Ch.1-School and Teachers

Full title name: Defeating Heartless, saving the world, one lunchroom at a time.

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"And we're here again, why?" A male asked as he and his two companions gazed up at the large majestic building before them.

The structure was a magnificent brick beast with four floors and several large one panel windows that made the building sparkle with the early morning August sunlight. The front entrance was ornate with a low curved white painted tin roof that was supported by heavy square brick pillars and confessed to the three people that stood in front of it that the school was very prestigious.

The male that had spoken was sixteen and five foot six. He had wonderful golden blonde hair spike to the right as if the wind had attacked it, youthful sky blue eyes, and wore a black, high-collared jacket with a zipper that resembled an intricate cross. Over that, he donned another jacket that was white and unzipped with several black block designs and a grey hem at the end of each sleeve; the boy's collar was red and pleated. He also wore bi-colored jeans with the legs being a beige color with multiple- -of what appeared to be- -buttons running along the hem as if to attach the legs to the rest of the cloth, which was a darker tan.

A black-and-white checkerboard pattern wristband hung from the teen's left wrist while a plain black ring was on his left index finger and a simple white ring was on the middle finger of the same hand; the rings and wristband seemed to resemble the concept of light and dark.

"We were told to investigate human behavior." A male on the blonde's right explained in a bored tone almost like he couldn't care less about the mission as he yawned and scratched his neck.

The male was the first boy's age, but five inches taller than the blonde with an extremely thin and wiry frame. He had shoulder length fire red hair styled into smooth slicked back spikes, bright emerald eyes with purple reverse teardrop markings beneath each eye, and wore loose, comfortable blue jeans, a black jacket with a white T-shirt underneath it with the words 'Baptism by Fire' printed on the front in flaming red and orange letters.

A black choker necklace clung to the male's neck with a white symbol the same as the blonde's attached to the center of the necklace.

The last member of the group, a female, glanced around nervously at the thousands of humans filing past them, never sparing the strange trio a look. She shuffled closer to the red-head and gripped his jacket sleeve.

"Axel, Roxas, I'm scared."

The girl was a mere inch smaller than the blonde, Roxas, and had short night black hair reaching to a few inches above her shoulders and sapphire eyes. She wore a black T-shirt with a bleeding red heart stamped on the front with multiple stitches criss-crossing the organ as if it had been broken one too many times, navy blue jeans, and had a key chain of a chibi Crona clipped onto her belt loop.

"No need to worry, Xion." Axel assured, placing a comforting hand on Xion's head and playfully ruffling her hair as he smiled. "We'll be here to protect you."

Xion grinned up at Axel, obviously relieved by his response, as she released the red-head's coat. "Tanks, guys."

"You three better get to class." A cool, detached voice ordered.

The trio stared behind them to see two men in their late forties standing a few feet away.

The male on the left was five foot nine, had composed amber-orange eyes and silver hair that fell over his shoulders with two bangs cut into four strips that framed his face. He wore dark grey slacks, a white T-shirt beneath a brown, button-up jacket that was neatly buttoned to the collar bone where a black tie poked out between the shirt and the jacket.

The second male was two inches shorter than the silver-haired man. He had long, light blue hair that was slightly wild near the top, yellow wolf-like eyes, pointed ears, and an ancient X-shaped scar passed between his eyes with the top half extending to halfway above his forehead and the bottom half reaching to just underneath his eyes. The blue-haired man wore a simple black business suit.

"What are you two doing here?" Axel questioned with a nod of his head.

"You will address us with respect, Axel." The blue-haired man growled warningly.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. My apologies, Master Xemnas." Axel bowed mockingly, his head lowered as he dramatically swept his right arm loosely across his chest, before he gazed up with a cocky smirk as his eyes glittered challengingly. "And mutt."

Roxas and Xion snickered quietly at the joke but were immediately silenced by a venomous glare from Saix.

"Try saying that again, Lea." Saix snarled as he strode up to Axel and paused an inch from the red-head.

Axel's cheeky grin widened even more as he straightened to his full height and stared down at the Claymore wielder as if to show that he wasn't scared of the blue-haired Nobody; exactly as he had planned. "Why don't you go play dead in a ditch somewhere, wolf-boy?"

