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Chapter 2: Welcome to Wonderland

"Sometimes the curiosity can kill the soul but leave the pain
And every ounce of innocence is left inside her brain
And through the looking glass we see she's thankfully returned
But now off with her head I fear is everyone's concern."

- Her Name Is Alice, Shinedown

Jareth entered his room and slumped against the heavy wooden door as soon as it closed. Breathing heavily, he tried to control his trembling body, but now that he had privacy once more all emotions came flying out. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he would see Sarah again, and in his bedroom at night no less! This was more than a dream come true for him, but why was she even here? And more importantly why was the Labyrinth keeping her here? There would be many answers to be found tomorrow, he just hoped that the two of them could keep their tempers and pride in check so they could make it through the day.

Letting his head fall back to the door, Jareth said a silent 'Thank you' to the Gods above for his wearing of loose fitting pants. After the "pointy ear" incident he was able to retreat from Sarah's room without her finding any evidence of his current predicament. However, the rubbing of smooth silk forced him to grit his teeth behind closed lips. When Sarah had called him back, Jareth thought his heart had stopped and he would die right there, but thankfully her question was simple, only requiring the toss of a crystal, and let him escape before she could utter another word.

Now looking longingly at his bed, Jareth wanted nothing more than to fall onto the sheets and find sleep again, but knowing he was still... out of sorts… sleep would never come. It was either a fiercely cold shower or no rest for the weary. Letting out a frustrated growl, Jareth stormed to his bathroom, removing his pants and tossing them to the bed along the way. Released from the confines of his silky prison relieved him greatly but it was still uncomfortable. With a wave of his hand the shower turned on and as he was about to adjust it to a frigid cold Jareth paused. He watched as the steam billowed from the shower, enveloping his body, and with it raised the scent of Sarah that still clung to him.

Jareth's eyes fluttered shut as a myriad of fantastical images assaulted his mind. He groaned, a mixture of pleasure and frustration, as he felt himself bob in response. The little devil on his shoulder won this round as he finally stepped into the steaming water. Letting it run over his body, he imagined the cascade to be Sarah's hands roaming his figure, desperate to memorize it's contours. Bracing himself with his left hand on the cool marble in front of him, Jareth's head soon followed as his right went to serve his aching need.

"Saraaaah…" Jareth moaned as he slowly began to undo the spell of the bewitching Sarah Williams.


Morning came to Sarah with the bright sun burning through her eyelids. She groaned have been woken up and turned away from the balcony window while pulling a pillow on top of her head. It wasn't until the otherworldly scents and tingling feeling of magic in the air hit Sarah did she remember where she was. Sighing, Sarah finally caved in realizing she wouldn't get back to sleep now and sat up in bed. She got a better look of her room now that it was fully lit and surveyed her surroundings.

Against her wall to the left was the nightstand and a little further down, close the entrance door, was a second door with a violet silk robe hanging beside it – the bathroom she assumed. Along the wall on her right was a desk covered with multiple items for stationary purposes. Continuing a counterclockwise path, a large armoire sat against the right wall with the balcony to it's left. The far wall held and an expansive dresser with vanity beside it that held a silver brush and mirror only, and finally a third door, which Sarah guessed to be some type of closet or small room. Then instead of a traditional corner, a convex wall connected the left and far walls with a fireplace sitting in the middle of the curve with two chairs with a small table in front. Nothing sat on the mantle above the fireplace; however a large painting hung above depicting the Escher room in all its glory with a singular crystal ball floating in the middle.

Leaving the warmth of her bed, she investigated further. Slipping on the robe, Sarah was happy to find it came mid calf. She opened the door next to the hook and walked into any girls' dream bathroom. The sink was to her left: a long counter top with a few soaps and towels, a mirror hung at its midpoint, and a white plate that sat in a slightly sloped basin in front of it. A gray marble shower sat in the far left corner with multiple heads and a glass door for entry and exit. Finally, taking up most of the right side of the room as a bath the size of a small pool and instead of a normal tap fixture, a waterfall structure had been cut into the wall.

