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"I'll be outside your house in ten." his spontaneous text message said. Jade sighed and half-smiled, wondering what he had in store for her that day. She stepped outside her house and sat on the porch steps. It was 3:14 in the afternoon but cold and unusually rainy for Los Angeles, the sky was dark as if the sun had left the earth. She swore she could see the breaths she took in the cold air. She spends a few minutes inside her own head, wanting him to be there to distract her, and then there he is, right in front of her.

"Are you ready? The road is waiting patiently for us." he said. He stood tall and proud and looked down at her, but his rugged appearance paired with his sweet smile made him anything but intimidating. And handsome as he may be, Jade is always the slightest bit hesitant to give in to his embrace. The familiar scent of his denim jacket made his arms feel like home.

"Where are we going?" she asks him as she reaches for his hand just for the short walk to his car.

"Anywhere. Nowhere. Everywhere." Late night drives were something they both loved, especially the ones with no destination- just the two of them, music, and a full tank of gas. He quickly got out of the city and onto the empty back roads where they never came across any cars.

"It feels like we're the only two people on the Earth right now." Jade says.

"Who says we're not?" he replies, and gets a smile from her. Not the forced, sarcastic smile that she gives their friends, the free-flowing grin that only he had ever seen, the smile that barely lets him focus on the road. Soon the moonlight breaks through the clouds and illuminates the sky, and Beck has to pull over because of the rain coming down like sheets.

They wait and sit in the front seat, admiring the lightning as if it was fireworks.

"Come on." Beck says, opening his car door and is already soaking wet by the time he opens hers.

"What are you doing?" she says, her eyes wide.

"Come on, the rain's fun."

And she gets out of the car, startled at first by the way the rain pierced her skin, but she enjoys the way she can't tell if it's hot or cold.

And Beck turns the radio to a slow, sweet song, loud enough for them to hear over the thunder. He stands in front of Jade, holding his hands out for her to take, and she does. The headlights are their spotlight as they begin to dance, awkwardly at first, as he slowly moves her hands in circles. A small smile creeps on her face as she interlaces their fingers and puts one arm around him, rocking back and forth. She laughs as he tries to spin her around and her smile fades as he pulls her body closer.

"You were never that good at dancing." Jade said as she rests her chin on his shoulder as the rain slows. It's as if her body is meant for his, and there was nothing she needed more but for them to be the only people on Earth.

She pulls back and looks at his sad, dark eyes and the moonlight reflecting in them and he can't help but kiss her, bend her backwards over the slick hood of his car and she arches her back to get closer to him.

"Take me." she says before a sharp inhale as his arms squeezed her waist.

"I'm yours." he replies, feeling her smile in his kiss.

His strong, rough hands wander down every inch of her soft skin. Being in such close proximity to her makes it hard for both of them to control themselves. And they long to pursue each other in the vast, open space, only interrupted by the occasional raindrop.

The presence of his body tears at her, and her curves simply drive him crazy. And every exhale of his name from her mouth sounded like hallelujah.

He remembers the first time he said "I love you" to her. It may have been empty at that point, since he barely even knew her- could it have been love, that kept them together? Security, comfort, or maybe just friendship? At that point in their lives they were best friends, but still complete strangers, and persistent opposites. People look into his eyes and see right through them, and he's happy to share his thoughts, his feelings, his past. People take one look at Jade's eyes and see darkness, an emptiness that pierces them and makes them turn away. Because everyone sees Jade's eyes, but no one looks behind them like he does. He longed to figure out her secrets, who she really is.

She had fallen asleep in his bed, and he watched the occasional flutter of her eyelashes and rare curl of the corners of her lips that he longed to kiss.

And he knew that it will be a while before she lets him in, if she even gave him permission to get close to her. If she ended up building more walls, then he would be prepared for the best climb of his life if it meant being greeted with the hallelujah of a forever with her on the other side.

She is precisely the girl that he was told to stay away from, she fit the mold of everything he ought not to desire. And he did try to resist her so badly, because he knew they would do no good for each other. He tried to resist her for as long as he could bear it, but just the slightest roll and he fell into that hole in her heart and all of a sudden the rest of his life was devoted to finding the formula to her laughter.

