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XXX - Epilogue – XXX


It's been ten years since that Christmas party where I asked Bella to be my wife. It's the best thing I ever did.

She's changed my life over the years. Having her around was like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day and let's face it, Seattle isn't well known for it's sunny days.

She had said she wanted to be my wife as quickly as possible. At the time, I thought that meant that we would spend a year planning the wedding and that if I were lucky, this time around, I would have a little bit of a say in the preparations.

What Bella did though, blew me away.

After the holidays were said and done, she and Alice got it into their heads that we were going to have the wedding in our backyard.

I tell ya, that, I wasn't entirely ready for.

Bella insisted that our wedding anniversary be one to remember. So, since we had in fact properly met on my wedding day to Tanya; Bella said she needed for our wedding day to be on the anniversary of that one.

And, since I couldn't argue with her logic, I agreed.

One year later to the day of meeting Bella, we had a small ceremony in our backyard.

Bella and Alice had set up a pergola at the far end of the yard. They had chairs and ribbons weaved within the trees and landscaping.

It was June so most of the plant life had some color to them. We had some colorful flowers that had popped up and the trees were already full of leaves.

Alice had roped Bella into renting a huge white circus-like tent and had it installed nearby in case of rain. Alice and Jasper took care of hanging thousands of twinkling Christmas lights inside of it for the evening.

Weeks before the wedding, Bella dragged me to taste some cakes. Only, instead of having one gigantic wedding cake made, my future wife had the cake people make hundreds of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and had them displayed in a tower-like silver rack. It was different, but I had to admit that I loved the idea.

Nothing in this ceremony was like anything I had ever seen. I loved it all since it was the complete opposite of my first wedding.

Instead of a priest or minister, Emmett had himself ordained online, as he was the one Bella insisted would be marrying us. If I didn't love the woman, I may have turned and ran. But all in all, it was different, quirky and completely Bella. I loved it, just as I love her.

And because of this, let's just say we wrote our own vows to avoid having Emmett embarrass us in front of our families. But it was worth it since he actually cried when he finally uttered the words 'you may now kiss the bride'.

"Hey, boys, stop running around." I say to my rambunctious five year old, Samuel and his four year old little cousin, Joshua.

"We're not runnin' uncle E. We're trying to find Laura." Joshua tells me. Joshua is Alice and Jasper's youngest.

"She's hiding, eh?" I smile. 'Cause I can see her toes peeking out from underneath the curtain.

"Yeah. Hey Samuel, let's go look in the basement." Joshua says as they scamper off.

A few months after our wedding, we found out we were expecting. Laura was born the next spring.

By that time Lilly, Emmett and Rose's daughter, was already a year old.

Oh and Alice's oldest son Jared was almost a year old also. Admittedly, a pregnant Alice at our wedding ceremony was very interesting. That little control freak ran Jasper ragged with all of her demands. That boy certainly loved her in order to willingly go through all of that.

Which brings me back to the present.

It's Christmas.

We're once again having the big Cullen Bash at our house.

Bella, Alice, Rose and Lilly are in the kitchen making something that smells delicious while I watch over the children. There are so many of them, it's surprising I haven't lost one. Yet that is.

"Laura, honey, why are you still hiding from the boys? Go find Lilly."

She comes out from her hiding spot, "Well, dad, Lilly is in the kitchen helping them bake pies. You know I don't cook."

I grin, "I know, sweetie. But why hide from the boys?"

"'Cause they are so annoying." She rolls her green eyes and flips her long strawberry blond hair over her shoulder. My daughter is such a tomboy; cannot cook to save her life, but give her a monkey wrench and she can fix anything.

"I know, baby, but they'll grow up eventually. You were annoying at that age too." I chastise her.

She gives me a blank look. Teasing her is what I do best and she loves it. "Seriously dad?"

She gets her attitude from her mom and her looks from me. Except for the hair, I think that was Nana Cullen.

I nod, "Seriously."

"Very funny dad." She giggles and walks away.

The day she was born, I knew my life was forever changed. I thought I loved Bella more than anyone else, but I was wrong. Having kids really puts things into perspective for you. One day you're out there living life for yourself and then the minute they are born, you realize there is just so much more. You see everything from a different perspective.

I love it.

I walk outside and join Jasper, Jared and Emmett. They are struggling to put up one of those giant inflatable Santa's. I just want to laugh at them. I told them I was having no part in having one of those monstrosities on my property.

