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Visions/Dreams are in italics.

It's an unusually cool day in Biloxi, Mississippi. I'm sitting in my car, sipping a rapidly cooling cup of coffee. The parking lot of my favorite coffee house is nearly deserted due to the early morning hour. Even the earliest of risers aren't searching for their caffeine fix at four a.m. The only people who are looking for caffeine this early are those, like me, who have yet to go to sleep.

I've been driving around town since midnight trying to determine where I should go, what I should do, whom I could call for help or advice. I can't come up with a single person. Being the town freak has its drawbacks.

The only decent plan I can think of would be to drive out of the state, pick a town, and find a job. The problem is I don't have a high school diploma or even a useful skill. Well, I do have one useful skill, but it's not like any potential hirers would believe me if I told them.

Being able to see the future has proven to be very helpful in the past six hours, although it's normally a pain in the ass. If I didn't have visions I wouldn't be in this predicament at all.

You see, last night my loving and supportive parents grew tired of my visions, or 'episodes' as they like to call them. I had an 'episode' last night at dinner. One of my stranger visions, I have to say. It was of me, having the vision while my parents exchanged worried looks across the dinner table.

I wrote the strange revelation off as a fluke and continued on with my dinner. Of course, I should have known better than to dismiss one of my prophecies as being useless. They are always important somehow, but hindsight is 20/20.

Later that night, another prediction overtook me. This time it was of a strange white room, with nurses who carried needles, and large men who held me down. I came out of the vision gasping and crying.

It was then, that I realized that something was terribly wrong. So I snuck downstairs, and listened as my parents talked about their crazy daughter and how they couldn't handle being the parents of 'The Schizo' (a lovely name that my fellow peers had dubbed me freshman year). I listened as they called the hospital and requested an ambulance to come and take their only daughter away.

I didn't wait for my father to hang up the phone. I raced quietly upstairs, and packed my bags. Not knowing what else to do, I threw my duffel out the window and shimmied down a tree. It is because of luck (and an uncanny knack for foreseeing loose bark) that I didn't fall and break my neck on the decent. I had never climbed down the tree next to my bedroom window. With no friends or boyfriend to sneak out to, I never had a reason.

I slipped into my old car and closed the door behind me. It cranked loudly and I knew that my parents would come out to investigate. In my rear view mirror I saw their shocked faces. Maybe now they'll finally believe that I can see the future, but it's very unlikely.


Through the false-awake feeling that coffee creates, I can tell that I'm truly exhausted. I decide to take a quick nap knowing that I can just as easily monitor police activity (I figure that by now, my parents have reported me missing) asleep as I can awake. Years of practice have given me the ability to awake on demand after a vision. So I lean my seat back and take a well-deserved nap.


It's dark outside. My watch says that it's 4:45 a.m. A bundled figure walks underneath a streetlamp. A flash of the purest gold is visible in the illumination of the lamp. It's impossible to tell if the figure is male or female. The figure approaches a seemingly empty car, my car. I assume that the figure is male from the non-existent sway of his hips.

As he gets closer, my suspicions are confirmed. This man with golden hair is certainly beautiful, but haggard. There are dark circles under his eyes, and it's easy to see that he hasn't shaved in a while.

As he approaches the door of my car, a car alarm goes off in the distance. I sit up in my seat, and he startles but quickly regains his composure. He taps on my window and I roll it down. I see a flash of silver before feeling a foreign object pressed against my temple. It's a gun.

"You've kept me waiting" I say.

"I'm sorry about this ma'am. But I need you to get out of the car, or I'll have to hurt you." The man says.

I stare him in the eyes. His gentle, mournful eyes. "No you won't."I say.

"I need this car." He says "I'll do what I have to do to get it."

"All you have to do is ask for a ride." I say with a smirk.


I shake myself awake, glancing at the clock. It's 4:45. I wait for the car alarm as my signal to sit up. Although I don't know why I'm even considering waiting for him an option. He put a gun to my head. For all I know, he'll kill me. I didn't see how things ended in my vision.

I see his eyes in my mind. He wouldn't hurt a soul, is what my heart tells me. My mind tells me to get the hell out of here. I ignore it, and wait. Maybe I really am insane.

The car alarm sounds, and I sit up.

Things occur exactly as they had in my vision.

With the gun pointed at my temple I say, "All you have to do is ask for a ride."

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