Chapter 5

A/N: Well after a few long months of being trapped under a huge crate labeled "The Writers Block" I finally found something to write about. Granted this chapter isn't going to be as long or as the others, nor will it be as exciting as the later chapters. But since we're going to see some One Piece characters, I think we'll all be just fine with that. I could give you some lame excuse as to why I never posted, but I just didn't. So without wasting anymore of your time, here's chapter 5. I won't bother with the disclaimer; you don't need to read that again.

OPENING THEME: The Rock City Boy by: JAMIL

Gohan stood with Erasa holding a rather large lime-green suite case. It wasn't his of course, but that he was chivalrous enough to offer to carry it for Erasa. After the awkwardness of the moment with the pink haired boy died down, everyone unpacked their things from the busses back in the parking lot. The only problem was that now there were crowds of people everywhere trying to do the same thing at the same time, get their stuff. Videl and Sharpner already got lost. So there Gohan was waiting for them.

"Hey Gohan," Said Erasa. "There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about." She seemed less cheery than usual. It was one of the few times Gohan had seen anything but a smile on her face. She seemed so…stoic.

"What's up?" He said with a little strain. The suit case wasn't particularly heavy to him, but it was so wide he had to stretch his arms ridiculously far apart. "Is something wrong?"

Erasa rubbed her arm nervously. "Well…I've been meaning to ask you this for a while but…what are your feelings about Videl?"

"Well this is awkward." "Well, I guess I consider her a friend. I mean, I can trust her to a certain degree. Why?"

"Because she has a massive crush on you that she's not entirely aware of." Erasa thought to herself. "Videl doesn't think you're being entirely honest with her."

Gohan looked confused.

Erasa sighed. "She knows you're hiding something from her, and she thinks I'm part of it."

"Oh," said Gohan. "That's true though. It's not like she needs to know."

"Gohan I know Videl is eccentric and a little self centered, but she's a good person." Said Erasa softly. "You said she was your friend, the least you can do is be honest. She won't tell anyone, I know she won't."

Gohan's face grew stern. He looked Erasa in the eye. "So what you're saying is; Videl won't overreact, and because you said so, I can trust her without worry."

Erasa was quiet. They stood in silence for a few minutes before she spoke again. "Yes Gohan. That's exactly what I'm saying." She said confidently. She even got Gohan to crack a smile.

"Well this sucks." Thought Videl to herself as she pulled her suit case through a crowed of students. "I can't even see the center of the station anymore. Leave it to Satan City's heroine to get lost in a train station." She thought with frustration. The train was going to leave in 15 minutes and she was stuck in the bus lot. "Okay, all I have to do is look for Gohan. He's pretty tall. Tall guys with spiky black hair."

It was safe to say that plan didn't work at all. Everyone who was tall enough had some kind of weird hair color. Some kid had spiky orange hair. "Well this is pointless, now wh-Wait! There's somebody."

Sure enough the one Videl spotted matched her description. But she began to think she should have been more elaborate. As she approached the tall man, she knew it couldn't be Gohan. This guy's spiky hair was long, it extended past his shoulders like a porcupine. He skin was tan and he wore nothing but leather all over his body. Over his right shoulder was a green camouflage duffle bag. Videl could only see the back of his head but he looked as though he was looking around nervously.

"What's he looking for?" Thought Videl.

Then she saw it. In his left hand, partially hidden by his jacket, was a small white purse covered in flowers. It was pretty obvious he was trying to hide it. He finally stopped his nervous glancing and turned to walk away, giving Videl a good view of his face. This guy looked like a pincushion. His face was covered with piercings. He didn't even have eyebrows. Just a two lines of piercings where they would be. His eyes were sharp, like a cat's, complete with red irises. She saw him stuff the purse in his jacket pocket and quickly walk away.

Videl frowned hard. "Not while I'm here." "HEY! HOLD UP!" She shouted. Most people who heard stopped and stared at her as she pushed and shoved her way through the crowd. It was times like these that she wished she were taller. She could just make out the moving form of the man in black and made a beeline in his direction. "Almost there. Nobody gets away from me."

She reached out and grabbed the back of his jacket just as they broke out of the crowed and into the center station. They both fell to the ground.

"What the fu-"

Before he could finish Videl turned him over and stood up to place a foot on his chest. "Who the heck do you think you are?" he ask angrily.

