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"Ok Akaito we all know you hate her now sit down will ya?" Taito snapped earning a glare from Akaito. "Ok you all wanted to know what happened to the princess right?" They all nodded eagerly. "Well here we go." She said and music started playing. "In a little port on the outskirts of town. A young girl stand alone. By this sea there existed, An old tradition from long before." She gazed out the window at the sea and fixed her eyes on a little glass bottle in her hands.

"Write your wish on a little parchment and place it in a little bottle! 'If you let it flow through the sea someday your wish will come true' Flow along little glass bottle. With a message containing a wish. On the other side of the horizon. There it quietly disappears." Rin picked up a small piece of paper with some writing on it that said 'I wish that len will stay with me forever.' She placed the piece of paper in a bottle and put the cap on it.

"You always did everything for my sake. All that I wanted and yet I was always so selfish and troublesome to you. You who grant my wishes! Are no longer here! Will my thoughts at this sea arrive at their destination? Float along little wish tears and a little bit of regret. When I had realized my sins It was always after everything was already over." She gave a small smile before letting go of the bottle clutched tightly in her hands and letting it roll down and be caught by Len.

"Flow along little glass bottle. With a message containing a wish. On the other side of the horizon, there it quietly disappears. Flow along little wish. Tears and a little bit of regret. If we were to be reborn..." She broke off and Len looked into her eyes and said. "It'd be nice if we became twins again." Some really creepy dude walked in. He was wearing a lab coat. "You wanted me?" He asked us. "Yes when we point to you say what you said at that time." They said in unison. He nodded.

They pointed to him and he opened his move and said. "Kagamine Rin is now activated. Condition:Normal." He smiled "Do you know your name?" He asked Rin. She nodded. "That's great let's introduce you to someone." He said. "His name is Kagamine Len." He informed her. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

"Ok guys tomorrow your grandma Haku is going to tell you a story." Rin told them. "That's right so we won't be here don't worry we'll be back Saturday" Len said with a smile and they walked out hand in hand.

"Hey Len?" Rin asked him. "Yeah?" He said. "Promise me you'll never leave me again ok?" She said looking at him seriously. He smiled. "I wouldn't dream of it." He said and hugged. her. She smiled.