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Her Name Is Alice

Inspiration from: "Her Name is Alice" by Shinedown – Almost Alice CD


Chapter 1: Becoming Alice

It all started because she simply wanted to give Hoggle a gift. Having found the bracelet at a garage sale, the shiny and multicolored plastic beads practically screamed his name. You would have thought our 24-year-old heroine would have learned her lesson about making wishes by now…

With both elbows on her vanity, Sarah held up the bracelet with her right hand and rested her cheek on the fist of her left. Looking forlorn, she sighed while shifting the bracelet, watching as it caught the light in different angles.

"If only I knew of a way to get it to you, Hoggle," Sarah stated. When glancing back at her friend in the mirror, she saw the look of pure Want sparkle in his eyes. Now Sarah just felt bad. Biting her lip, she glanced around her room hoping to find an answer when her eyes landed on her bookshelf.

"Life would be so much easier if it acted like it did in fairytales," she looked back to Hoggle, "Like right now, I wish I was Alice from Alice in Wonderland so I could simply pass the bracelet straight through the mirror."

"WHA'!" Hoggle gasped in horror. Sarah made a wish! And he thought she was always so careful with that.

Mistaking his question for not understanding, Sarah explained, "You know. Just touch the bracelet to the mirror and have it move right throu-." The end of her sentenced faded in disbelief as she watched her hand slowly slip between the veil. The glass rippled like liquid metal, and it felt like she was moving through water; however, it wasn't wet… just cool.

Both of their jaws were dropped and they remained speechless at the sight of Sarah's right wrist sitting in the mirror unharmed. Hoggle was the first to come to his senses. Hastily grabbing the bejeweled item from Sarah, he effectively brought her back to the present. Startled, Sarah whipped her hand back through the mirror and cradled it to her chest. Succumbing to the fear that Jareth might have felt this new connection, Hoggle knew it was time to leave and stammered a quick reply.

"I – I's thanks ye, Sarah. Always, thinkin' a – aboutst us. But, uh, I gotst ta – uh – go. I's be seenin' ya." And with that the connection was broken, the glass appeared to glaze over and return to a more solid state. Reassuring herself, she slowly brought the tips of her fingers to the smooth surface. The mirror was impassible once more.


Later that evening, Sarah once again found herself sitting in front of her mirror. Clad in a light blue spaghetti strap tank and a midnight blue pajama shorts, she was ready to slip into dreamland; however, sleep was evading her like the plague. So, hoping to tire her mind out with some critical thinking, Sarah resumed her earlier position and contemplated what she had done to cause the shift.

Sarah concluded that she hadn't said any magic words – no open sesame, or abracadabra. Yes, she had said "I wish", but it wasn't as if Sarah had powers of her own. And there certainly was no storm of glitter bringing in a certain Goblin King saying "Oh here Sarah, let me get that for you!" and with a flick of his wrist opening the portal. No, this was her doing… but how!

At the though of Jareth, Sarah's mind began to wander back to her adventure through his maze, the many friends she made there, and the time spent with the Fae King. Over the 9 years since her romp through the Labyrinth, she had begun to realize the truth in Jareth's words. While she loved Toby with all her heart, in that one moment – no matter how fleeting – she did wish to be saved from having to watch a burdensome, crying baby. There was still some guilt from having wished her baby brother away, but the truth slowly became easier knowing that it was her love that saved Toby. Even if it was at the expense of her own dreams…

Also within the time after the Labyrinth, Sarah finally understood what Jareth had offered her at their final confrontation. It was around the time she had turned 18 and was no longer the naïve young girl, completely lost in her own fantasy world. The day she learned of Jareth's feelings was also the day her love life ended. No man would ever compare – their Kingdom would never be as great. There were times when she wished she could have explained herself to him, or at least hoped he understood. But it seemed that wish would go unanswered.

"… To see him one last time," Sarah sighed.

With those words spoken out loud, Sarah saw the mirror shift out of the corner of her eye; rippling slightly as it changed scenes. In place of the reflection of her bedroom was an image of another darkened room. To her right, two large balcony doors were open; the presumably cool night air made the heavy drapes on both sides waver slightly in the breeze, and the full moon illuminated part of the room through the opening. To her left, a large four-poster bed of rich wood and dark colored sheets. The bed covers crested near the middle following the contours of a person's side. Unfortunately, said person was faced away from Sarah, but thanks to the rays of the moon the fluffy, rocker-style hair cut of the individual was unmistakable. She'd know that hair anywhere.