"I should be asking you that creep. I saw what you just did back at the bus lot."

"That's none," he swung his arm at her shin, tripping her, and flipped up onto his feet. "Of your," he brought his foot up and stomped onto her back. "Business, witch." He spat.

Videl quickly spun to trip him. He jumped to avoid, giving her a chance to free herself. She jumped back and got into fighting position. The guy just gave her an insane looking grin.

"Really?" he said. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a huge knife, causing the people watching to gasp and back away. Videl only rolled her eyes. "You don't wanna go there with me kid a have places to be."

"I'm not a kid", said Videl inching closer to him. "I'm in high school."

The guy paused with a look of desperate confusion. Then he did what no one would ever expect. He burst into hysterical laughter. "GHIHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! WAHAHAHAHAHA!" He laughed so hard he dropped his knife. "GWAHAHAHAHA!

Videl's face burned with anger and embarrassment. Nothing on the planet was that funny. "Sh-shuddup! I'm being serious!"


Videl had had enough. "Cut it out!" She ran at him with lightning speed, her fist pulled back; ready to strike him dead in the nose.

Only to be caught mid-flight by her wrist.

She found herself being held 2 feet off of the ground by a soft yet firm hand, with nails painted sapphire blue. "What the-?" Videl turned to see the person who grabbed her so easily.

"The bus driver!"

"What the heck is going on here?" She said in a cold and demanding voice. "We're on a schedule. What do you think you're doing away from your class?"

Videl scowled her most evil of faces. "Don't talk to me like a child! I was trying to stop that guy,"


"From stealing a purse. Then he pulled a knife on me." She finished.

The woman's cold blue eyes looked over to the laughing man, and then back at Videl, and stared at her. Videl felt like she would freeze under the gaze of this woman.

The woman dropped her on her feet, and let out a long and heavy sigh. "Go to your class." She said sternly.

"But he-"

"GO TO YOUR CLASS!" She shouted with a voice that seemed to make the entire station go quiet.

Videl stood her ground. "I'm not going back until he…Where'd he go!"

Sure enough the man (and the knife) from before was gone. Leaving Videl and the crazy blue eyed blonde woman alone. "Dang It!" Thought Videl as she went back to pick up her suit case. "Next time there will be no mercy." She was so frustrated she didn't even wonder how that woman caught her punch so easily.

Naruto was not a happy child. He looked like he was though, with his spiky blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was fairly short too, only about 5ft 4, which is pretty short for a sophomore boy. His voice hadn't even changed yet, so he still sounded like a little kid. He probably wasn't helping himself by dressing in a bright orange and blue wind suit, which his adoptive brother told him; made him look like a grade school kid. Not to mention he wore sandals everywhere. But if he didn't dress like he wanted to he couldn't act like he wanted to. And then the world would win.

He walked slowly from the bus lot to the train. He wanted to be exited but…there was no body to be exited with. The only friend he ever made was in the hospital. And he couldn't expect Iruka to give him special attention when he had his whole class to take care of.



"That's it!" He said to himself cheerfully. If no one would give him attention, he'd just have to get their attention. "But how?"

Before he could ponder any further he found himself yanked off to the side by is bag and pushed against a pillar near the wall, where nobody could see him. "What's up Narutard?"

Naruto's eyes narrowed. "What? Here? Now!"

"What do you want chicken butt?" He found himself flipped over looking straight into the eyes of Sasuke Uchiha.

"Look," said Sasuke with a scowl. "I don't have time to play games with you. I know you were the one who put those tacks inside my bus seat."

Naruto inwardly smirked. That was one of his more ingenious ideas. "Yeah well, you were the one who had your hags come and take my lunch money. I guy who can't fight his own battles has no right to complain about-OOMP!"

Naruto held his side in pain. Leave it to Sasuke to go for the kidney.

"Don't talk to me about fighting ability kid. I'm going to prove to everyone that I'm just as powerful as Hercule Satan, and I don't have time for your stupid pranks!" Sasuke said as he punched Naruto in his temple. He grabbed the front of his collar and lifted him up. He pulled back his fist again for another punch, when a small ringing sound was heard. He looked down to see a ring of gold bounce buy before stopping against the wall.

"I think it went over hear Luffy." He heard an approaching voice say, before a beautiful young woman with sky blue hair, wearing a pink and blue shirt and skinny jeans stepped around the side of the pillar and stared directly at him.