Shaking herself to clear her head, Sarah walked over to the sink to wash her face. Immediately, water came pouring out from a hole in the bottom of the mirror and onto the plate before overflowing the sides and draining beneath into the basin. Now feeling more awake, she walked back into the room and ventured some more. Both the armoire and dresser were found to be empty, so Sarah moved to the mystery door in hopes she'd find some clothes to change into. Her guess of a closet was correct, but like the other furniture it was empty; however, huge. Entering in awe, she marveled at the space within the walk-in closet and was even more surprised when she happened upon a door in the back corner.

Opening it slowly, Sarah found a short set of stairs that led her to a rather plain yet cozy solar. An empty bookcase took up one wall, and a crescent shaped couch sat in the middle with a table/fire pit combination placed in front of it.

Perfect for smores, she mused.

But what caught her eye the most were the windows. A large semicircle jutted out from the castle and it was entirely windows with seating below, following the curve. Walking over and taking a seat, Sarah opened one of the windows and gazed out onto the ethereal view. Before her: the Labyrinth, the stone glistening in the morning sun, making Sarah's heart swell with… some indescribable emotion. And just below lay the Goblin City already filled with goblins bustling about their early activities.

Wholly content, Sarah took in one last deep breath with a smile, and then closed the window to return back to the main room. Once there, she placed her hands on her hips and looked about.

"Alright, what to do now?" she questioned out loud.

As if on cue, her stomach gave a loud growl.

Sarah laughed, "Ok, seems the 'what' is covered, so lets just figure out the 'how'."

Walking to her door, she peaked her head outside and looked both ways. The hall was silent with not a goblin in sight. Closing the door again she leaned against it and bit her bottom lip.

"I guess it's just wait 'til Jareth wakes up or sends someone."

A sudden hum beneath her feet made Sarah jump.

"Oh, good morning, Labyrinth," she spoke to the floor, still not used to the sentient maze, "You don't happen to know where I can find some breakfast, do you?"

The pulse came again with a soft resounding yes echoing in Sarah's head. It took her a moment to realize the Labyrinth actually spoke, yet it didn't frighten her.

"O – ok," she replied a little uneasy, but trusting the being.

"Follow me."

A phantom pull guided Sarah out the door and across the hall to Jareth's door.

Looking at the ground she raised a eyebrow, "A little early for mischief, no?"

"Never!" the voice replied with a smirk.

Sarah chuckled as she heard the click of the door's lock opening, "I think you and I are going to be fast friends."

Slowly turning the ornate knob, Sarah slipped inside and shut the door as quietly as she opened it. Turning to the bed, she once again found Jareth on his side, but this time facing her. Yes, sleeping Jareth was a sight to behold. It brought a small smile to Sarah's face, and if it was for the impatient hum below her she might have stared all day.

Tip-toeing her way across the floor, Sarah bent towards Jareth with a hand poised to wake him, until a voice stopped her.

"You know I've bogged peopled for less, Precious. This is the second time you've come into my private chambers uninvited and I'm starting question your true motives."

He finally opened his eyes at the end of his speech and propped himself up on his elbow. Welcome back, Mr. December, Sarah mentally commented as a tiny blush rose on her cheeks. At that moment her stomach growled again and the blush deepened.

Jareth laughed, "I guess that's why you woke me at this ungodly hour."

"Aw, I'm sorry. Did I ruin your beauty sleep, Your Majesty?" Sarah teased.

His eyes narrowed and a smirk appeared. "Sarah," chided his baritone, "You know my name."

Ignoring the slight tremor that wracked her body, Sarah continued. "Yes, Jareth. That is why I came to wake you. Also, since it appears I'll be staying here an unknown amount of time, I was wondering if there are any clothes I could change into?"

Pondering this for a moment, Jareth bent and reached to the floor beside the bed where he grabbed a piece of white fabric and tossed it to Sarah. Catching it before it hit her face, she opened up the fabric to reveal one of Jareth's poet shirts with the deep 'V' to the navel.

"How generous," Sarah sneered.