Saix's eyes narrowed dangerously as they flickered a darker gold, showing that the normally calm man was ready to go Berserk as he bared his sharp teeth threateningly.

Axel chuckled as small flames impatiently licked at his fingertips, urging him to summon his Chakrams.

"Saix, cease." Xemnas commanded softly.

Saix's staring contest with Axel was broken as he trotted toward the Superior. "Yes, Master Xemnas."

"So why are you here?" Roxas inquired as Axel sulked about how his fun teasing Saix had been cut short.

When there was a flash of angry eyes courtesy of Saix, the blonde quickly corrected himself.

"Master Xemnas."

"We are Tokyo High school's new principal and vice principal." Xemnas explained, completely oblivious to Saix's quick warning gaze, as he handed a sheet of paper to the Keyblade bearer. "Your schedule. Your locker numbers and combos are also there as well as room numbers and when lunch is."

Roxas surveyed the paper with Xion and Axel inspecting it over his shoulder with equal curiosity.

Xion, Axel, and Roxas's schedule

Black day

Period 1: Algebra II

Period 2: Economics

Period 3: English

Period 4: Botany

Lunch begins at 11:03 and ends at 11:48

White Day

Period 1: Meteorology

Period 2: Music

Period 3: Zoology

Period 4: Government

Same lunch as Black Days

Note: Schools commences promptly at 7:50 and closes at 3:00. Today is a White Day and the days alternate. Do not get confused. Report any Heartless sightings to Master Xemnas or myself.

-Saix, Luna Diviner

The three Nobody gazed up at Xemnas and Saix skeptically.

"Proceed to class." Xemnas said as he strolled past the trio with Saix jogging faithfully behind him.

"Hope we can have another invigorating chat next time, dog boy!" Axel called as Xemnas entered the building.

Saix glanced at the pyro as he also disappeared into the school.

Axel looked at his two friends with a satisfied grin. "Well, why don't we go inside and check it out?"

The inside of Tokyo High was even more breathtaking than the outside.

The floors were tiled white and there were several pale grey brick pillars reaching up to the high glass ceiling. The school library, which stood only a few meters away, was huge but only half the size of the single spacious cafeteria that was halfway across the school with the gym at the other end; the school did house some four thousand students after all. Tokyo High also sported a wide carpeted catwalk that was strung seven meters from the floor with heavy-duty metal lines and beside the hallway that was next to the large auditorium and adjacent to the library were…

"Vending machines!" Axel immediately shot over to the vending machine and pressed his face against the strong glass.

"What's he doing?" Xion asked as the red-head frantically tried to find a way into the vending machine, even climbing on top of it.

"I think he's molesting it." Roxas stated as he and Xion watched Axel's actions.

"Give me my Twinkie!" Axel furiously kicked the machine. "I command you! Got it memorized, you stupid excuse for a food vendor? !"

"You do realize that you need human currency to retrieve your snack, Number Eight?"

The trio simultaneously stared behind them to see a male in his late twenties grounded nearby with a large stack of books in his arms.

The male was five foot five with steel-blue hair and clever aqua eyes. The boy's left eye was the only one visible as his other eye was covered by long layered bangs in a style that some would call an "Emo Fringe." He wore torn back jeans, a white T-shirt with a black lexicon printed on the front and a sleeveless open black jacket over the shirt, and had a dangling bracelet with the Roman numeral six attached to the middle hanging from his left wrist.

"Zexion?" Axel inquired as he walked toward the Schemer. "What are you doing here?"

Zexion silently pointed to the nearby library as he easily balanced his pile of heavy books on his right arm and replied, "I am working as a Library Aide during the mission. As an assistant, I will have privileges normal students do not."

"You said I could get into the vending machine using money?" Axel asked, gazing at Zexion hopefully as if silently pleading for him to hand over some change.

"Yes. But as of yet, we have no human currency and are unable to buy the necessary items we require."

Axel pouted, his shoulder slumping slightly, before he strolled back toward the evil vending machine, summoned a Chakram to his right hand, and raised it above his head as he got ready to smash the glass keeping him from his sugar.


The pyro winced at the sharp voice before he glanced at Roxas with wide eyes.

"Put it down." Roxas folded his arms across his chest, staring at the red-head disapprovingly.