The stare lasted a few long seconds before any words were spoken. The woman's stare changed from surprised, to embarrassed, to disgust.

"What are you doing!" She asked with obvious shock. "Put that boy down, right now!"

Unshaken by the woman's tone, Sasuke just glared at the woman. She was no threat to him.

Naruto stared too, but only because he was surprised that the girl had taken his side. Then he realized what was going on and made his move. He kicked at Sasuke's groin with all of his strength, only to have the black haired boy grab his leg and violently throw him to the ground, causing him to cry out in pain.

The woman gasped and ran over to him. Before she could reach him however,

"Stay out of this woman." Said Sasuke stepping in front of Naruto's pained form. "This is between me and him."

Dispite the fact that he was a good 6" taller than her she glared at him. "What could he have done? You're hurting him, why would you do that?"

Just then another figure stepped around the pillar. He was much taller than Sasuke, and his black hair was cut shorter. Dispite this he had a very boyish face, and a scar underneath his left eye. He wore a red and gold basketball jersey with the number 39 on it and jean shorts. On his back hung a dried out straw hat.

"What's going on Vivi?" His asked in a surprisingly high voice for his age. "Did you find your earring yet?"

"No Luffy," said the woman. "I found this guy beating up this kid." Her eyes never leaving Sasuke.

The tall guy, Luffy, frowned slightly. "Why? What happened?"

"None of your business." Said Sasuke as he planted a foot on Naruto before he could stand up. "I was just teaching this punk what happens when he doesn't respect my strength."

"Don't listen to him! He's just a jerk who hides behind his harem and his family's rep-AAH!" Naruto cried out again as Sasuke stomped on his back.

"I thought I told you to shut-up you-PUH!" Sasuke was cut off suddenly by a slap in the face by Vivi.

She then proceeded to shove him to the side, causing him to trip over Naruto's leg and fall to the ground. She bent down and placed a hand softly on the spot where Sasuke's foot was.

"Are you okay? Do you need me to check anything?" Before he could respond Sasuke was up again with a fist raised at Vivi. She could only look in surprise as he brought it down, only to have Luffy appear and catch his wrist.

Luffy pulled him towards him and kneed him in the ribs, followed by a powerful punch in the temple that pushed Sasuke into a wall.

Naruto looked in shock at what just happened. These people just…helped him. "Don't get your hopes up Naruto. They don't know who you are yet." He thought to himself.

"Are you okay?" asked Vivi again. Naruto just stared at her blankly, his eyebrows rose. "My name is Vivi. I can help you if you want." She looked at him with soft ocean blue eyes. Naruto could hardly believe she had used them to stare down Sasuke.

"You freak!" Sasuke yelled from the wall. He charged Luffy again, only for the taller boy to side step and elbow him at the base of his skull as he flew by. He fell off balance and landed on his knees back in the crowd of the station.

"That low class punk! I'll beat him to a-" "Sasuke?"

Sasuke looked up to see Iruka-sensei standing over him with his arms crossed. "What are you doing on the floor?"

Sasuke just looked away as he picked himself up.

Iruka just chuckled. "You tripped didn't you?"

Sasuke glared at him, trying to suppress his current rage.

Before Iruka could utter another word he Luffy and Vivi stepped out from behind the pillar with Naruto behind them, holding his right eye.

Iruka lost his mirth and frowned deeply, suddenly becoming serious. "What's going on here? Naruto?"

Vivi was about to speak before Naruto interrupted. "Nothing Iruka-sensei, I was just talking to some new friends I made."

Iruka raised an eyebrow. "Really, these guys are your friends?"

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, they helped me out in a little disagreement I had with Sasuke."

Iruka's eyes widened with realization. "Oh I see." He smiled slightly, "Good for you kid, but you might wanna speed things up, we got 10 minutes before we load the train." Iruka turned and began to walk away. "Sasuke you hurry up especially. It'd be a shame if your fan club found you bent over like that."

Sasuke growled in frustration, before picking himself up. He turned and glared at the three behind him before walking off grumbling to himself.

The trio watched the two men walk away before Luffy and Vivi looked down at Naruto, who was still holding his eye.

"Are you gonna be okay," Asked Vivi in a very worried tone. "He didn't hurt you too bad did he?"