"Well, if that doesn't suit you, I have no qualms about what you're wearing now, Precious."

Jareth proceeded to grab one of the robes ties and pull it towards himself before Sarah quickly snatched it away.

"Jareth, seriously! I can't walk around the Labyrinth in pajamas all day!"

"Yes, yes," he dismissed with his hand as he flopped back on the bed while rubbing his temple, "Treebo will meet you outside and escort you to breakfast. I'll talk with Orra about clothes once I get up, then I shall meet you in the dining room presently."

Sarah nodded her head and turned towards the door. However, she didn't get far until Jareth spoke again.

"Hold on, how the blazes did you get in here anyway? I lock my door."

Sarah put on an innocent look, shrugged and pointed to the wall, "Labyrinth."

Jareth's fell to the bed once more and groaned, "Alas, conspirators! I regret introducing you already."

A picture was immediately seen in both Sarah and Jareth's minds of a petulant child sticking their tongue out. Jareth groaned as Sarah burst into laughter and chucked the poet shirt at his head. Exiting his room, she stopped short at the sight of a tiny goblin in front of her with a big smile.

"Hiya, Lady!" he waved enthusiastically.

"Hello, you must be Treebo."


"And you're here to take me to breakfast?"

Treebo puffed out his chest like a proud soldier, "Yes'um."

Sarah giggled. "I follow your lead, good sir," she replied with a small bow.

"Follows me, Lady."

And with that, Sarah was following a happily skipping Treebo down the hall.

"Castle big an' twisty like Lab'rinth. Yous need help, just calls on Treebo," he stated proudly.

Sarah smiled fondly at the little goblin, "Thank you, Treebo. That's very sweet."

Only a few moments passed before they reached a door at the end of the hall. Jumping up and turning the knob, Treebo let the door swing forward before he stepped to the side and bowed.

"Food, Lady."

Laughing, Sarah swept passed him through the door to find herself in a rather small dinning room with the fireplace ablaze and all manner of breakfast foods spread out on the table before her. The little pattering of his feet were the only signs that Treebo followed and as Sarah sat beside the head of the table, she felt his presence beside her. Turning to thank him once more, the words never made it passed her lips when she noticed his head was down and he was worrying his little knit cap in his hands.

"What's wrong, Treebo?"

"Yous gonna stay dees time, Lady?"

Sarah felt bad about what she was about to say, but she couldn't lie to the little guy, "I – I don't know how long my stay will be this time. Why?"

"Kingy no fun after yous go. No sing and dance-dance. Kingy no plays wif goblins no mores."

She frowned at his statement; how badly had Jareth been affected?

"Well, I'll just have a talk with Jar – His Majesty when he joins me. Don't worry, we'll figure something out." Sarah gave Treebo an encouraging smile, and his mood brightened instantly.

"Thanks, Lady!" Throwing his hat back on, Treebo skipped out the door back the way they came.

Pulling her lips into a thin line and crinkling her forehead, Sarah mused on what Treebo just said and slowly turned back to her plate. The sight of food brought her back to original reason for being here and she eagerly began filling her plate with items that appeared familiar. For several minutes, Sarah sat contently enjoying the savory flavor of the Underground food and thinking of what questions she wanted to ask Jareth.

However, before she could really get started, Sarah heard the soft tapping of Jareth's boots on the stone floor and the creak of the door opening. Suddenly remembering his title, Sarah felt horrified that she had started without him. Hoping to rectify the situation she stood to greet him and explain herself, but her abrupt rising from the chair caused her right leg to slam hard into the table. Any words that were about to leave her mouth came out as a grunt. Doubled over the table with a hand on her thigh, Sarah screwed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth as she barreled through the sharp sting.

Jareth was quickly at her side placing his hand in the small of her back for support and leaned forward to check on her, "Precious, are you alright?"

"Give me a second," came her pain filled wheeze.

"There was no need for you to stand and greet me. Please, sit," Jareth slowly guided her back into her seat, "As far as monarchs of the Underground go, I've never been a strict one on formality, unless in a formal setting - or you're my subject - and as I'm sure you've noticed, Precious, things are hardly formal here in the Goblin Kingdom."