Emmett whined until I conceded.


"You guys done with that thing yet?"

"No. Who knew they would be that hard to put up? Grab that tie over there, would ya?" Emmett yells as he is struggling with one of the ropes, while Jared and Jasper both hold onto their ends.

I put my hands up in surrender. "I'm not helping you guys. That thing is an eyesore. The real Santa will be here later." I shrug and walk off towards the house.

I've learned that when you're a parent, apparently having a neighbor dress up as Santa for Christmas is a must.

I've also learned from Alice and my mother that giant inflatable decorations on your front lawn look trashy.

I'm being an ass though, 'cause the kids love that shit. But it would be way too nice of me to help out, so I walk into the kitchen and wrap my arms around my very pregnant wife.

"Hey, baby. How's the turkey coming?" I ask and press a kiss to her temple.

"The turkey is fine. The baby is kicking up a storm though." She turns in my arms and I can't help but put my hand over her swollen belly.

"I can see that." I grin.

Seth is due next week. He may very well be a New Year baby. He'll be our last one. I got my manhood snipped when we found out about this one. Three kids are more than enough for us.

"Ugh, are you sure this walking around will help?" Bella asks me while patting her baby bump.

"I know it sucks, but it's your last one, baby. It'll be over soon." I tell her and kiss her cheek.

Seth will be the last baby in the group.

After Lilly was born, Rosalie went through two miscarriages before her doctor figured out she had an anomaly in her uterus. Before going through a third miscarriage, Emmett got himself taken care of, thus putting an end to their family.

Alice and Jasper had decided two boys were enough. Especially after having some tests confirm that with their DNA, girls were never going to happen. Alice immediately took Lilly under her wing and taught her everything she knew about shopping and make-up.

Lilly is a lot like Alice in so many ways, but still holds her own mother's beauty.

Bella and I were baffled that after having Laura, it took four years for us to get pregnant again. We let nature take its course and eventually got our son, Samuel.

We figured it would be nice to have a third but after a few years of trying, we never thought a third was in the works, until Seth.

They say three is a crowd, well, this house will certainly be crowded, but I love everything about it.

I look forward to measuring Seth's height against the hallway door frame on his birthday, just like we did with Laura and Samuel.

Hearing him call me daddy for the first time won't fail at making me cry a little. And when I hold him and he's all full of blood from just being born, I'll kiss him anyways and tell him I love him because he's mine.

"Daddy, when is Santa coming?" Samuel asks, Joshua following close behind him.

I smile at the boys. "Very soon. But you have to be good. And I also have it on good authority that Laura is hiding in her room."

They scamper off and climb the stairs.

"Edward, is she really up there?" Bella asks, grinning.

I shrug. "No, she's outside."

She slaps my arm playfully, "Then why did you tell them she was up there?"

"'Cause this buys me time to call Billy and tell him to haul his ass over here." I kiss my wife's cheek. "Besides, now it's just me and my women." I wiggle my eyebrows at the group.

Rose scowls at me, "Edward, you may want to rephrase that."

I give her my trademark Cullen crooked grin, "Oh, you love it."

Emmett walks in the door followed by Jasper, Jared and Laura. "Something smells good. Can we have pie now?" he whines.

Rose slaps his hand as he's reaching for a cookie, "Get out of this kitchen, mister."

The door bell rings. "I'll get it. It's probably grandma and grandpa." Laura says and runs off toward the main hallway.

I kiss my wife's cheek one last time, "I guess that's my cue to go be a gracious host."

I walk off and meet my parents.

We go into the living room and are soon joined by all the kids.

In no time, the house is full. The Swans, Whitlocks, Hales and Brandons join us as well as the McCarthys. This is tradition. Every year on Christmas we all get together. We talk, we reminisce we eat too much. Then Billy comes over dressed as Santa and we open presents.

It's after midnight when everyone leaves and we all go to bed.

"Baby, I want to sex you up but my feet are swollen and my back aches." Bella crawls into bed and settles herself on her side. Poor thing hasn't slept well in weeks. This baby has taken a toll on her for sure.

I crawl in behind her and nestle her into my chest. I'm the big spoon and she's the little one.

I kiss the back of her neck, which makes her shiver, "You know, sex could make the baby come quicker."