To her surprise he smiled and laughed a little. He seemed unusually mirthy for a child who was just punched in the face. "I'll be fine. This kinda thing happens all the time." He said with sincerity. "Besides, even if I did fight him back his swarm of girl friends would just trample me. I'm tougher than I look you know?"

Vivi stared at him, completely puzzled. The guy Luffy just chuckled.

"Hehe, I guess you are if you deal with that guy." He said. "But what's his problem? I was getting all kinds of dry emotion from him. I couldn't sense anything else."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the statement, but answered the question anyway. "He's Sasuke Uchiha, the biggest emo-jerk on the planet. He's got some sob story background, and an ego that makes him thinks his problems are worse than everyone else's." Naruto smiled deviously. "He, unfortunately, is so popular with the girls at school that they worship the ground he walks on and does whatever he says."

"That's so shallow," Said Vivi. "What self respecting woman would blindly worship such a feather head?"

"Feather head? What does that even mean?" Asked Naruto.

"Cause of the hair cut." She said simply. Luffy looked at her with confusion.

"…That's a terrible insult." Said Naruto with a sweat drop.

Vivi blushed. "I'm not good at making fun of people okay?" she said biting her lip.

"But feather head?" Asked Luffy. "It's like you didn't even try." He said shaking his head. "I'm disappointed in you." He wagged his finger at her childishly.

"Don't say stuff like that!" She cried and fiddled with her pony tail. "Your insults suck too!

Naruto was laughing his pants off at this point.

"Nu-uh! I would have said something like; Chicken butt, or duck butt, or cowlick, or chicken fart, or duck fart, or fart head, or co-"

"We get it Luffy! Now you're just saying fart a lot." Vivi said.

"Hahahaha! You guys are too funny!" Naruto laughed. The fart thing really sent him off. He was holding his sides with joy.

"Told you." Said Luffy with a grin so wide you could see the top of his gums.

Vivi just frowned at him for a few moments, but then he joined Naruto in laughter. She tried to contain herself but eventually she found herself laughing too, though not quite as loud or obnoxiously as the two guys.

This all lasted until her watch beeped, causing her to look down at it casually. As soon as she did the smile left her face, and was replaced with a look of horror. She looked absolutely terrified.

"Vivi! What's wrong!" Asked Luffy.

"Are you okay?" Asked Naruto, who was shocked by her sudden change in face.

"We-w-we…" She stuttered.

"We what?"


"What!" Luffy responded. "I thought you were keeping track of the time?"

"I forgot!" She cried. "If we don't leave in the next 5 minutes our class is going to leave without us!"

"Oh no! Quick let's hurry up and get there!" Yelled Luffy as he ran in a random direction. The wrong direction.

Vivi sweat dropped. "It's not that way!" She called to him, causing him to about face and dash in another direction. "H-hey! Wait for me!" She was about to run off when Naruto tapped her arm.

"Um, when you said class, do you mean one of the schools going to Mt. Evil?" He asked.

"Why yes, are you going too?" She asked, seemingly forgetting the straw hat boy.

"Well yeah…and…well."

"Spit it out kid," Said a voice behind Naruto. They both looked up to see Luffy, acting as though he'd been there the whole time.

'Weird.' Thought Naruto. "I was wondering if I could sit with you guys…" He trailed off. He looked up to see them staring at him with puzzled expressions. "If it's not too much trouble."

Luffy gave one of his super huge grins while Vivi smiled sweetly. "Sure!" they said simultaneously.

"I could introduce you to all my friends! You can bring some of your friends if you want." Said Luffy happily. Naruto looked at the ground with a forced smile.

"Um, I don't have any friends." He said quietly.

Luffy, never one to miss a beat, simply patted him on the back. "You do now!"

"There you are Videl." Said Sharpner holding a large red duffle bag. "Come on everyone's getting on without us." He gestured at their class as they stepped into the huge locomotive.

"Yeah yeah," She replied dryly. She was not in a good mood right now. No, not after that little episode with the bus driver and the knife guy. "I'm right behind you."

"Yo, guys! We thought we lost you." Said a voice from behind Videl. She could see Gohan and Erasa walking up to them, with Gohan holding a large girly looking bag. 'Definitely Erasa's' she thought bitterly. "What took you guys so long?" She asked them. "Were you trying to have some private conversation you didn't want us to know about?"

Erasa looked surprised by the rudeness of the remark. "Not really. We were waiting for the crowd to clear up."

