Hello, SQ here, very sad to say that due to stupid teacher assuming s-, I have adopted iHaverainbowveins's story...I'm so sad to not be able to read the original, since it got stopped after part one...but they let me take over...and I will try to keep it in it's original spirit

going to try to keep the original pairings ((US-UK, Canada-France, Prussia-Hungary, Japan-China)) please try to bear with me here...please send best wishes to iHaverainbowveins

To say Alex was mad was an understatement. She was furious. She was ready to explode. Literally. How could Matthew do this to her. He couldn't just abandon her. She was her for god sake. He was her twin! They were supposed to stick together. How could he leave her stranded in Westerville, a place two hours away from their home in Lima! In front of a damn Dunkin Donuts of all places.

This was not supposed to happen. They were supposed to go to a party at that private school. It was supposed to have the best beer and copious amounts of wine coolers and there were rumors that everyone was going to play "Button". She was so ready to party and get that amazing acid trip but now she was gone.

She growled and held the yellow hood of her raincoat closed around her neck to stop the rain from wetting her dirty blonde hair. She tried to calm herself down. She simply had to call him. She ran under the porch of the now closed establishment before pulling the cell phone out of her pocket. She quickly scanned through her contacts looking for his number before proceeding to dial the number to yell at him.

She heard it ring six times before she heard the phone pickup.

"Hello?" she heard someone answer groggily.

"Matthew what the hell! I can't believe you left me stranded here in Westerville! Dude that's not cool! It's raining! How am I supposed to get home whe-"

"Ma'am I believe you have the wrong number." the other answered.

"Ma'am?" she snorted rolling her cobalt eyes "You do realize you're older than me by seven minutes."

The man on the other line could almost feel her smirking despite not seeing her face. "Listen this is Arthur-"

"Wait, Arthur, Where's Matthew?"

"I don't know." the man now known as Arthur replied, irately now fully awake letting her hear his British accent more clearly.

"Where are you?" she asked.

"London, England."

"Funny Matthew now seriously knock it off. That's a horrible fake accent btw. It so doesn't sound like those kids on Harry Potter."

"I am not Matthew" he huffed "and my accent is not fake. Now I really need to go it's 3 am here." he replied.

"Now I know you're not Matthew. He would never go through the trouble of learning the time difference between London and Ohio." she snorted at the thought.

"Interesting." he responded swiftly.

"Wait so you're like actually English!" she asked excitedly forgetting her anger towards her brother.

"I believe I did say that." Arthur replied in a bored tone.

"Ehmagosh!" Alex huffed excitedly, "do you like have tea with the queen!"

"Do you eat McDonalds with the president?" he asked coldly.

"No" she squeaked quietly into the receiver blushing at her own ignorance and feeling a little of her sudden cheer slip away from Arthur's harsh tone. Arthur almost felt bad for being so rude. Almost. "Not yet. But someday me and will be tight when I'm in the air force." she said quickly getting over her

Arthur nodded before realizing she couldn't see and he quickly hummed into the phone to show he had heard.

"Ehmagosh! Didn't you say it was like three in the morning over wherever you are!" she rushed out.

"I'm in London and yes" he took a few seconds before responding "it's three twenty-nine right now."

"Gosh Artie I'm so sorry." she said using an on-the spot nickname. "It's only ten over here! I feel like a jerk."

"Don't call me Artie you twit" he spat the nickname out as if it were diseased.

"Whatever you say Artie." she said offhandedly obviously not having heard his previous words. Anyways I'll call you later okay. Since we have a time difference and all. I'll call you tomorrow at like eleven I guess."

"Don't call me back you bloody git." he hissed into his phone.

"Okay Artie. Talk to ya tomorrow. I gotta find a way home. Time to hitchhike!" she giggled before ending the call.

"That's danger-"Arthur tried to explain but the click he heard signaled she had hung up. He sighed and started to pray she wouldn't call back in the morning.

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