Chapter 1

"Balance has been restored to the heavens and earth but we have work ahead of us to restore order to the empire" (Kygo)

As true as those words were, balance had not been fully restored, and certainly not to me.


I woke up during the night feeling like half of me had been ripped away. My dragon was gone. Forever. No connection. No more of her glorious power.

I got out of the tent I shared with Vida. It was still dark. I walked over to a nearby tree and sat down on the log that had been rolled underneath it.

"Eona?" The voice made me jump.


"Your Majesty."

I rose from my position on the log and started to lower myself into a bow, but the light touch of his hand on my arm drew me out of it.

"Lady Eona," he said with a touch of humour, "We are not even at court."

I dipped my head in a small bow of acknowledgement.

"Better that I start practising now. Your Majesty." I said matching the humour in his voice.

Kygo smiled and took my hand. "Come, sit with me"

He sat on the log motioning me to sit beside him, drawing me closer until our thighs touched. The concern in his voice overwhelmed my lingering unease and eased my grief.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

I nodded, but he wasn't fooled.

"I feel like there is a hole in me," I said. "I feel so… powerless, now that my dragon is gone from me. Like I'm…'nothing anymore.'"

Kygo winced as I paraphrased Ido's words.

"Eona," he said with regal authority "you shall never be nothing. You are my Naiso, you are the most powerful woman in the Empire.

I shook my head.

Kygo drew me closer.

I leaned into him.

My mind started to wonder. What if I chose to hold the power with Ido? What if the Mirror Dragon had not healed Kygo? I shivered, those were not things I liked to think about, but I could not help it. At the moment all I could think about was…Sethon and Ido. Sethon plunging the tip of Kinra's sword into Kygo's throat. Killing him for the pearl. The String of Pearls, Ido's betrayal, his death. He did not deserve my pity, my grief, yet a part of me still mourned his death.

Then I fell into the Shadow World.

Just as clarification, this is not an epilogue to "Eona: The Last Dragoneye" it is a separate story.

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