Author notes:

This is my first fanfiction. In fact, I've been largely out sync with the writing side of myself for some years now. I would like to get back into it, and decided this might be a good way. I would love some feedback on this, and to be told frankly if I should keep going or not. I have a few plot points in mind, but am unsure if I should (if I do continue) go more with a series of one-shots, or a cohesive story. I know this idea has been killed since the episode aired, but… I guess I couldn't help myself.

Really, opinions would be lovely. I've never done this before and I don't want to start something silly.

"I'm pregnant. You're the father."

The smiles that crept upon their faces betrayed to the world an unspeakable happiness, each consumed within their own thoughts:

Brennan, of the fear she'd had in confiding in Booth. She'd told him, that morning before Broadsky was caught, that this was a possibility, but the matter had not been brought up since. He'd given no further explanation into his own opinions of the matter, and her attempts to slide the idea his direction to gauge his reaction earlier that day had been largely unsuccessful. She wasn't entirely sure what she thought of the situation just yet, but she did know, seeing that bright, genuine grin, the one thing she'd been worried sick about all day would trouble her no longer.

Booth's thoughts were clouded by a warming sensation in his gut and reminisces of a dream he had only hoped would someday come true. His mind flashed to visions of another time, another place, another Brennan, clad in black, with red fingernails and clunky black earrings, sitting on his lap, tugging at his tie. Of nuzzling noses, smiles. He was vaguely aware of his own actions as he took a step forward and embraced her: a tight hug, one of their guy hugs, more for himself than for her, to ensure she was real, that this was not just a dream.

"Was there ever any doubt?" Booth asked through grinning lips, a chuckle in his throat, slipping one hand down to her waist.

"No, of course not. As I told you, I have not been sexually active for some time now, which was ultimately the basis for –"

"Shh." Booth held a finger over her mouth and continued holding her, savoring the moment as long as possible. He knew it wouldn't be long before Bones would find some way to wrestle her way out of his embrace – she always did, never having been the cuddling type.

"Booth, we're standing on a street corner. Should we keep walking?" However, she made no move to tear away.

"Bones." Booth said, the grin receding to a contented, dreamy smile. Always his Bones, stating the obvious. "Bones," he half chuckled, then released her from his grasp.

"I know this is not a comfortable situation for you, with your religion dictating extramarital intercourse a sin, but I –"

"Bones," Booth said for the third time. He'd had some time to process the information by now, as much as he could process it. At any rate, he was no longer completely dumbfounded. "Bones. Listen, we don't need to worry about any of that right now. You're right, we should keep walking. It's late. Let's just get you home. We'll talk more once we get to the car, okay?" He turned to keep walking down the road, the smile still present on his lips, if somewhat subdued. Instead of extending his hand, he extended an elbow, inviting her to lace arms with him as they'd done four weeks ago after sending off Vincent.

She slipped her arm through his and they set off down the street. They were on their way to where Booth had parked the SUV. In their haste to arrive at the hospital, they had foregone searching for a close parking spot and taken one three blocks away. They were nearly there, though. It had taken Brennan a few blocks to work up the courage to get out what she knew had to be said, which was an odd realization for Brennan, who was not accustomed to working herself up to saying anything.

Booth opened the SUV passenger door for Brennan, who got in without asking to drive. Booth started the car, and they pulled out onto the DC streets, heading for Bones' place.

Brennan's mind was still working on overdrive. There were so many things she felt needed to be said, and he'd said they would talk in the car. She needed to get these thoughts off her mind, into someone else's. She needed Booth to hear them. She needed him to know that he had options. Like two years ago, she didn't want to pressure him into anything. She was still willing to raise the child by herself, without him, still willing to get the legal protection he'd need. Whatever he wanted.

"I could get an abortion."

"What!" Booth slammed on the brakes to stop at a stoplight that was still green, not caring about anyone behind him, and turned to Brennan. "How can you even say that!" he asked incredulously.

"I just want you to know that you have options!" Brennan exclaimed repentantly, her eyes wide, looking into Booth's. "I apologize. I've obviously upset you." She turned her head away from him to look out the window, eyes focused on a street lamp.

Booth reached over and placed a hand on her leg. "Bones." Brennan looked back at him. "Do you want this baby?" His tone was an odd one: there were two thought processes simultaneously running through his head. The first, obvious one, and what he had initially intended upon speaking the words, was that of a rhetorical question. They'd been over this; he knew she wanted a child. However, as he spoke the words, he realized that there was the potential that she didn't want the child at all. There was the chance that she'd only ever wanted a child because she knew she could have one without emotional baggage, that now that there was an emotional connection, she would shirk from the prospect. So, ultimately, his question that started with a cool, level tone of voice, ended with his voice cracking an octave higher than the question began.

She turned to look at the hand on her thigh. "Y…yes. Yes, I do." Yes, she did. Most definitely. There had been some doubt initially, but seeing Michael, seeing Angela tonight, had shelved her personal indecision.

"Then that's settled." Booth rubbed her thigh gently and looked back at the light. It was red now. Typical.

