Cain paced back fourth in the room, rubbing his jaw. First Abel, then Praxis. Over the span of an hour. He nose had a small bit of dried blood underneath, and there was a bruise on his left jaw from where Abel had kicked him.

Abel walked through the door quickly, seeming quite irritated. He had obviously got yelled at by Commander Cook, and the blood and marks on his face were still there. "You said you were going to clean me up." Abel said, crossing his arms over his chest. Refusing to meet Cain's eyes.

"Yes, I did." Cain said, walking over to him. He slipped his arm around Abel's waist, earning no protest. Leading them into the bathroom, Cain lifted Abel up. Setting him down on the counter, he supported Abel up with his hand. Instinctively, Abel wrapped his legs around Cain's waist. Preventing himself from falling, and had his arms around his neck.

"Ethan, I'm not going to let you fall…" Cain said bluntly, still holding onto Abel.

Abel pulled back quickly, but still let their noses touch. "You called me by my first name…" Abel whispered, breath ghosting across Cain's lips. Cain smiled, closing his eyes. He pressed his forehead gently to Abel's, before opening his eyes again. He leaned in slowly, placing a gentle kiss to Abel's lips.

Abel kissed back slowly, before poking his tongue out to graze Cain's bottom lip. Cain allowed Abel access, tongues dancing. Their lips moved together, but Cain pulled back. Abel frowned, leaning in again slightly. "I can't…" Cain whispered, brows furrowing. "Can't what?" Abel whispered, leaning in again. Trying to encourage Cain. Pushing thoughts out of his mind to pull away, and let Cain go, Abel leaned in closer. So their lips where brushing together slightly.

Cain tried hard to pull back, but the softer side of him bubbled back up, and he leaned the rest of the way in. Placing a tender kiss to Abel's soft lips. Pulling back the whole way, he gave a smile. "I'm still going to clean you up sweetheart, we can continue later. Deal?"


Cain grabbed a washcloth, and doused it with warm water. Wringing it out, he brought it up to the corner of Abel's lips. He carefully rubbed the skin there, wiping away the traces of blood. Making his way down to the small marks from his fist, or the dirt from the table. Anything else like that.

"My Turn?"

"Your turn." Cain smiled, switching places with Abel.

Using the same washcloth, Abel gently scrubbed away the dried blood underneath Cain's nose. Then across his jaw, and the back of his hand. He absentmindedly rubbed at Cain's stomach, around the spot where he had kicked him. "It doesn't hurt anymore, don't worry." Cain assured, grasping Abel's hand in his.

Abel leaned in and kissed Cain's lips, feeling Cain's arms and legs wrap around his body.

"Cain." Abel breathed, fingers tangled in his hair. Cain looked up into Abel's eyes, his lust-crazed eyes. Cain slipped off the counter, raising Abel's legs to wrap around his waist. Pushing him up against the wall, he removed Abel's jacket. Ravaging his lower neck again, he heard Abel moaning underneath him.

The sound made Cain shiver, letting go of his usual self. He indulged himself in the pleasures Abel willingly offered him, letting his sweet side come fourth. Moving them around the bathroom, Cain set Abel down on the toilet seat. Reaching over, he turned the water on. Testing the temperature, Abel quickly unbuttoned and unzipped Cain's pants. Leaving his hard cock exposed to the cool air. Cain hissed slightly, before he felt a warmth encase his throbbing erection.

Groping at Cain's ass, Abel worked quickly on Cain's hard-on. The bulge in his own pants, starting to bother him. Cain groaned, heat starting to rush to his face. He moaned, closing his eyes and tilting his head back slightly. Cain's hand was on the back of Abel's head, encouraging him to keep going. His tongue flattened on the underside of Cain's shaft, every once in a while his teeth barely brushed over the sensitive skin. Giving a few long hard sucks, he pulled back as Cain let out a shout as he released all over Abel's face. Coughing slightly, Abel looked up at Cain's face again. Cain's face was a look of pure bliss, before he looked down at Abel. His hand found its way to the underside of his chin, tilting it up. He kissed Abel gently.

"Watch your hands next time when your giving me a blowjob, okay baby?" Cain warned, smirking. He stripped them both, before pushing Abel into the shower. Pressing his back against the wall, Abel ran his hands up Cain's stomach before they rose up his chest coming to rest around his shoulders. Cain kissed Abel hungrily, grinding their hips together. The water rolled down their skin in rivulets, hands roaming each other bodies.

"Cain…" Abel breathed, body pressed tightly to the others'.

Cain turned Abel around quickly, hands sliding up and down his sides. Positioning himself at Abel's entrance, he looked up into his eyes. Cain pushed into Abel's entrance, groaning at the tightness. Abel moaned lowly, grasping onto the towel rack attached to the shower wall tightly.