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"Hello?" Michelle shyly answers as she fidgets with one of her pigtails. She had just received her new phone from the company; seeing as how one of Arthur's brothers dropped her last one into the ocean.

"My little Michelle~ is that really you?"

She freezes when she hears this familiar voice. No. It couldn't be him. It just couldn't be.

Alex and Kiku continue to work on character designs. They had the female lead look how Alex wanted, which meant the female protagonist would have short brunette hair, which has streaks of a very dirty blonde, while her eyes were a sapphire blue. The male lead was the difficult part. No matter what they did, the look wasn't right for the personality.

The first attempt, Alex wasn't happy with how the guy looked like Tom Marvelo Riddle. She complained that the guy wasn't meant to look like a cruel manipulative future creepy murderer.

The second attempt, through some weird chain of events made the male lead look like special agent Leroy Gethro Gibbs. Sure Alex thought him one of the greatest TV heroes ever, but she wanted the male lead to be younger.

They were at their final attempt, and Alex was getting restless. She didn't think Kiku understood the male lead enough to give him the look that he deserves.

"Ve~ why don't you ask Heracles? He's really great at this kind of stuff~" Feliciano lets out a small laugh, as he paints a picture of a bunny. "He's always telling stories, and their so colorful and detailed-opps..." he frowns at the small mistake on the painting, but decides to give it a ribbon to cover the spot.

"With all due respect, Heracles only tells of ancient Greek mythology..." Kiku frowns as he thinks of his ex. The same ex he hadn't spoken to in a little while.

Mrs. Karpusi hears this and walks over. "It might be best." she frowns at both teens, before smiling at Feliciano.

Alex grabs Kiku's hand and races out to the hidden part of the courtyard, where Heracles feeds stray cats, and cares for them by making a small shelter that was warm and cozy.

Looking at the potential small cat village, Alex approaches Heracles, who is relaxing with a couple of kittens. Both lay against his chest, curled up into a content ball as they sleep like little angels.

"Alex...Kiku" he barely opens an eye as he relaxes. "Careful...one of the cats gave birth...and she's...tired" he yawns, reaching up to pet a kitten, scratching the back of its small tan ear, causing it to purr. "What do...you need?"

"Feli said you could help us~" Alex smiles, as she kneels down to pet a cat. "Whoa...this cat is awesome~" she pets it, looking at the bright blue eyes, the darker mane, and the strange markings under the eyes. It meows at her, causing her to laugh.

"You can...have her..." he casually says. "She's a...handful...but loves people~"

"Awesome~" Alex picks up the young cat and lets her rest in her arms.

"A-Alex-chan..." Kiku clears his throat.

"Oh...right...we need help with this project. Feli said you were incredible with imagining characters, and weren't you the one who gave those dudes new kickass looks?"

"If you mean...reimagined the gods...then...yes" he carefully looked at them before going back to his kittens. He had a project in one of his art classes, and had made new looks of the Greek gods, even adding in some current cultural favorites, like a piece with Kratos fighting to save his dearest daughter Calliope, but sadly a happy ending was never the case for a tragic hero, and that was something Heracles perfectly captured. The piece was so impressive, that on one of the floors on the history wing, it is still viewable to this day.

"Can you help us?" Alex asked as she held her new cat.

"...sure..." he shifted the kittens to a soft plush pillow, much to their protest, and sat up. His emerald eyes stare into Alex and Kiku's as he waits for a description.

"Our male lead is a tsundere type..." Kiku begins nervously looking away. "He comes off as harsh, cold, and demanding, but he does have a soft side as Alex-chan has said numerous times. "

"Yeah~!" Alex grins. "He's a little moody, but he's not like a certain psycho emo dude." she pauses to think. "He has older siblings who make his life hell, so his outlook is more sarcastic?" she tilted her head in thought, as she thought of him.

"This is a manga…right?" Kiku nods and Heracles continues to ponder. "Then…he should be…blonde…"

"Ah…" Kiku muses. "He has obvious intelligence…and can be calculating…right Alex-chan?"

Alex frowns as she shakes her head. "He's not calculating…I think"

A while later, Alex walks with Kiku, while carrying her new cat. Now, they have a sketch of what the male lead would look like. Feeling proud, Alex opens the door to their class, ignoring the small frown Mrs. Karpusi gave them, when she saw that Alex was holding one of Heracle's cats. At least Alex didn't kick open the door, announcing that the hero was back.

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