"So, eating before you was… ok too?" Sarah cautiously asked.

"Well! That is just common courtesy, but I guess I shall forgive you this once," Jareth feigned pissed off, but the smirk and look he gave her afterward showed he was only teasing.

Sarah immediately relaxed, and let out the breath she had unknowingly been holding as she turned back to her plate to continued eating. A comfortable silence fell between the couple as Jareth filled his own plate. Unfortunately, with her planning having been interrupted, Sarah didn't know where to start with asking questions, and it seems Jareth wasn't about to begin explaining, so she chose topic 'B' for the time being.

"So, Treebo said something to me before he left that has me a little worried."

"Oh?" Jareth elegantly raised an eyebrow, but continued eating.

"Yes, he said that you've changed since I was last here. Is everything ok, Jareth?"

With that question, Jareth immediately sat up straighter and his demeanor darkened slightly.

"Everything is quite fine, Sarah. Treebo should not have worried you with such nonsense."

"Jareth, please. If something is wrong, maybe I ca – "

"Oh, now why the concern?"

His mocking words stung Sarah as if he had just slapped her across the face. Her jaw dropped in shock, which slowly morphed into a pissed off rage. There was fire alight in her eyes once more.

"Because, obviously you're not who you once were and it's upsetting the goblins! What ails the king, ails the kingdom! And I will not see a place I love fall to ruin because it's monarch won't get over the fact he was beaten at his own game!"

Jareth's eyes snapped to hers, as they narrowed with his own anger, "You shall watch your tongue and remember to whom you are speaking. Now, as I stated earlier, Treebo spoke out of turn and worried you unnecessarily. He and I will have a talk later."

Sarah bit her tongue to fight back any remarks that might get her sent to the Bog or worse, and stiffly turned back to her plate where she began stabbing at her food. Gradually Jareth's words began to sink in, and Sarah slowly deflated. It really was none of her business unless Jareth wished to confide in her, but how well did they really know each other? She was just so sick of fighting with him; you'd think they would have grown passed this by now.

"Just… just don't hurt him, please?" Sarah hated how pathetic she sounded, "He only said anything because he's worried for you."

Jareth appeared to humble as well, "Sarah… Treebo is one of my subjects. As king, I must remain fair and just to all, so the land can run smoothly. Treebo spoke out of turn and must be reprimanded… However… I only wish to speak with him. There shall be no kicking or bogging, I promise."

Looking into his eyes, Sarah only saw truth. Nodding her head, she slumped back into her chair and turned to stare into the fire, no longer hungry. Jareth sighed as he regarded Sarah for a moment longer before returning to his meal and sat in silent contemplation.

The crackling fire became white noise to Sarah as her mind zoned out. It wasn't until the scraping of Jareth's chair did she come back to the present. He stood, nonchalantly brushed himself off, and righted some clothing. It was then that Sarah finally took in Jareth's appearance. This had to have been the most informal she had ever seen him dressed – not including their meetings in his bedroom – his signature boots, a pair of sinfully tight and hardly modest dark gray leggings, those ever present leather gloves, and the deep "V" poet shirt that hinted at the abs beneath and presented his medallion in a frame of ruffles.

Upon reaching his eyes, Sarah found the lustful smolder of last night had returned. She gulped under that gaze and tried to look away, but found she had not the power. Jareth offered her his hand to help her up.

"Come, Precious. There is much to discover today and we need to prepare. Orra should have your room ready by now, and I'm sure you would like to freshen up and get out of that robe."

Sarah wanted to dismiss his proffered hand since she was still peeved at Jareth; however, seeing no choice in the matter and wanting to avoid further argument, she took it without a word. Placing it in the crook of his elbow, Jareth led her out of the dining room and back to her quarters. They stopped outside her door, and Jareth turned to face her.

"I will return in a few hours to collect you. Orra will assist you in getting ready; feel free to ask her if you need anything. Until then, Precious Thing."

