Chapter 3 –

Sam had only just gotten to Neneh's little white Volvo – at the end of the lot – when he saw her running out of the school.

"Sorry, I had to ask her about this Spanish assignment," Neneh said as she reached the car giving Sam a peck on the cheek when she did.

"It's alright," Sam answered as Neneh unlocked the car.

They got in. Sam in the passenger seat and Neneh in the driver's.

Sam was fed up with not knowing how to drive. It wasn't like he had a car or anything but he'd still like to learn.

As if reading his thoughts Neneh asked, "After school tomorrow do you want me to teach you?"

Sam sighed. She always knew what he was thinking.

"Sure," he said with Neneh's favourite grin on his face.

The silence stayed as Neneh backed up out of the parking spot and zoomed out of the vacant lot.

When they got onto the road Sam carefully took Neneh's right hand off the steering wheel and put it in his left. She smiled when he did.

They didn't need to be talking all the time. Their relationship was already on an emotional level when they started dating. They… got each other so well. They didn't need to speak each other's company was all they could wish for.

They pulled into Neneh's driveway and got out of the car. Sam ever being the gentlemen opened Neneh's door despite her driving. They then walked hand in hand up the drive and into the house. Neneh dropped her car keys in the glass bowl on the table by the front door and ran up the stairs with Sam close on her heels. She started to giggle when Sam ran past her and threw open her bedroom door. They ran inside, slammed the door and jumped onto Neneh's bed.

Sam lay down on the bed with Neneh on top of his chest locking her lips furiously with his. When he opened his mouth she moaned and slipped her tongue. The two kept going – passionately kissing – for a least a half hour before Neneh pulled away with lips so swollen that they were bigger than Sam's.

"What's wrong?" Sam asked.

"Nothing," she answered.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah," was all she said before locking her lips – yet again – with his.

She slowly moved further down his chest until she was low enough to pull off his shirt. Their lips parted for only a second to pull Sam's shirt over his head before they went back to work.

Sam slipped his hand up her shirt and put his hands around Neneh's soft waist. While he was rubbing his hands around her mid section she was trickling her fingers over his abs. Slowly. Teasing.


"Why?" Neneh answered pulling away from Sam with a confused look on her face. " I thought the girl was supposed to be the one who wanted to stop?"

"I know. I know... I just don't wanna do it... Not yet... Ok?"

After a couple of seconds, Neneh – with a dazed expression on her face – answered, "Umm... Yeah... Sorry, I shouldn't have pressured you like that."

"No, no. It was just as much my fault as it was yours."

"Umm... Ok then," Neneh said hopping off of San while he pulled his shirt back over his head and onto his body.

After what seemed like an eternity, Sam broke the silence.

"Do you wanna go downstairs, eat some chocolate ice cream and watch 'Beauty and the Beast'?"

Sometimes she would wonder how he knew her so well.

"Do I ever."