She giggles, "Nice try Dr. Cullen."

I pull her hair out of my way and kiss the side of her neck. I'm already hard and ready for her. Being like this with Bella has always been easy. "Hmm, baby, too bad you're too sore."

I rub my erection against her ass cheeks and rub circles around her constricted nipple. Bella is moaning and grinding back against me. "Fine. If you say it will make the baby come out sooner," she giggles and reaches for the hem of her shirt.

We're a mess of tangled limbs and swollen body parts as we lay on our sides and I push into her.

She's soft, wet and perfect around me.

For the last ten years it's been like this. We move together in sync toward a common goal.

I reach over her hips and under her protruding belly and find the promised land.

She moans and thrashes as I rub her swollen clit. I love how her body responds to mine so quickly; how I am able to make her lose all of her inhibitions and feel me just as I feel her. She constricts and falls apart around me as I hold her and steadily find my pace.

Soon I follow her into oblivion.

We're a tangled, tired, naked, sated mess on the bed as I pull the covers over us and we fall asleep.

My hand rests over her left boob where it usually lays whether she's pregnant or not.


"Edward, I think my water broke." My wife nudges me out of bed at three in the morning.

I'm groggy, my eyes are crusty and my brain is fuzzy from too much eggnog, "What is it baby?"

"I said it's time," I swear I hear her eyes roll in the back of her head. Not a patient one that one.

"But it's early," I whine and flip over to my stomach, nuzzling my pillow in the process.

"Edward. Get up. The baby is coming!" she states firmly as she whacks me over the head with the pillow I was just nuzzling.

It's our third, and as a doctor I know this could go quickly. Laura was a quick delivery for her first child. Samuel was bigger but still quick even with Bella's small frame.

My wife is good breeding stock.

I chuckle at my inner thoughts, earning another whack over the head. "Geez, babe, I'm up."

"You better be." She smiles sweetly and kisses my cheek. These hormones are giving me whiplash. Just another reason we're blessed that this is the last one.

I get up and dress quickly.

We know the routine very well.

Thankfully, there is no need to call anyone since Renee and Charlie are sleeping in Laura's room. I wake Renee and tell her we're off to the hospital.

Renee is ecstatic, of course, and Charlie is still asleep. Laura is in the basement with Lilly, asleep on the pull out, they had a girl's night.

I grab the overnight bag and hold Bella's hand as we make our way to the car.

It's not too cold, something which I am thankful for.

We make our way to the hospital and three hours later, Seth is born. Nothing is as precious as the moment you hear your child's first cry. I will definitely miss that.

Thankfully, all the sleepless nights, hearing said child wake up for one thing or another will make up for it.

Since I'm a doctor and Bella had textbook delivery, we're back home by Christmas day afternoon. It's quick, I know, but it happens.

"He's beautiful," My mom says as she holds him for the first time.

I kiss Bella's cheek, "I love you, baby."

She leans against me and sighs, "Yesterday he was in my belly and today he's here. That's so amazing."

It won't be easy but we're doing it together and that's what matters.

"He's got your red hair, Edward," Mom muses.

I smile.

Samuel runs in, looks at Seth, "Gandma, why is he so small?"

"Because he's a baby, sweetie. You were small like this too," Mom replies. Samuel looks curiously at the baby then runs into my arms. I kiss the top of his head and wrap my arm around him and pull him closer to me.

I never imagined I'd have this.

Three kids, a beautiful loving wife, a thriving practice. All of it feels like it was meant to be.

When I watched Tanya walk down that isle so long ago, I never imagined that that day would be the first day of the rest of my life.

The day she married her therapist and invited us to her wedding, I knew she had meant what she had said. She was happy for me. Amazingly enough, Marcus was able to help her through all of her issues and they now have three year old twin boys.

I guess the day she married me was also a wake up call for her. She just didn't know it yet.

And Bella had a hand in it all without even realizing what she was doing. If it weren't for Bella, I can't imagine how my life would have turned out.

She had no idea that she was my beautiful stranger in the corner of that library.

Somehow when I saw her at my wedding reception, I knew deep in my soul that I had just missed my chance at true love.

Thankfully, fate had something in line for us. It took Tanya into many others arms and eventually took her out of my life.

If it weren't for Bella, I can't imagine how my life would have turned out.

Now, surrounded by my family, I am grateful that she's the one.


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