say hi.

All our friends have gone,

But I think you're holding on.

When I saw that distant beep

I'll find you, no matter how far you go

So now I'm coming after you,

To make sure that our goodbyes,

Were only 'See you later'.



A/N: So, yeah, I beat the game for the first time; I still support Mokka/Heroine because part of me thinks that they'll be going on adventures no matter what. Plus it never said that it WASN'T Mokka who was sending the signal that the Heroine saw before she went off after it.