"Yeah Videl, it's no big deal." Said Gohan from behind the suitcase. "Are you feeling okay?"

"Fantastic." She replied coldly. She didn't have time for their secrets today. She just wanted to get to the training center and punch something a few hundred times.

"Well if you don't mind," Said Gohan. "There's something important I need to talk to you about later." He started walking toward the train and the others followed.

"Really, what about?" She asked irritably.

"Well it's kind of personal. So it'll have to wait until later but- Where are you going?" Asked Gohan watching Videl walk faster and further away. "Videl?"

"Shh!" Said Erasa. "Her brother's coming!"

"Who, Mark?" Asked Sharpner. "Seriously? That's so awesome!"

Soon enough Gohan spotted the tall, dark looking teen as he made a beeline for Videl. His face was unusually stoic.

"What's the big deal?" Asked Gohan. "I was just talking to her, why'd she leave?"

"She's not allowed to talk to boys, daddy's orders. Especially for this trip." Said Erasa. "Otherwise she can't participate in the tournament this year."

Gohan saw Mark look up directly at him, straight in the eyes, they glared at each other before he turned to Sharpner, who waved like he was an old friend. Mark rolled his eyes and continued to talk to Videl.

"I guess I'll tell her later then." He said quietly. He, Erasa, and Sharpner finally got onto the train.

'It's official,' Thought Ichigo as he pushed his way into through a large group of chatty teenage girls. 'I hate people.' He said to himself bitterly. It's like the world was doing everything in its power to keep him away from his friends. He couldn't even see Chad and that was ridicules. "Excuse me…excuse me…" This was getting tiresome. That's the third person to step on his new shoes. "Watch out… bad." Bump.

Ichigo's eyes widened as he bumped into a girl half his size and knocked her to the floor. She couldn't have been older than 12. That or she was a midget (Ichigo's words, not mine) like Rukia. She even had the blue hair and yellow dress to match.

"Sorry about that." He said as he reached down to help her up.

"Mph!" She whined as she rubbed her head. "Ow. Who-" She blinked and looked up to see a tall orange haired teen standing over her. He had a deep scowl on his face and looked really intimidating from her angle. He started reaching down at her, she flinched.

"Gah! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to…" She started to panic

Ichigo's eye twitched in irritation. "What?"

"I'm sorry I bumped into you!" She practically cried. "It won't happen again!"

"…What is wrong with you?" He asked. "You didn't do anything kid just get up-"

"What's going on?" Asked a commanding and shockingly feminine voice. A tall red haired woman stood over him and cast an intimidating shadow over him. She wore a thick blue and grey jacket along with…a blue skirt? 'She must be one of those paranoid armor up types.' Thought Ichigo.

"Look, it's not what you think." He said calmly. His ever present scowl never fading. "It was an accident."

"Then why is she crying?" Said the red haired girl.

"Why are you asking me!" Ichigo growled. "Like I said, it was just an accident. I bumped into her and-"

The red haired woman suddenly picked him up by the collar and head butted him 10ft down the aisle.

"Gah!" Cried the girl on the floor. "Erza-san you should be more patient. I think he-"

"He did not answer fast enough." Said Erza indignantly. "Come on Wendy lets-"What Is wrong with you!"

Erza looked back up at Ichigo, who seemed to be steaming with anger. "Who the heck do you think you are!"

"You answered to slow." She stated with a plain face, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Are you serious!" Ichigo shouted. "I was going to apologize until you came along! What is your problem?" Ichigo was actually ready to fight this chick when he felt a heavy tug on his arm.

"ICHIGO~!" Cried a loud and cheery voice. "I finally found you!"

Ichigo paled. "N-Nel!" He looked down at the green eyed and green haired girl cutting off his circulation. "When did you get here?" He tried to pull his arm away but the girl was as tall as he was and twice as strong.

"I've been looking for you all day silly." She said. She glanced up at Erza and Wendy, who was picking herself up. "Who are your friends?"

Ichigo stopped his pulling and glared. "They're not my friends. I accidently bumped into this girl and knocked her down. Then this crazy woman shows up and head butts me in the face!"

"It was your own slowness that caused the problem." She said plainly, with a slight frown. "Had you answered my question quickly enough-"

"Oh! Ichigo?" said Nel, cutting off Erza.

"Hey I wasn't done-"

"Orihime-chan said you left the lunch she made you on the bus."