"But- -" Axel looked at the Twinkies trapped in the vending machine- -the sugar-filled goodie was laughing at him, mocking him- -before he looked back at Roxas. "My Twinkie- -"

"Down. Now." Roxas gave a stern look at the pyro as if he were talking to a child.

Axel snorted, his weapon disintegrating into fiery ash, and glowered at the vending machine before he grudgingly walked back to Xion, Roxas, and Zexion. "You'll get yours someday…"

"You have ten minutes before school starts." Zexion commented as he ambled toward the library. "I suggest you head on to class so as not to be late on your first day as sophomores in this human school."

Roxas and Xion stared at each other while Axel mourned the loss of his Twinkie.

Axel grumpily sat down at the first seat in the second row and banged his forehead against the fake oak wood top in abject defeat as Roxas settled himself in the row directly beside the red-head- -in the first seat of course- -while Xion sat behind him.

Axel eventually stopped his incessant 'I-want-to-die' banging and resorted to grumbling to himself, refusing to raise his head from the desk.

Since being denied his Twinkie- -his favorite snack next to Sea-salt ice cream- -Axel had been very irritable.

And an irritable pyro was not a very nice pyro.

Roxas sighed, aggravated at Axel's self-pity moping. "I'll get you a Twinkie if you stop being so annoying."

Axel's head shot up and he gazed at Roxas expectantly. "Really? !"

"If it'll shut you up." Roxas mumbled as he looked away from the delighted pyro.

"I love you, Roxas!" Axel happily flung his arms around the blonde and buried the top of his fluffy hair into Roxas's neck like a cat.

Seriously. The pyro added in his mind. I love you.

It was true. The pyro really did like Roxas, but so far the blonde either hadn't noticed the red-head's loving actions or didn't care. Either that or he didn't 'feel' the same way as Axel.

The class quietly watched the strange display of affection, more or less inquisitive about the two's relationship than surprised.

"Off." Roxas ordered, gently pushing the red-head away.

Axel grinned, obviously back to his old self, and slid back into his seat as the door to the classroom slid open and a woman in her early twenties entered.

The woman was an inch or so shorter than Axel with bright yellow hair slicked back against her neck with two long strands styled into two distinctive antenna-like things and green eyes. She wore beige jeans with a studded brown belt spanning from the top of her right hip all the way to her left thigh diagonally and a mint-colored T-shirt with the words 'High Voltage = Bad Temper' printed in black letters on the front.

"Listen up, you little maggots." She growled as she paused at the front of the class. "My name is Larxene and I- -"

Larxene stopped when she noticed three familiar figures sitting in the front row and frowned.

"What are you three tug munches doing here?"

"Nice to see you too, Sparky." Axel greeted sarcastically as he reclined back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest.

"You want a body full of lightning, Flame boy?" Larxene inquired as she slammed her hands on Axel's desk and leaned closer to the red-head as electricity sparked dangerously between her antenna. "I'm in a bad mood."

"Two threats in one day." Axel smirked. "First Dog-boy and now you. If you're in love with me just say so."

A furious blush crossed the Nymph's face, ether from anger or embarrassment, before she growled and turned on her heel as she strode back to the head of the classroom, deciding that it was a waste of time arguing with the vexing pyro.

Axel's smile grew wider as the knife wielder began to explain the rules for her meteorology class.

Axel-2 Saix and Larx-0

Period 2-Music

"Why are we taking a music class?" Xion asked as the trio entered the spacious music classroom that was filled with hundreds of different types of musical instruments and found their seats at the front of the room.

"Don't ask me." Axel muttered as he stretched out his long legs and placed his arms behind his head as he closed his eyes. "Xemmy made the schedule."

"This is going to be a boring period." Roxas sighed as the bell rang three times, signaling the start of class, and the teacher walked to the blackboard at the head of the classroom.

The teacher was in his late twenties, five foot ten, and had dirty blonde hair styled somewhere in-between a Mohawk and a mullet with several individual bangs falling over his face, playful sea-green eyes, and wore torn, loose dingy blue jeans, a white T-shirt with black musical notes climbing a music scale printed on the front and had a long, fuzzy brown plaid scarf that reached down the teacher's knees.

"Hi, people!" the teacher chirped with a wave.

Axel rapidly opened his eyes when he recognized the voice and eagerly sat up.

