The Sound of the Stars

Finally, a Rory/11 fic that followed the path I had originally imagined.

But still sad.

He didn't want to leave.

When Amy was pregnant, or thought she was pregnant, or wasn't, or whatever, she had wanted to raise a family together.

But to do that, they would have to leave.

And now, now that the baby issue was basically sorted out (he knew they had had a baby, and she was raised-or was being raised- by some people), maybe they could stay.

It wasn't so much the adventures, though those were certainly fun, and it was maybe the excitement. But it was more the man that they traveled with.

Rory, meeting the Doctor, had instantly forgiven Amy for what she had tried to do (though he never told her; he hadn't forgiven her that much). The Doctor was… charismatic.

And you wanted to be with him. No matter what.

You would risk your life for him, almost get killed, but you knew it was all worth it.

Anybody would do anything for a chance to travel with the Doctor, listen to the stars with him.

And he didn't understand why Amy wanted to go home.

She wasn't tired of the adventure; he knew that. And she was a little sad about Melody, but they knew she was, at least, alive.

And didn't she want to stay with the Doctor? Because Rory did.

He wanted the Doctor's attention, he wanted to travel with him, he wanted the Doctor all forhimself. Actually, Amy could go leave, as long as Rory could stay.

But he was scared the Doctor wouldn't want him.

Every time the Doctor praised him, touched him, smiled at him, Rory's heart fluttered. He had long ago given up trying to fight it.

Yet the Doctor seemed to prefer Amy. He smiled at her more, talked to her more, cared about her more.

And, damn it, Rory would do anything for the man! Couldn't he see that? He trusted the Doctor over his own wife, and he acted as though Rory was the unwanted brother hanging around.

It killed him, it killed him, it killed him.

But if that's what he had to endure, if that's what had to happen, if that was the only way Rory could stay around, he would endure it.

Because he loved this man, this alien, this Doctor.

And he didn't want to leave.

But he knew, he felt it in his heart, that when Amy left, the Doctor wouldn't want him to stay.