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Chapter 9 Hermione's POV Thirty minutes later...

"Miss is suppose to gets upz nows." said a voice I slowly opened my eyes and saw a house elf.

"Hello." I said The smiled and left I sighed and searched for Draco's feelings. Oh! He's downstairs alright well come on Hermione time to go say sorry. Suddenly I felt sorry and anxious to get downstairs.

'Hopefully he won't be too mad.' I thought

Of course he won't he understands!

I jump and mentally glared. 'Really! warning next time!' I yelled

Okay okay! So lets get down there!

Grrr! Fine! I blinked and I was downstairs watching Malfoy pacing and muttering to himself. I raised an eyebrow and smirked.

Accio Malfoy's Wand! I mentally said It zoomed out of his pocket and into my hand. Malfoy stopped pacing and turned towards me. I gulped. He had a certain glint in his eye that told me to run.

"You shouldn't have done that Granger.'' he said calmly I backed up and smiled innocently. I let my veela take over for a bit.

"And why not Malfoy?" I said

"Because its a bad way to start the afternoon.'' his veela replied. As he stalked towards me.

"Well gotta go!'' I said and ran up the stairs.

Malfoy chuckled and gave chase. "You can run but you can't hide Granger!'' he yelled.

I laughed and went to hide.

Two hours later...(Narcissa and Lucius aren't home so yea so bout that.)

Malfoy sniffed me out again and snickered. He slowly went towards the curtains and opened them up. I smirked and went back to normal as did he.

"Not...bad..Malfoy." I panted and sat down on the ground.

"Not bad either Granger and you managed to run and hide alot too." Malfoy said. I nod and smirked.

"Too bad I still have your wand.'' I said Malfoy smirked and stepped closer. Can you defeat me in a battle Malfoy? I thought to myself.

'' Yea I can and I will. Do you see something you like?" He replied I rolled my eyes and smiled.

"Yes well that's off topic! Stupefy!'' I said as he jumped out of the way.

''So that's how its gonna be. Crsoi!'' He yelled as I got out of the way.

"Misoi!'' I yelled back as I ran off again.

"Sypef-" Malfoy froze as his parents came in.

"What are you two doing?"Narcissa said smiling.

I smiled and found a seat in the room we were in and yes we got out of the hallway readers. Oh and we were almost done and somethings may be a little broken. I thought

Malfoy smirked and nodded. Our eyes went to each other they were like saucers I'm guessing. 'Can you hear me Granger?' Malfoy thought I nod slowly and replied But how can I not hear your thoughts? 'I'm guessing this is just to communicate with each other.' He thought back Lucius and Narcissa smirked and started to laugh. We turned towards them and glared.

"What is so..." I started

"Funny?" Malfoy finished

They started to laugh harder. (15 minutes later..)

Both of them calmed down and sat down in the chairs across from us.

"Well as your bond grows stronger your veelas will want to be closer to each other and you will be able to 'sense' each other more. You see 'sense' for us means you feel what your mate is feeling, you will be able to talk and hear each other's thoughts etc.'' Narcissa replied

"Oh so anything else we need to know.'' Malfoy asked deathly calm. Lucius frowned and nodded,

"You Draco will be more protective around the full moon each month and since you two are not of age you will have to be careful around then too. You see when the full moon is around you two will want to be near each other more and you will want to mate with each other when you are of age. Also Draco you must be careful that you don't draw attention to yourself for its you the other veelas will be after to challenge you for Miss Granger, understood?" Lucius said sternly Malfoy nodded solemnly and got up to come behind me.

"When will the next full moon be here? And will the other males challenge Malfoy for before or after we turn of age? When is the turning of age for us?" I asked them. Malfoy nodded agreeing with my questions.

"Two weeks and yes they can but probably won't. When you turn 18. Also in two weeks you two will be back in school so behave." Narcissa said calmly. We nodded.

"Oh Granger we have to talk about what happened earlier." Malfoy said deathly calm again. I froze and gulped then stood up. Malfoy looked at his parents and they left the room.

I looked at him warily. He turned to me and frowned. "Try to never do that again.'' he said

I nodded "I'm sorry that I did though." I said "

I know but please be careful the Dark Lord is still around.'' He said I smirked and nodded.

"Alright but we have to be friends first.'' I said He scowled but reluctantly agreed.

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