Jareth finished with a bow and suddenly faded into the ether.

"Show off," Sarah murmured as she entered her room.


Her room felt different. The bed had been made and the fire lit, but the room suddenly felt… smaller? … cozier? Sarah couldn't quite put her finger on it. Remembering that Jareth talked to Orra about clothing, she walked over to the armoire to investigate. Pulling open the doors, Sarah found what she immediately deemed as "comfy wear": leggings, ruffled and flowy shirts, slipper flats… all-in-all more feminine versions of what Jareth had been wearing. However, what awed Sarah the most was the fact that the armoire was full to the brim!

Next, she moved to the dresser, finding each drawer filled with undergarments, nightwear, stockings, gloves, and other items she might need. There were so many clothes; Sarah began to wonder how long Jareth expected her to stay. Finally, her head turned towards the closet door; she was almost frightened to look. Moving to the door, she grasped the handle and took a deep breath. Upon opening the door, Sarah couldn't stop her jaw from dropping: gowns, ball gowns, day dresses, summer dresses, winter dresses – anything she could think of it was there. Thousands of dresses lined the walls and were separated by shelves of hats, masks, and shoes.

"Impossible," Sarah breathed.

"Onleh if ye believe ih tis," came a kind yet rough voice behind her. (1)

Sarah spun in the middle of the wardrobe to face the stranger, and found herself in the presence of an older female dwarf who had a striking resemblance to her friend Hoggle.

"Mor' improbable if enethin', buh when Jareth says ihs mah top priorehte, I's gets it done."

"You did all this… today!" Sarah gestured to the entire closet.

"Ah cor's! Nothin' tha' a steady han' an' a bit o' magic cahn't do. Nothin's what ih seems 'ere, Miss."

Sarah didn't know what to say as she continued to look about. Once again she had forgotten the primary rule of the Labyrinth and couldn't help but feel a bit foolish.

"Naw, le's not dawdle, Miss Sarah. Tahm will fly an' Jareth will be back a'fore ye's ready. I's gotst teh water runnin' in teh ot'er room, so goes relax ye'self an' I's meet ye in teh main room w'ens ye done. Jest call en ol' Orra if ye needs enethin'."

"Thank you," Sarah replied sincerely, "for everything."

"Corh," Orra dismissed with a wave of her hand, "naw, go en!"

Sarah walked past Orra and headed to the bathroom. Once inside she noticed steam rising from the pool, and the sweet scent of honeysuckle as water glided over the rocks on the wall. Stepping out of her clothes, Sarah leisurely made in way into the water and over to the waterfall. She sunk her body up to her chest and let the falling water beat against her shoulders, releasing the morning's tension from them. Resting her head back against the stones, Sarah closed her eyes and let her mind go blank.


When she had finished, Sarah donned the silk robe once more and headed back into the bedroom to find Orra. She was tending to the fire when Sarah spotted the dress on her bed. It was a beautiful sage and gold medieval style floor-length dress, with sleeves to the elbow. More elaborate than a day dress, but it still wasn't fully formal.

"Oh, Orra, a dress wasn't necessary. I would be perfectly fine in something from the armoire."

"No' w'ere Jareth's taken ye," came Orra's ambiguous reply as she moved to help Sarah with getting dressed.

"And where exactly is he taking me?" Sarah questioned with a small mixture of anger and hesitation.

"No' mah place tah seh, Miss Sarah. Jareth will tell ye soon e'nuff."

Sarah huffed, a little perturbed that she couldn't get a straight answer from the dwarf, but that got pushed to the side when she realized that was the fourth time Orra had used Jareth's name and not his title. Remember what he had said earlier, Sarah decided to make a comment to Orra, not wanting someone else to get punished because of her.

"Aren't you worried Jareth would bog you or something if he heard you using his name?"

"I's like tah see 'im try!"

Sarah's eye grew wide as fear seized her heart at Orra's blatant disregard for Jareth's authority.

"O', calm ye'self, síofra! I's 'is bloodeh nanneh!" (2)

"You're his… his nanny!"


