I may have made a bad decision in choosing this particular couple to give me a ride. They are quite possibly the most caring people I've ever met.

In the hour that we've been driving, the couple has given me the quick version of their life story. The man, Carlisle, is a doctor. The woman, Esme, is an interior designer. They are unable to have children, and are on their way to adopt their second child.

I'm quite thankful that I picked such nice people to help me, but I have a strong suspicion that they're not going to let me go easily. By strong suspicion I mean that I've been having recurring visions about Esme asking to adopt me. She's very displeased with my 'parents' for letting me go on a bus tour by myself, and without a cell phone! She's convinced that they are terrible parents and that they don't deserve a sweetheart like myself.

I feel truly horrible about lying to this sweet couple, but I couldn't very well tell them the truth.

As we get closer to the Pineville exit, I'm becoming more and more anxious. Anxious about trying to get my car back, and having to get away from Carlisle and Esme. I'm fairly certain that they are going to want to make sure that I make it on to my bus safely, but since there is no bus that might prove to be quite difficult.

I can only come up with two options. One: make a run for it when we stop and risk them worrying about me, and possibly calling the police. Or two: come up with yet another lie which seems impossible. It appears I've backed myself into a corner by using the 'I missed my bus' story.

As the Pineville exit approaches, I continue making polite conversation with Carlisle and Esme all the while racking my brain for an escape plan.

As we pull off of the exit ramp Carlisle asks "Where to now?" I tell him to take a left, simply because I need more time. As we drive through the town, I search through my window for anything that could make my escape easier.

We pass a small grocery store, a cosmetics place, a gas station, a bank, and right across the street 'Pineville Pawn'. My car is nowhere in sight.

"We must have beaten him here." I mumble.

"What dear?" Esme questions.

"We must have beaten them here." I recover. "Go back to that gas station, I'll wait for the bus there." I instruct Carlisle.

"We can't just leave you here alone, Mary." Esme says "What if your bus never shows up? What would you do then?"

"I'm not sure." Out of the corner of my eye, I see my beloved car drive down the street. A vision hits me like a ton of bricks.

Glass Doors clang open. Metal Detectors are going off. A man dressed in black, wearing a mask, holding a large gun punches a security guard.

"Get on the Ground!"The man yells. Young children are crying as their mothers usher them onto the floor.

The man approaches a woman behind a granite counter. It's a bank teller.

"Fill up the duffel. No dye packs."The man hands the teller a bag.

The man surveys his surroundings, as the teller fills the bag. He consults the clock on the wall. It reads 3:47.

"Hurry it up" He snarls.

"All of the money from up front is in the bag. If you need more then I'll need to go to the safe."

The man looks at the clock again. 3:49. "Don't bother. He rips the bag from her grip and heads towards the exit.

As he turns, a sliver of the purest gold is visible on his neck. A lock of hair.


". . . wait with you." Esme finishes.

"Yeah, whatever" I say "What time is it?"

"3:42," Carlisle replies "Why?" That gives me just seven minutes to get to my car before Jasper leaves the bank.

Another vision clouds my sight.

Jasper exits the bank. Police sirens are approaching.

He starts running, but stops in the middle of the street. He looks around frantically, obviously searching for something.

The police sirens are much louder now. "Where's the car!?" he growls.

He takes off running, but he doesn't make it very far. The police have arrived. Suddenly he's on the ground, his gun is gone, and he's under arrest.

Shit! I don't know if my conscious can take the burden of being directly responsible for someone going to jail. But it's not like he's a great person, he's a thief! A bank robber. An armed bank robber.

But then I remember last night. He held the door open for me in the diner.

No guy has EVER held a door open for me. I'm the town freak, everyone has always acted like I'm invisible or they tormented me.

It's been a while since anyone treated me like a normal human being, but Jasper had. Well he was a bit of a jerk but I think that Jasper treats everyone that way.

So my decision is made. I can't just let him have my car, I've got to get out of Pineville too. So I'll have to save him. But I've still got to get away from Carlisle and Esme.