Ichigo's eye twitched. "R-really now?" He said nervously.

"Yeah, don't worry she got it for you and everyone's waiting for us in the 11th car." Before Ichigo could respond he felt himself get yanked off the ground and pulled like a kite down the aisle.

"Nel! Wait sec, Nel!"

Wendy sweat dropped at the strange pair. 'That was strange.' "Are you okay Erza-san?"

A dark cloud hung over Erza's head as she struggled to keep her face plain. "Sh-she c-c-cut me off? She cut me off!"

"Um, Erza-san?"


Gohan, Erasa and Sharpner made their way down the aisle of the 7th car.

"That looks like a good spot," Said Erasa pointing to a set of 4 seats in the very back row. "We can sit here and save a seat for Videl." She didn't wait for them to respond as he sat in the seat closest to the window.

"Um, alright," Said Gohan as he placed Erasa's bag in the rack above them. He then sat down next to Erasa and sighed with relief. Finally he could relax. "Hey Sharpner, sit on the end so no one tries to take the 4th seat?"

"Yeah. Whatever." He grumbled. 'I wanted to sit next to Erasa dang it!'

"Man I am so glad to be sitting down already." Sighed Gohan. "It's like every minute I stand up is wasting another minute of the trip."

Erasa laughed. "Don't be so dramatic Gohan. You could be there in minutes if you wanted to, what's so great about riding the train."

"Just because I can doesn't mean its fun. Sometimes relaxing is what I really need. This trip with you guys is just what I needed."

"Geez Brains don't get all mushy on us." Sharpner said with a smirk. "It's not a vacation; this is serious martial arts training…stuff. I bet Mr. Satan's training regimen will be intense. I can't wait!"

"Well I can. Wake me up when Videl gets here." Said Gohan closing his eyes.

"Sure dude no pro-"

"Come on Levy-chan help me pull." Said the voice of a teenage girl. All three looked up to see a blonde girl with a small pony tail and a shorter girl with soft-blue curly hair wearing an orange bandana.

"I'm trying Lu-chan but it won't roll." The girl with blue hair said. They were struggling to move a 3x3 suit case by pulling it along the ground. "What did you pack in here? Iron clubs?"

"Just my outdoor stuff, it was light when I carried it to the car this morning but it's been heavy ever since." She tried to pull it by gripping the seat, which moved it about half a foot.

Erasa glanced over at Gohan who'd been staring until now. He looked down to see Erasa staring at him. "What?" She continued to stare. "What?" He asked again. She rolled her eyes and gestured over at the two girls. Gohan glanced over at them again. "…Oh~!"

She rolled her eyes again.

Gohan stood up and walked over to where the girls were pulling their apparently heavy load. "Um, excuse me?"

They stopped and stared up at the 6' spiky haired young man. They both blushed instantly.

"Oh sorry." Said the blond girl. "Are we in the way?"

"No not at all, I was just wondering if you needed any help with that." He said gesturing to the little bag.

"Um, yeah. Thank you! It took me forever to get it here, but we need to get to Car-9." She said.

"I can take care of it no problem." With that, he reached down and picked up the little bag with ease. The two girls gaped.

"H-how did you-"


…"What was that?" Asked Gohan.

Bump. Bump. Bump.

"Is that your bag Lucy-chan?" asked Levy.

"I don't know."

Gohan raised an eyebrow and held the bag horizontally in both his hands.

Bump. The bag jumped about three inches in the air before landing in Gohan's arms again. His eyes widen dramatically. So did Lucy's and Levy's.

"What the-"

Suddenly, before anyone could say another word the top of the bag burst open and a girl with pink hair, about Lucy's age, wearing a maid outfit and chains on her arms stood up full height with an oxygen tank on her back.

"GAAAAAAH!" Yelled…everyone.

"Hello Hime-sama." Said the young maid.

"V-Virgo!" Lucy shouted. "What are you doing here!"

"I came to accompany you on your trip." Said the maid with a bored expression. Surprisingly she had a very joyful voice.

"In my suite case? How'd you even fit in there?" Lucy said on the verge of tears. That stunt had really freaked her out. Levy already passed out.

Erasa and Sharpner just stared (Imagine their faces from the WMAT when they found out Gohan was Saiyaman). They managed to let out a rather large sweat drop at the scene.

