Drunken Kiss

Author – UndineAlice

Pairing – Fujimoto x Mephisto

A/N – For some reason unknown to me, I've really started to fall for this pair. Hope you all enjoy this little drabble.

Inspiration - http:/www(dot)pixiv(dot)net/member_?mode=medium&illust_id=19036638

Warnings - Boys love, kissing

Casually taking a sip from his glass, Fujimoto spared a glance over the rim at his companion. Mephisto took a long swig from his wine glass, already feeling a bit lightheaded. He had horrible tolerance for alcohol, yet he insisted that the two go drinking every so often.

Cheeks flushed, Mephisto downed the contents of his glass and reached for the bottle to pour himself more. Fujimoto quickly noticed and snatched the bottle, placing it far from him. Mephisto immediately scowled, pouting childishly.

"Hey, what're you doin' Shiro?" he asked, words slurred slightly. "Thas mine."

Fujimoto sighed and frowned a bit. That had been Mephisto's second glass. No tolerance at all. He pinched the bridge of his nose as Mephisto reached for the bottle again. Fujimoto slapped his hands away.

"Will you cut that out?"

"But Shirooo…" Mephisto whined stubbornly, sticking out his lower lip and giving Fujimoto a pitiful look.

Hand connecting with his forehead, Fujimoto looked from Mephisto to the half-full bottle and back. Groaning inwardly, he finally caved.

"But just this once," he explained as he poured a small amount of the glossy, dark red liquid into Mephisto's waiting glass. Mephisto grinned widely before downing the alcohol quickly. Then he set his glass down and scooted closer to his friend.

"Tell me, Shiro," Mephisto began, swaying a little. "Y'got anyone in your life right now?"

Fujimoto gave him a questioning look. Mephisto continued.

"Y'know, like a girlfrien' or somethin'," he said, hiccupping and leaning a bit towards Fujimoto. The exorcist shrugged.

"No. I don't."

"Has someone caught yer eye then?"

Opening his mouth, Fujimoto paused and thought about it before answering.

"Not really."

Izzat so?" Mephisto asked quietly. Then he turned his upper body to face his friend and said bluntly "I think I'm in love with you Shiro."

Furrowing his eyebrows together, Fujimoto said, "You're drunk."

"You're sexy," Mephisto replied, laughing immaturely.

Sighing, Fujimoto pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"This is why no one takes you drinking. You say the stupidest things when you're drunk."

"But what if I'm bein' serious?" Mephisto asked, moving closer to Fujimoto until their knees were bumping. The exorcist stared at the demon and ran a hand through his short blonde hair. Then he cupped Mephisto's cheek and leaned forward, kissing him softly.

Mephisto was surprised at first but began to slowly kiss back, lips moving against Fujimoto's in a sloppy manner. Fujimoto pushed his tongue cautiously past Mephisto's lips, running it along the roof of his warm mouth, tasting the red wine. It was a sweet flavor and Fujimoto found himself yearning for another taste. His tongue bumped into Mephisto's and the demon moaned quietly as the exorcist began to stroke it with his own.

When the two pulled apart for air, Fujimoto found himself smiling at the sight of Mephisto's hazy eyes and lightly flushed cheeks.

"There's your answer," Fujimoto told him bluntly.

"Sorry, didn't quite catch that. Maybe you should try again," Mephisto said coyly before placing a quick drunken kiss against the exorcist's lips. Fujimoto simply grinned. Then he swiftly pressed his lips against Mephisto's own; he could feel the demon smirking into the kiss.