"I need to use the restroom." I tell the couple. I fight the urge to thank them for their help, and say goodbye. I know that they will be worried about me when I never come back, and they'll probably call the police. Hopefully the cops will be much too busy dealing with the bank robbery, to worry about one missing girl. By the time they get around to looking for me, I should be long gone.

I enter the gas station. Thankfully, this particular station has a door on both sides of the building. I exit on the other side, and take off at a run towards the bank.

What am I going to do? Bust in and tell him that the cops are on their way and that he's going to be arrested? No way will he believe me. And if it takes too long to convince him, I could be arrested as well. Even if I somehow manage to get him to leave, the hostages would see me and could give the police my description. Then I'd be a wanted felon! So, going into the bank is out of the question.

So, what else can I do? Think, Alice! Think!

If I could get there before he enters the bank . . . problem solved! What time is it? I hastily look around. No clock in sight. I pick up my pace, I've got to make it in time. I keep running.

I finally make it to 'Pineville Pawn'. My car is parked right next to the entrance, but Jasper is nowhere in sight. The bank is right across the street. Through the front window, behind the words 'Pineville City Bank', I see a man dressed in black. I'm too late. What now?

The answer is so obvious that I'm ashamed I didn't think of it earlier. Well, in a way I had thought of it earlier. "I have an idea, how about I drive the get-away car? We'll split the profits fifty-fifty." If Jasper had known back in the diner that he would actually need a getaway driver he might have accepted my offer. I bet he'll have a hard time refusing me now.

I jump in my car, the keys are still in the ignition. I crank it, and glance at the clock on the dash. It reads 3:48. Jasper should be exiting the bank any second. I put the car into drive and do a U-turn in the street. We've got to head back to the interstate. In the distance I hear sirens approaching.

I pull up next to the entrance of the bank and park. I tap the steering wheel impatiently, the sirens are getting closer. Finally Jasper exits the bank. He walks right past my car, and into the street. I can hear him growl "Where's the car?"

I roll down the window quickly and yell "It's right here, Jazz. Now get in!"

"What? How did you- Where did you- The fuck?!" He exclaims.

"I'll explain everything later!" The sirens are getting much closer. They're on the next street over. "Right now, we have to go!"

"Right," he replies as he races to the passenger side.

As soon as he's in the car, I pull out into the road. Increasing my speed exponentially, I turn the corner and we're out of sight just before the cops screech to a halt in front of the bank. We made it. We're safe.

With a smile on my face, I turn to look at Jasper. Jasper doesn't look happy. In fact, he looks down right angry. Very angry, and the gun is still sitting on his lap. Suddenly the gun is no longer on his lap, it's in his hand and it's pointed at my temple.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you right now!" I glance at his face. He's serious this time. When he threatened to kill me while trying to steal my car, I hadn't believed him. I didn't think he had it in him. Now, I'm not so sure.

"Wh-why would you want to kill me?" I stutter.

"Because you almost got me caught back there! The cops were close!" He yells.

"I'm psychic, if I hadn't been there you would have been caught." I decide to fib a little. I don't know if he would have been caught had I left him alone. But leaving him alone was not an option. I needed my car too. I think it's best to pretend like I saved him though.

"You're psychic? Like I'm going to believe that!" He growls. I can tell that he's interested though, he's not as angry as he was before.

"How do you think I found you in the first place? I knew where you were going."

"If you are psychic, how come you didn't know I was going to leave you at the rest area?" He asks.

"You hadn't made your decision on whether or not to leave me. I'm not sure leaving me had even crossed your mind. I had a vision while I was washing my hands of you leaving. That's when you made the decision. That's how it works. I see the outcomes of certain decisions. I can't just wave a magic wand and see who is gonna be president in 2084. There are too many decisions that have to be made between now and then."

He removes the gun from my temple. "A psychic, huh? You could prove to be very useful . . . Does that offer for a getaway driver still stand?"

"Do you promise to never point a gun at me again?" I ask.

"Cross my heart." He says with a grin, while slipping the gun underneath the seat.

"Alice Brandon, at your service! Where to boss?"

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