Gohan himself was red in the face for an entirely different reason. Virgo, as the girl was apparently named, was bent over slightly as she talked to Lucy, and well, because of how he was holding the suitcase, her skirt stopped right above his forehead.

The poor pure hearted child. It was the most awkward moment of his life.


Gohan went from red to pale. "V-Videl!"

True enough, Videl was standing right up the aisle with her bag over her shoulder, eyes wide.

Gohan re-assessed his situation. He blushed again. "Look, I know what you're thinking and I swear-"

"What the heck?" Said a gruff voice behind Videl. "Why aren't you guys in Car-9 yet?"

Videl turned around. "YOU! You're the guy with the knife!"

Knife guy looked around curiously. "Hm? Who said that?"

"Me you jerk!" Yelled Videl.


"Down here!"

Knife guy looked down in an exaggerated manner. "Oh it's you! The baby-woman. What the heck are you doing here?"

"Baby woman! What's that supposed to mean!"

Gohan was seriously confused now. Videl knows this guy-AND WILL THIS GIRL STOP BENDING OVER! Gohan glanced over to Erasa, his eyes pleading for help.

Erasa just shrugged. How was she supposed to know what to do?

"The least you could do was tell me you were coming." Said Lucy. "You gave me a heart attack!"

"Sorry Hime-Sama." Said Virgo plainly.

"Eh? What happened?" Levy finally woke up. She looked around for a few seconds before she realized what had just happened. She also saw Gohan's little problem (his red face was a dead giveaway). "Um Virgo-chan?"

Virgo looked down at Levy.

"Could you get down from there? I think you're making him uncomfortable."

Virgo simply hopped down and landed gracefully in front of Lucy. Gohan's entire face screamed with relief.

"Just where do you get off pulling knives out on people in a train station you thieving jerk!" yelled Videl.

Levy turned around and saw Videl arguing with a certain someone. "Gajeel? You're back already?"

Videl and 'Gajeel' stopped their arguing and turned to Levy. "Oh hey shrimp. Didn't see you down there."

Videl raised an eyebrow. "You know this freak show?" Videl asked pointing at Gajeel. "Do you have any idea dangerous he is?"

Levy nervously scratched her head. "Actually yes, I do. He's in my class. He's my boyfriend."

Videl didn't have a response. She just sweat dropped. Along with every other Orange Star High student in the car.

"Oh yeah." Said Gajeel. He reached inside his jacket and pulled out a flowery white purse. "I got your bag for you. Don't say I never do you any favors." He said grumpily, his nose tinged slightly with red.

"Wait!" Shouted Videl. "That was her purse! I thought you stole that!"

Gajeel rolled his eyes. "Shows what you know."

"Why were you trying so hard to hide it?"

"Cause I didn't want my friends to see me holding a purse." He said simply. Sharpner gave the guy a mental high five. Never let your friends catch you with your girlfriend's purse if she's not there.

"But…but you…and the knife!" She pointed dramatically at him.

Gohan sighed. "Videl, how about we just go sit down now?" He said calmly.

She growled a bit as she turned to him slowly and glared. "What was that?"

Gohan kept his face calm. "Don't you think you should relax a little. You've had it hard these past few days. Just come sit with your friends a while."

Videl thought for a moment before she let her face relax. She let out a long sigh. "Look Gohan I know you-"


"Nel slow down! Watch out!"

Before anyone had a chance to react a girl dragging a boy behind her crashed through everyone, knocking them to the side. It probably wasn't helping that she had her eyes closed. She burst through the door and left the other teens on the floor.

"SORRY!" Yelled the orange haired boy she was dragging before they left hearing range.

Erasa a Sharpner, the only ones not on the floor, sweat dropped again. This was going to be a very long trip.

Gohan groaned. His luck was terrible. Not only had he let his guard down and get knocked to the floor, but Virgo fell right on top of him. Her face still bored as ever, although she did raise an eyebrow when she realized how close her face was to Gohan's. A long trip indeed.

ENDING THEME: "Rawkfist" by Thousad Foot Krutch.

A/N: Wow. Fairy Tail characters are weird. Even the normal-ish ones. Gohan gets embarrassed a few more times, and Luffy meets Naruto. Hurray for non-violent shonen encounters. Unless you count Videl fighting Gajeel. I had to put that in there. It's been too long since I updated this, and now you get this. Not my best work, but humor is needed when there is no violence. (BOO! We want violence!).

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Also, his foster brother is Iruka.

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