Eyes wide and mouth parted, Sarah started in awe at what lie before her. Was that really Jareth? So close that she could almost… touch him? Sarah's heart fluttered at the thought of being close to him once again, while her curious mind left her recalling facts from her studies in college. Four years of research and study in mythological history turned Sarah into an expert of myths and legends from all over the world, and right now she was recalling all those belonging to the Fae. Pointed ears, their weakness to iron, physical markings; well, it's always said that it's best to learn from the source.

Convincing herself that this visit was purely educational, not physical, Sarah raised her hand to the glass once more. Stopping at her wrist like before, she took one last deep breath, steeled herself, and began to push the rest of her body through. She emerged from the full-length mirror in Jareth's room and shivered as the cold stone floor met her bare feet. Looking to her left and right, it was difficult to make out what the room looked like even with the brightness of the moon, but that wasn't her concern now. As her eyes landed on Jareth once more, Sarah took one last calming breath and slowly made her way across the room.

Luckily, the stone floors made stealth easy and Sarah was able to make her way across the room quicker than she expected. There, standing at the side of his bed, she paused. Sleeping Jareth was something she never encountered before and even without seeing his face she knew this was the most at peace she had ever seen him. The even rise and fall of his body and the soft snoring that accompanied made Sarah simply want to stand and stare all night, but she was on a mission! And time was of the essence to complete this without waking the fae in front of her. Recalling the list of facts she had thought of earlier, the physical markings and pointed ears would probably be the only answered inquiries tonight. And with Jareth sleeping on his side, the ears seemed most feasible at present.

Ever so slowly, Sarah's hand began to reach for Jareth's platinum locks. Biting her bottom lip, her heart sped up in excitement with every inch closer. This was it! She was right there; just a millimeter more, a quick sweep with her fingertips and she'd know: pointy or not. However, contrary to what she had in mind, the second her fingertips barely touched his loose strands a hand whipped out grabbing her wrist and flipped her onto the bed. Taking a moment to have her mind catch up, Sarah unexpectedly found herself beneath a very shirtless and rather amused Goblin King with her wrists pinned at either side of her head. The shock finally wore off and Sarah's green eyes snapped to Jareth's mismatched ones and found them to be laughing. She rather liked the look…

"Why hello, Precious. To what do I owe the pleasure of this unexpected visit?"

Sarah just stared. That voice… the voice that haunted her dreams every night since her journey through the maze. Her brain yelled at her to answer him, say something, anything! But when her flight mode failed to operate, Sarah's brain switched to fight and her stubbornness came out to play. Now this she knew how to do.

Suddenly, she began to struggle beneath the bemused King, hoping to free her wrists, but his strength was like steel.

"Let GO of me, Goblin King!" Sarah ground out with fire in her eyes. Why could she never just try talking normally to him, what about him set her off so? This question frustrated her more and she struggled harder.

"… No. I'm actually quite intrigued as to why you are here?"

Sarah seethed, "Well there will be no answers from me until you Un. Hand. Me."

"Fine, I guess I'll be generous… for now," Jareth sighed. Without argument, Jareth released Sarah's wrist, which surprised her a little, but before she could squirm away his body came to rest on top of hers. Now propping himself up on his elbows, Jareth rested his head in his hands, looking like a child waiting for a story.

Sarah's jaw dropped, the nerve of him! "Jareth, I said let me go!"

"Ah, ah," he admonished is a sing-song voice, "Our agreement was that I unhand you, then I got my answers. Well, your hands are now free, Precious Sarah. Time to uphold your end."

"Go to Hell!" Sarah threw her head back into the pillow, hands fisted at her sides. She refused to look at him. Refused to let him know that his body felt wonderful against hers, how she'd rather flip him over and have her way with him than fight any longer. Refused to give him the satisfaction that he did in fact have power over her.

Jareth smiled, by the Gods how he missed her! "That's quite alright, I have all the time in the world. I'll just make myself comfortable until you're ready to talk."

Then, much to Sarah's horror and delight, he wrapped his arms around her waist as if he was hugging her and rested his head on her chest. Sarah froze. Don't move, don't move, don't move, her mind screamed. She lay there wide-eyed and barely breathing, slowly becoming adjusted to this new arrangement until Jareth upped the stakes. First, he simply messaged small circles into her back, but when that didn't work he had the audacity of nuzzling his face in the valley of her breasts. Sarah's fists clenched tighter and she felt her face get hot.

"Ugh, FINE!" Sarah finally screamed, "It was… curiosity."

"Ah, yes. Well, we know what happened to that proverbial cat," Jareth teased.

"Yeah, but satisfaction brought it back!" Sarah retorted like a child, sitting up on her elbows.