If only she could let the mask slip, just a little, the opportunity could be the sweetest mistake she ever made.

"Hey, Jade, I love you," he whispered in her ear, "You sure are somethin' else."

And his courage slowly builds as he climbed into bed with her, his legs brushing against hers. He dreamt of kissing her cherry red lips, touching every inch of her pale skin and enveloping her small, soft hands in his own. He wants to memorize every inch of her body, name the demons of her past and then just hope that his embrace could help her overcome them. And although Beck is patient and kind, the night is restless and all he can think is "I wish you would hurry up and be mine."

"You sure it's okay that I go to the party?"

"Of course." Of course not.

"And you'll be fine here?"

"Yeah." No.

It's times like these Jade silently curses at herself for being an actress and curses at him for not noticing. She knows it's wrong, she knows she's being complicated, she knows he'd understand just as well if she had said "Don't go, please, I need you here." But something keeps her from saying that- I'm testing him, is what she tells herself- and he just failed.

He leaves his RV and her goodbye sounds a little more sad than she wanted it to be.

Her mind immediately starts to wonder at the click of the lock. As if it was right before her eyes, she saw Beck and Tori, eyes locking from across the room. She saw his hands touch her body. She felt the heat radiate off of them. She saw him lick Tori's lips like he had done to her only hours before, she saw her fingers clench into his shoulders. She smelled the fresh, crisp notes of his cologne, she smelled her residual flowery perfume. She saw him whisper in her ear, she watched the shivers slowly down each vertebrae of her spine. She smelled the whiskey on his breath as Tori pulled an intoxicated hallelujah from his body. And Jade's eyes burned and her throat ached, because the kisses he gave her should be her own, and she doesn't like to share. The torturous infidelity made her contemplate sending him a quick message or phone call to simply to remind him of the girl waiting so patiently in his bed. She quickly decides against it as she sees the lights of his car dance across the room. She stands up when he enters as if the president had just walked into the room, and they are face to face.

"The party wasn't that great after all. Besides, I'd rather be here."

She wants to call him a liar, she wants to slap his face, she wants to call him a cheater and tell him to go to hell and call him a bastard and say she hates him and call him every bad word she has in her vocabulary.

And then she sighs and her mouth unwillingly forms a slight smile when she realizes what she saw was simply a figment of her imagination.

"What are we, 80?" Jade had bitterly replied when Beck suggested a "Sunday morning drive"- but something about his mysterious smirk lured her into the front seat of his car.

"Drive faster. I dare you." she said boldly, the five words that would haunt him forever. He was always reckless when he was driving, and both of them loved the rush. He loved kissing her at stop signs and holding the wheel with only one hand because she was absentmindedly twirling his rings around his fingers.

The crash happened in slow motion, he remembers- their bodies bouncing, their heads whipping, the windshield cracking. He could draw out the patterns of his broken windows and paint the blood hanging from Jade's neck like the red curtain of a stage.

"Jade," her name slipped from his bruised mouth as he was shaking it out in the front seat, "Are you alright?" he asked, not wanting to hear the truth, but just her voice. "C'mon, Jade, talk to me. It's gonna be okay," he said, although he was the one crying, "Breathe. Open your eyes. Do something, please, damnit! It's over now, you just bumped your head, babe. C'mon, Jade, don't do this to me! Damnit! Don't do this, please, come back!"

And her body was numb, she didn't feel anything as he kissed her cheek.

He got out of the mutilated car, sobbing in rage and nearly tore his hair out of his skull on the pavement next to the passenger side door. He looked at his love as she slowly opened her eyes- but her eyes were not the bright, icy pools of blue he was used to- they were a faded, somber hue.

And there was never a more beautiful sound than when she said his name.

"Beck? Beck, I'm scared." she said softly, her voice shaking.

And he heard a hallelujah chorus and saw what he thought were angels approaching them, which ended up being ambulances.

"It's okay, love, it's over now."

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