Set after the battle with Sellon:

Pairings: Alice/Shun Runo/Dan slight Ren/Fabia & Ace/Mira

Note: This is my first story! Yipes! is thoughts

Ch. 1


"You must reconnect with yourself is what I had said," Wavern commented, " and I can see that you have achieved that very goal."

"Yes!" Dan yelled from Drago's palm.

"But your work is not done."

"What? But Wavern, we have become back in sync with each other and the mechtogan," Drago started.

"Yes, and a good job at that, Dragie, but you are not the only ones against Mag-Mel. There certainly some working for him."

Dan simply scratched the top of his head in mild confusion, awhile Drago looked out beyond Wavern in thought. It was then when he saw shadows fall on Waverns' back, causing him to chuckle softly. "Drago. What's up? Do get it?" Dan asked. Drago pointed at the emerging bakugan.

Out came the old bakugan, which included: Skyress, Preyas, Elfin, Ingram, & Diablos/Angleos. "No way! Shun and Marucho are gonna freak!" Dan shouted in awe, "Wait, Preyas what about your apprentice?"

"He was ready to go out on his own," Preyas switched to his dramatic version, "They grow up so fast."

Elfin could not hold it in herself to slap him.