Faster than she could blink, Jareth had slid up her body until he nose was practically touching hers. "And were you satisfied, Sarah?" He caressed her name like a lover, which sent a shiver throughout her body.

A little embarrassed, Sarah broke eye contact and unconsciously gave a slight pout. "No," was her quiet reply.

"Well, I'm sorry to disappoint, Precious." He said equally low, but full of sincerity. His right hand came up to lightly caress her cheek.

Sarah's eyes slipped closed at the soft feeling of his gloveless hand across her cheek, and lingered there just for a moment before reality came rushing back. At which point, Sarah took Jareth's skewed balance to push him off of her as she sprinted off the bed.

"Well, sorry to disturb your sleep, Your Majesty," she rushed, "I'll just be going."

Practically flying across the room, Sarah triumphantly grinned when she still saw her bedroom in the mirror's reflection. She prepared herself to jump through and close the portal, when…


Sarah staggered back from the glass slightly as her hand flew to her head. Pure mirth escaped Jareth as he laughed loudly behind her. This made Sarah bare her teeth and growl as she glowered at the mirror, thankful she couldn't see the King's reflection within it. Slowly, her anger subsided into a small whine of defeat, as she placed her still throbbing temple against the cool surface.

"I don't have time for this!" she groused.

"Actually, my dear, down here you have all the time in the world."

Still resting on the mirror, Sarah turned her head and body until she could see him. The sheet now rested at his waist, leaving his completely shirtless and well-toned physique on display. Lying on his side while his bent left arm supported his head, it looked as if he was posing for Mr. December.

"You'd be surprised," she replied in a dull tone, "Time and I have never been friends."

"Oh really?" Jareth raised an eyebrow, "Well has it ever stopped for you completely?"

"No," Sarah admitted with a small chuckle, "And it's never forced me to spend forever at and endless tea party, either."

"Well, then you and Time are hardly enemies, my dear." Sarah smiled as a comfortable silence fell between them.

"Right." Jareth began again, as he tossed the covers off himself and through he legs over the side of the bed. Standing up, he gave a small stretch allowing Sarah to observe his only article of night-ware: loose fitting, black silk lounge pants. Which hung perfectly on his hips, giving her the perfect view of curly blonde hair that started from Jareth's navel and dipped deliciously below the drawstring of his pants.

Shaking her head to refocus, Sarah brought her eyes back to Jareth's and was met with black orbs full of lust and desire that smirked along with his mouth. Reaching out a hand in beckoning, he continued in an alluring baritone, "Come, Sarah. I shall show you to your rooms for the night."

Sarah snorted, "Whatever for? Just poof me back over." Indicating her room with a toss of her hair to the mirror.

"I'm sorry, Sarah. However, it is not my magic keeping you here, thus I cannot undo it. It is the Labyrinth that has made this choice."

"Excuse me, but did you just say the Labyrinth has stuck me here?"

"Sarah," he sighed, "While not a physical being, the Labyrinth is sentient. I am its Lord and Master, so I do have control over her; however, being what she is, she is the primary protector of this land. Together, the Labyrinth and I rule in partnership to bring peace and prosperity to the goblin people and other Labyrinthene inhabitants. But the Labyrinth still holds it's own magic, and for some reason had decided to extend your stay."

"… What!"

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Jareth took a deep calming breath, "Sarah, put your hand on the wall beside you."

"What? No, Jareth. I wan –"

"Please, Precious! This one time, do not argue and do as I say."

Glaring at him, Sarah slapped her right hand to the wall and put her other on her hip with a look that said "And!"

"Good, now close your eyes. Now focus on your surroundings. Not so much the fine details, but more general: the room itself. The walls, floor, ceiling, and become in tune with the energy. Feel that wall beneath your hand."

Huffing, Sarah did as she was told. And as she slowly became more relaxed and focused she began to feel a static humming beneath her hand. Suddenly, the humming pulsed twice. Sarah jumped back in surprise and tripped over her own feet, which landed her in the arms of the Goblin King. Back against his chest, she breathed heavily staring at the wall.

"She says hello, Precious," he breathed in her ear.

"Oh! Umm… hello," came Sarah's unsure reply with a small wave to the wall. Suddenly the pulse was beneath her feat. Squeaking in shock, she virtually jumped into Jareth's arms. Jareth chuckled low in his chest and held Sarah until she calmed.

"Well, I believe that's enough excitement for one night. Now, I shall escort you to your room."

Labyrinth momentarily forgotten, Sarah immediately left his arms and backed away from Jareth towards the mirror, "Jareth, I can't. Not that I don't appreciate your generosity. Truly! But I need to get back. I'm just visiting for the week and what if my family finds me missing?"