And with Orra's final confirmation, Sarah fell to the bed on shaky legs and laughed until she cried. Eventually finding her calm, she wipe a few stray tears from her face and said, "Well, considering the way he acts some times, I can see why he still needs one."

Orra cackled at Sarah's statement as she held up the corset and dress.

"A'right, Miss. Less get dis en ye a'fore Jareth finds us about teh floor an' ye no' dressed!"

With Orra's help, getting into the corset and dress was not as painful as Sarah thought it would be. Handing her a pair of gold satin slippers, Orra ushered Sarah to the vanity where she began to address Sarah's hair.

"So, you've known Jareth since he was a baby," Sarah stated as she watched Orra through the mirror.


"I'm so sorry."

"O', ee's no' tha' bad," Orra chuckled, "Ye jest don' know 'im like I's do. Trust meh, I know storehs tha' will turn 'im redder than when ye kissed Hoggle."

Sarah gasped, "You know Hoggle?"

"Ah cor's! Ah gran shed know 'er own gramhac, no?" (3)

Sarah smiled as thoughts drifted to her dear friend. Maybe she'd get to see him before she left.

"I's proud o' 'im fer wha' ee did fer ye dur'en yur run. Ye were a good fren, Miss Sarah, an' I's thanks ye. No' many wan' tah be frens wit' a dwarf."

"Well, Hoggle is a dear friend. He helped me through so much that day and has always been there when I needed him."

The two women smiled at one another through the mirror's reflection as Orra put the finishing touches on Sarah's hair. Most of Sarah's waist-length hair was left down, except for two small braids, one starting above each ear, that circled and met at the back of her head where they were joined to be braided the rest of the way. At their junction, Orra fastened an ornate butterfly clip that glittered as she moved in the light.

Just as Orra finished, a knock came at the door and she walked over to answer it. Sarah stood and gave a quick nervous brush to her dress. Jareth entered the room with an acknowledging nod to Orra before looking to where Sarah stood, immediately he froze in place. Shock and utter awe were clearly written on Jareth's face, which made Sarah blush a fierce red.

"You don't have to look that suprised," she practically mumbled, "it's just a dress."

Moving forward once again, Jareth closed the remaining distance between them and fully drank her in as he stood before her.

"Sarah, you look… exquisite!" he whispered.

Sarah just rolled her eyes and crossed her arms under her chest, but still blushed a shade darker.

"Come, Precious. You and I have some business to attend to."

Presenting his elbow, Sarah placed her hand within it and Jareth escorted her out the door. With a final wave to Orra, Sarah found they were walking in the opposite direction of the dining room. After a few twists and turns down various hallways, Jareth brought them to a halt in front of two large wooden doors that were heavily decorated. They only had to wait a moment before the doors slowly opened before them and presented a rather barren and quiet throne room.

Although devoid of goblins, it was everything Sarah remembered it to be. Bring them over to his throne, Jareth let go of Sarah to move some of the fabric that spilled over the back of his throne and on to the floor behind it. Once he was finished he turned to Sarah and held his hand out to her. He brought her behind his throne to where the fabric had be removed to reveal a large square opening with stairs leading into darkness. Grabbing a torch from one of the wall sconces, Jareth began to descend. Reaching for her hand once more, he beckoned Sarah forward. Sarah stared at him with a look that was equal parts trepidation and confusion.

"Nothing to fear, Precious. You and I simply have a date with the Labyrinth."

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(1) "Only if you believe it is" – a quote of the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland. I simply borrowed it. ^_^

(2) Síofra – Gaelic for precious child (thanks to: irishionary(dot)com)

(3) Gramhac – Gaelic for grandson (thanks to: irishionary(dot)com)

- If you'd like to see what Sarah's dress looked like there will be a link on my profile. :-)

- The bathroom sink I described is based off a Kohler design I saw in a commercial. There's a youtube link on my profile for that as well.

- Treebo: completely made up the name… have no idea where it came from. ^_^

- Orra: an actual female name of Irish origin.

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