C H A P T E R O N E - D E V I L ' S K E T T L E


It wasn't hard to leave Paradise, Ohio but it was hard to leave Sarah behind. But, safety was my main concern and finding the others so we could defeat the Mogadorians and finally live a peaceful, non-moving life. I sighed, and ran my right hand down my face. We had just passed a sign saying Welcome to Devil's Kettle Population 7, 036. I didn't even remember the state we were in last, and Sam hasn't been much help. I put both of my hands on the wheel and focused on the road – and Six – ahead of the truck. It's so different without Henri, but somehow it just feels different, almost alien to be with Sam and Six. I groaned and slapped Sam's hand, who has been playing – or as he calls it, changing – the radio station.

"It's called choosing something, so please do it soon before I throw you out of the truck." I looked at the brunette through the corner of my eyes. He changed it one last time before settling back into his seat.

"Jeez, what's up your butt?" He asked, running a hand through his hair.

"I'm tired and stressed, and still being hunted by a race that wants me and six others dead. But, other than that, I'm just peachy, Sam." Sam rolled his eyes.

"I know that but, I think Six finally found somewhere we can chill, and settle and whatever you do when you find a new place to live." Sam answered back, swinging his hand around.

I looked to the backseat to see Bernie Kosar sleeping peacefully. Six turned left into a gas station and I took that as message saying we're stopping here for now to take a break. I stopped the engine and climbed out of the cab. Sam stretched and yawned.

"I told you he would slow us down." Six says, shooting down a death glare toward Sam and brushing her fingers through her curly blonde hair.

"He's not slowing us down," I commented back as Sam helped Bernie Kosar out of the backseat and let him run around the parking lot. I looked around, Devil's Kettle was fairly small, like most towns in the U.S. nowadays, but it seemed eerie to me. I couldn't quite place it but something was happening in this town, nothing that had to do with the other four though, or me and Six for that matter. Six put her sunglasses back on the top of her head and headed into the gas station.

"What's she doing anyway?" Sam asked, rubbing Bernie Kosar behind the ears.

"Asking for help, probably," I shrugged.

It didn't take to long for Six to do what she was doing. "The guy who was running the store said there's a hotel about a mile away from the school and that we can still register," Six smiled, and handed Sam and I waters.

"School?" Sam asked, chugging down his water like it was the only thing he had drank in the last week. And, in a way, it had.

Six rolled her eyes. "Sam, we need to lay low, which means that we need to go to school."

Six crossed her arms over her chest. I wouldn't tell Sam this but, since we left Paradise, Six seemed to get more and more irritated by whatever Sam did. You could just tell she wanted to leave him in Paradise, or the ocean, whichever is closer by.

"I'm gonna go buy a newspaper," Sam gave Six a look before heading back into the convenient store.

"Can we just throw something into the woods here, hoping he goes after it and then high-tail it the hell out of here? He's getting on my last nerve." Six asked, irritation dripping from every word coming out of her mouth.

"No, he's in this just as much as you and I," Six gave me look. "Well, maybe not as deep as you and I, but he is still apart of this."

Six rolled her eyes. "Look at this!" We heard Sam yell the minute he left the convenient store. He was waving a newspaper above his head and looking as panicked as he was in Paradise. He handed us the newspaper and breathed out.

Another resident found dead in woods; culprit still unknown.

Six sighed. "What does this have to do with us?" She asked, pushing the newspaper out of her hands and toward me.

"People are showing up dead in this town, doesn't that seem you know suspicious to you at all?" Sam asked, incredulously.

Six shrugged, like it was the most normal thing she'd ever heard.

"Wait, listen to this," I said, interrupting their one of many arguments.

"Ethan Highmore was found dead by a hunter in the woods this past Saturday. Police reports show that the skin on this neck was ripped off on the right and his stomach was opened completely."

I looked up from the newspaper to see Sam and Six sharing a concerned look.

"It's not a Mogadorian; they wouldn't just be killing random kids for no reason. Of course, they would kill someone of high value to them," Six stated.

Sam had snatched the newspaper out of my hand and was now reading another part of the article.

"But, this isn't the first victim of this horrific killing spree," Sam trailed off.

"It sounds like this thing is killing off the town's boys."

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