Jareth just smiled, "Precious thing, you keep forgetting where you are. Time runs differently here, if you don't recall. More precisely, one day here is only 2 hours Above, so spending the night at least will do nothing to warrant worry, love. Come, it is time to rest; we'll figure out things tomorrow."

Guiding her by the small of her back, he led her across his room and out into the hallway where a door sat opposite his. Opening it for Sarah, Jareth gave a small bow and allowed her to enter first. Walking inside, candles on wall sconces came to life and lit the room in a soothing glow. Dark oak furnished the room, with a Celtic décor, and all manner of purples colored the room, from the lightest of lilacs to the most royal eggplant all with gold accents. A large canopy bed beckoned Sarah as she took in the supple look of the covers and the beautiful drapes at each post. It was a room fit for a queen.

Glancing behind her, Sarah noticed Jareth still standing in the doorway. "What are you doing? Aren't you going to come in?"

"A gentleman never enters a lady's private chambers, unless invited," he replied most proper, while fighting the smirk on his lips.

Sarah laughed outright and shook her head. Moving further in to the room, she said – more to herself – "When have you ever been a gentleman?"

Before she could blink Sarah found herself pinned against one poster of the bed with all of Jareth pressed against her. Both of his hands held firm to her forearms, and his face stopped mere inches from hers, Sarah found it suddenly hard to breathe.

Cocking his head to the side, Jareth ran the tip of his nose along Sarah's cheek, teasing her as his mouth came closer and closer to hers. "If that is what you desire of me, Precious. I would hate to not be what you expect."

Watching him through half-lidded eyes, Sarah's whole body cried out for him, but suddenly shuddered when chilled air kissed her lips and the heat from his body was gone. Feeling like a bucket of cold water had just been dumped on her head, Sarah saw Jareth in the door way once more – one hand on the frame, the other on the door knob waiting to shut the door.

With a nod, Jareth slowly began shutting the door until he paused with a look of confusion. "Sarah, what did you come hoping to find tonight?"

Sarah blushed furiously as she quickly sat upon the bed, looking anywhere but at Jareth. Pushing some hair behind her ear, she closed her eyes and blurted it out, "I wanted to know if the Fae really had pointed ears."

Giving a small laugh, Jareth strutted back across the room until he stood in front of Sarah. He bent at the waist until his face was level with hers and stared into her eyes. A few seconds passed before Jareth slowly turned his head, baring the left side of his head to Sarah.

Cautiously bringing her hand up, Sarah brushed his feather soft hair back until his ear was exposed. Finally, the answer she sought tonight was known. Not as steep and sharp as an elf's, but Jareth ear was definitely pointed. Bringing her middle and ring fingers down, she slowly used the pads on her tips to trace the shell of his ear up and over the point.

A sharp hissing sound escaped Jareth, and when Sarah looked she saw his eyes shut tight and his teeth bare. Quickly pulling back her hand, Sarah gasped, "I'm so sorry! Did I hurt you?"

Turning back to her, Jareth's eyes smoldered, which stirred something low in Sarah's body and made her heart flutter wide and erratic.

"No, Precious. You did not hurt me. Never fear," came his reply low and seductive.

Words fled Sarah as Jareth brought the hand that had caressed his ear to his lips. Placing a soft, lingering kiss on the back he said, "Until tomorrow, Precious thing."

Swooping his body back up and turning on his heal, Jareth walked briskly back to the door.

"Jareth, wait!" Sarah rushed.

He glanced back, one brow raised. A faint blush reappeared on her cheeks, and Jareth made note to make her do that more often.

"Just one question… How was I able to get here?"

With a small smile he replied, "Oh, you all ready know the answer to that question, Sarah." Flicking his wrist quickly, a crystal appeared at his fingertips and he tossed it to her smoothly.

The second she caught it, the crystal transformed into the infamous red book, The Labyrinth. Glancing up to question him, Sarah found Jareth already gone. She looked back to the book, and opened it to where the scarlet ribbon bookmark lay. Immediately, her sight was drawn to the passage…

But what no one knew is that the king of the goblins had fallen in love with the girl, and he had given her certain powers.

Recalling what she had figured out earlier, Sarah had her answer: Jareth had given her the power to wish. Staring at the line in shock, her mouth felt open as if trying to find appropriate words. Bringing her gaze back to the doorway he had just occupied, Sarah bit her bottom lip. Only one question burned in her mind now: if the Goblin King really had given her certain powers…

Did that make the rest of that sentence true as well?

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