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Chapter I

"A party is a party, and that's that!"

"What are you, Cat in the Hat?"

Jake smiled at me over his sunglasses. "You'd still love me even if I was." I laughed. Jake could always make me laugh. "Besides, it rhymes, doesn't it?" I hit him on the shoulder and he winced.

"Oops, sorry, Jake! I forgot that I hit harder than you!" I teased. "And I'm a girl, too!" I laughed.

"Oh, shut it, Serena." He grumbled.

"Ah, but you still love me like the big brother you are." He rolled his eyes, but the smile on his face betrayed his thoughts.

The sun was warm that day, the grass green, and families were all over the park with their pets, having a good time. I look at the kids with envy, since they still had their parents. You see, Jake and I are twin orphans, though we are almost complete opposite in looks. He had a tan and abs that guys would kill for and women would die for, not to mention he has sandy blond hair and a killer smile! His blue eyes were the kindest things about him, and his hair made it stand out so well!

Me? Well, I'm an ivory chick with true red hair and stormy gray eyes. The only thing we have in common with our looks is our smile. Aunt Velda always said that we had our mother's smile. Guess she would know, since she is Mom's sister. She always said that I looked exactly like Mom and Jake looks like Dad! Guess we're clones...

But hey, it's better than looking like you went through a shredder! (Even though we can't help it half the time...)

"Race you?" Jake was looking down at me with a goofy grin on him. I smiled evilly.

"You know that I would win, even in this samurai outfit." Jake glared.

"I've been practicing, so I WILL win this time!" I rolled my eyes.

"Fine then, around the park twice and this is the finish line. On the count of five, ready? One," We both tensed. "Two," Jake looked like he was ready, so I went for it. "FIVE!" I dashed off with my brother's mouth flapping open like a tuna fish.

"Hey, wait up!" I laughed.

"Gotta be ready for anything, Jake!" A quarter of the way through, I looked back to see if Jake was trying to catch up.

I think that was my first mistake.

Jake's look was one of horror. The only ever time that I saw that was...

I looked at the left of me, only to see the front of a vehicle and darkness. The last thing that I heard was the sound of my name being screamed by my brother.

I'm sorry, Jake, I didn't look where I was going...

Kambei's POV

Never had I been so torn up over a war! But then again, maybe it's because there just isn't any samurai anymore, just hunks of machines that think they're samurai. Off to my right, I heard some screams and gasps.

"Oh my god, that woman is going to die!" I looked to see a bloodied, unconscious woman free falling through the air. I acted quickly and caught the woman, making sure that I didn't get anyone hurt on the way through. I looked to see if there was anyway for us to land safely, but only saw some shades out here and there...

'That's it!' I quickly started to jump from shade to shade. We landed safely down on the ground below in a deserted alley. Now that we had landed safely, I got a good look at the woman that I saved. She looked to be in her mid-twenties with red hair and freakishly pale skin. She had on a hikama outfit with two katanas on her person.

I sat up and started to go further down the alley. I laid her down on some garbage cans. At that moment, she started groaning in pain. Her eyes started to open halfway before closing again.

"Are you alright, milady?" I asked gently. Her eyes popped open at that and she sat up quickly, only to fall back on the garbage bags. When her eyes saw me, I think we were both surprised. What surprised me was the color of her eyes: a stormy gray. Those kinds of eyes and hair were the rarest looks on a woman that you could find.

"W-who are you?" She stuttered out, but then coughed up some blood.

"Someone who just saved your life. Now please, sit back so I can look at your wounds." I tried reaching for her, but she backed up and snarled at me. I raised my eyebrow at that one. Well, that doesn't happen too often.

"I asked," cough-cough "who are you?" She's a stubborn one.

"My name is Kambei, and who are you? More importantly, how did you get like that?"

She narrowed her eyes at me. "Isn't it obvious? I got ran over by a car!"

"Do you mean a station wagon?" She growled at me. Wow, this woman has some issues.

"Just get it over with and kill me." She mumbled. A strange one, she is.

"Why would I kill you?" Her eyes narrowed even more.

Growling, she cursed some very colorful words. "A lady shouldn't speak such words."

"And why do you even care?" She hissed back.

Calmly, I told her why. "Because you were falling to your death, milady." Her eyes seemed to look like she was thinking, then her eyes softened into a cloudy gray look.

She sighed and said, "Thank you for saving me, Kambei-sama. My name is Serena." she held out her hand. I looked at it strangely, wandering what to do with it. She sighed and put it back to her side.

"Well, seeing as how you feel better, I would like to take my leave." I got up and walked away.

"Good day, samurai." She whispered. This day keeps getting stranger and stranger.

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