"Demyx? !"

Demyx stared at Axel, noticing his three favorite people- -next to Zexion, of course- -and his face broke into a grin.

"Ax! Rox! Xi! What are you three doing here? !"

"What are you doing here?" Roxas questioned. "We're here on a mission."

"You could say that I'm on a mission too." Demyx plopped down in front of the trio, completely ignoring the questioning stares of his students as he sat Indian-style. "Everyone else is here as well."

"Wait." Axel said. "First Xemmy and Dog-boy, then Zexy and Sparky, and now you? Is there something that we're not clued in on here?"

"Nope!" Demyx shook his head, his bangs swishing with the movement, before the Nocturne apparently remembered something. "Oh! Xemmy told me to give these to you."

Demyx reached into his pocket and pulled out three different colored Blackberrys; black, red, and yellow.

"X-face also said that all the other members are on speed dial by number and these are to only be used for emergencies such as Heartless sightings."

"What are they?" Axel inquired as he took the red phone and inspected it; Roxas grabbed the yellow one while Xion picked up the black one.

"Saix called them 'phones'." Demyx explained as he proudly showed off his pale blue phone that was already decorated with music note stickers to the three Nobody. "Humans use them to talk to each other so they don't have to constantly meet with each other."

Roxas shook his phone before he stared at the back of it and pressed a button on the side.

There was a small flash of light and the blonde blinked in surprise as the device took his picture.

Axel noticed this funny little mishap and asked, "We have to learn how to operate them on our own?"

"Yep!" Demyx nodded excitedly, a big grin on his face. "I already learned how to use mine and I've got several pictures of Zexy!"

Axel leaned closer to the water Nobody as he placed his phone in his left pocket and narrowed his eyes with a leering smirk.


"I am not!" Demyx protested, a visible blush crossing the bridge of his nose.

"Demyx's a stalker." Axel whispered teasingly, his voice bordering on sing-song. "He waaannts Zexion."

"I do not!" Demyx wildly flailed his arms in an attempt to emphasize his meaning.

This is weird….The class collectively thought as they watched the pyro continue to torment the already flustered Nocturne.


Roxas, Axel, and Xion entered the gigantic cafeteria directly after Demyx's class since they had A lunch.

"Big cafeteria with lots of kids." Axel noted as he and his two friends headed toward the nearest lunch line.

"Hope we can find a place to sit." Roxas muttered hopefully.

Axel smiled when he spotted a familiar head of steel-blue hair sitting by himself at a table a few feet away, poring over a thick, complicated book as usual.

"Oh, I think we'll find some place." Axel murmured mysteriously as he pulled out his cell phone.

He pressed six, then talk, and placed it to his ear as he rested his other hand on his hip.

Zexion glanced down when he felt an annoying vibrating in his pocket and pulled out his silver phone. He briefly inspected the ID, sighed, and answered against his better judgment to just let it ring.

"What do you want, Number Eight?"

"Hi, Zexy!" Axel's overly excited voice greeted and Zexion pulled his phone away from his ear. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Reading." The Schemer replied in his normal monotonous tone as he put the phone to his ear again when he thought it was safe.

"Let's play a game! It's 'Find Axel' and you have half a minute. Go."

Before Zexion could answer that he didn't want to play a petty game, the pyro hung up.

Axel smiled to himself, apparently pleased, as he replaced his phone in his pocket.

"What was that about?" Roxas inquired as the trio slowly neared the entrance to the line.

"You'll see. Look." Axel pointed to a nearby table where a certain number was watching them. He waved as the two Keyblade holders realized they were looking at Zexion.

"Zexion has this lunch too?" Xion asked as the Schemer returned the pyro's gesture before resuming his reading.

"At least we have someone to sit with." Roxas said. "Zexion seems kinda lonely."

"I bet Demyx hasn't found him yet." Axel snorted. "And once he does, Zexy's not going to be by himself anymore."

Lunch was a half-hour and the trio enjoyed having it with the Schemer as they talked amongst themselves since Zexion refused to join the conversation, though he did put his input every now and then. Once lunch was finished, Zexion returned to the library while Axel, Xion, and Roxas headed to their third period.