"Booth." He looked back at her. "Do you want this baby?"

'More than you know, Bones.' He wanted to tell her just that, but knew she would only ask why it was more than she knew, and to explain, because surely she would understand. So, instead, he offered an illustration. "Sometimes, life throws you lemons, and you've gotta make lemonade. You've gotta take what you're given and make the best of it." The light turned green again, so Booth's eyes were back on the road. "This isn't one of those cases, though. This is like… when you ask God for a loaf of bread and he gives you enough to feed five thousand people. It's more than you ever hoped for."

Brennan paused to consider this metaphor/biblical allusion. She was tempted to explain to him how that particular myth was surely severely overstated and in all likelihood the bread had been donated by local farmers, but kept the train of thought on subject. "So… that's a yes?"

"Yes, Bones. Yes." He smiled again, glancing back at her, at her midsection, that same fluttering, warm feeling emerging once again in his gut.

Brennan was silent for a moment, considering. "But Parker was the lemon case?"

"Bones! Do we really need to have this discussion?"

"Yes! Yes, we do, Booth! You have another child out of wedlock, another accident, and for some reason that was bad, but us having a child is good? I fail to see the difference." There was a pause here, Brennan expecting Booth to say something, but he merely continued driving, eyes on the road, brow furrowed as if deep in thought, so Brennan went on, "We've been together for less than a month, Booth. You'd been with Rebecca longer than that when you found out about Parker. I just don't understand how you can be so happy about this when you've already made this mistake once and seen how it turned out." Her heart felt heavy – she was vocalizing her internal struggle.

"Okay, first off," Booth began, lifting a hand from the wheel and gesturing at nothing in particular, "Parker is the best thing that ever happened to me. We've been over this before." He paused to take a breath, but Brennan cut him off.

"And then you proposed to Rebecca, which effectively ended your relationship!" Brennan was yelling now, emotions she usually kept contained welling up inside again. Wetness began to collect in her eyes, and she was reminded of a night not many months prior, sitting in this seat, opening her heart to him, and subsequently having her heart crushed.

Booth turned into the parking lot servicing Brennan's apartment. He knew she was on the verge of tears, but said nothing more than, "Bones," in his most comforting tone, choosing to park and turn the key to the off position before turning to her.

Brennan sat with her hands folded in her lap, head hung, hair shielding her face from his view, but he could see a teardrop coalesce, a single droplet dangling at the apex of her chin. It hit the purple fabric of her trench coat. Booth placed his hand atop the darkened spot.

"Bones. This is different. You're not Rebecca." Brennan shifted a bit at this, and Booth saw her swallow, chin lifting slightly and angling more toward him. "Did you want me to propose to you?" He asked, a hint of a gentle joke in his tone.

Brennan chuckled one of her deep-throated laughs that Booth found so endearing. A toothed smile spread as she turned to look at his chest and said, "No."

"Okay, good, 'cause I've… I've learned that lesson by now." He put a finger under her chin, gently lifting her face to his, and placed a single, quick kiss on her lips. "C'mon, let's get you home." He groaned slightly as he opened the door and jumped out of the car, intending to rush around and open the passenger door for Brennan, but she got out of her own accord, and was straightening her coat when he made it around to her side. "I was gonna help you out, Bones."

"I am perfectly capable of getting myself out of the car, Booth." There was an edge to her voice, one that Booth couldn't exactly place. Brennan was thinking again. She couldn't shake his description of 'different.' He had never explained why the situation was any different. Obviously, the lack of a proposal made for one difference, and the lack of a long-term relationship precluding pregnancy was another difference, but there was something more her partner was holding back.

"Never said you weren't, Bones."

They made their way, arm in arm again, up the stairs to the second floor and Brennan's apartment. At her door, they stopped.

Booth perked up, and, knowing it was best to be frank, "Can I stay?"

Brennan sighed, looking down as she fumbled with her keys. "I'd prefer not, Booth. I need some time to myself tonight. You understand?" Still not looking at him, she slipped the proper key into her door and unlocked it, beginning to push the door in.

"Hey!" Booth shoved an arm into the doorframe. "Not even a goodbye kiss?" he asked, smirking slightly.

"Oh, all right." Brennan allowed Booth to pull her close, an arm around her waist and the other on her cheek, and they kissed: a deep kiss, consisting of at least five steamboats. As they pulled away, Booth immediately knelt down, startling Brennan by his sudden movement, and planted a quick kiss on Brennan's abdomen.

"Booth, the fetus can't feel that right now."

"Baby, Bones. And I know he can't, but you can." A childlike grin emerged on Booth's face as Brennan gave him one of her best 'You really think you're clever, don't you?' looks.

"Goodnight, Booth," she said, pushing her door in.

"Goodnight, Bones. Call me if you need anything. I don't care what time it is."

Brennan just smiled and shut the door behind her.

Booth placed a hand on the wood paneling of her door, running his fingers over the surface. He was fairly certain that was not how this announcement was supposed to play out, but he'd run with it. He turned, and made his way back to the SUV.