Period 3-Zoology

The teacher for zoology was in his early forties, five foot seven, and had platinum blonde hair worn long with two slightly shorter bangs framing his face, large green eyes, and wore pale blue jeans, a dark navy blue T-shirt, and a long-sleeved white lab coat over the T-shirt.

"Oh no…." Axel whispered as he apparently tried to make himself invisible by sliding down as far as he could in his seat when he noticed Vexen.

"What's the matter?" Roxas asked, glancing at the pyro beside him.

"This is the worst possible time I could see him." Axel said, giving a quick glance in the blonde's direction before looking back at the scientist who was currently writing his name on the white board in neat cursive. "Got it memorized?"

"What'd you do?" Xion inquired, knowing that Vexen was one to hold a grudge; a long grudge.

"Let's just say that some of his experiments, especially the liquid ones, are flammable." Axel answered nervously, never taking his eyes off the Chilly Academic's back.

"So that's where the explosion came from last week." Roxas muttered in understanding. "And why you've been desperately trying to avoid him."

Vexen smirked when he caught sight of Axel, but he didn't attack the Nobody for destroying his precious potions.

Oh, no, not yet.

The Chilly Academic's conniving mind would wait for the right moment to strike.

When the Dancing Flames was lulled into a false sense of security, that would the opportunity to wreak his revenge.

As the class went on with no incidents or bloodshed, Axel gradually sat up straighter in his seat, wondering if Vexen hadn't realized that it had been him who had incinerated his work.

Glancing out of the corner of his eye, Vexen smiled shrewdly.


Rapidly, Vexen formed a thorny icicle in his right hand before he whirled around and tossed the weapon at the relaxed pyro.

Axel's Alarm Reaction, along with his survival instincts, saved him from certain elimination. Or, at the very least, a nasty wound.

The pyro ducked, evading the icicle, and the weapon imbedded itself in the desk behind him, startling the unfortunate student to tears.

Vexen gave a low, disappointed tsk as the bell rang and Axel bolted out of the classroom like his life depended on it. Which it did.

Last Period-Government

The teacher for the last class was the strangest one for sure. At least, that's what the students thought.

The teacher was in his late thirties, five foot seven, and had dark black hair with grey streaks tied into a long ponytail low to his neck, gold eyes, pointed elf-like ears, had a jagged scar extending from the left cheek to just under his left eye and wore an eye patch that covered his right eye. He had on black jeans and a sleeveless navy blue shirt.

"Let me tell you something." Xigbar said as he leaned on the podium at the front of the room and gazed at the class calmly. "I hate grading and grades as much as you guys do. So, as long as you show up here, you get an easy A."

An ex-surfer pirate? Some students pondered, curious about Xigbar's strange accent.

Axel shook his head. "That's Xigbar for ya. As lazy as Demyx."

"He's not lazy." Roxas defended as Xigbar went back to his desk to relax after ordering the class to do whatever the hell they wanted.

"Who?" Axel asked as he crossed his arms behind his head and stared at the blonde. "Demyx or Xigbar?"


"As if." Axel waved his right hand lazily. "Demyx told us to just memorize a song and at the end of the year, play it back to him. That's lazy."

Roxas groaned, face palming himself, but decided against competing with the pyro.

"Oh, before I forget." Xigbar said, his feet resting on the top of his desk. "Axel, Roxas, and Xion. Come here."

Hesitantly, the trio walked up to the Freeshooter.

"Here's the address for your apartment a mile away from here." Xigbar handed Axel a small slip of paper.

"We have an apartment during this mission?" Roxas queried in puzzlement. "Why?"

"During the mission you are not allowed to return to the castle." Xigbar explained. "Xemnas told me personally. The apartment had food, cable TV, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room/kitchen."

Axel grinned widely. "Old silver hair set us up good."

"You're already living better than the rest of us." Xigbar laughed as he leaned back in his chair.

Abruptly, though, he scowled at the them.


"We're not- -" Xion started before Xigbar burst into hearty laughter. "What? !"

"I'm joking! Don't get your Keyblade broken. I'm just pulling your peach. No need to get offended."

The trio blinked at Xigbar, but voted on not asking what the space manipulator meant as they returned to their seats to talk the rest of class.

Xigbar watched them the whole time, the smile never leaving his face the entire class period.

This is going to be an interesting year….The Arrowgun wielder thought. A very interesting year.

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