So, I've had this idea bouncin' around in my noggin for awhile now. I just didn't know how to write it, then I decided "to hell with a normal story layout! I'll do it in drabbles!" so...this will be posted in a series of drabbles. This will probably be the longest chapter since it got a little away from me.

This is also all for WordsOfLeisure since she needs some cheering up and she's one of my online buddies and I hate to see my buddies down or having a tough time, so this is for her. I hope it brings a smile to your face and brightens your day, even if only just a little bit.

So! Anyway, I hope you guys like this. I haven't seen or read anything like this before, it's always one or the other, never all three. Also, don't expect much plot in this or in following drabble/chapters since this is pure fluff and for it to leave me the hell alone. (I also know the rules here at FF .net and well...I'm ignoring them.)

The title is jacked from Led Zeppelin's Hots on for Nowhere.

Dean had been a senior for a whole two months and he was already finding himself sick and tired of school. He was tired of all the drama and all the lectures about his grades and how he should work to improve them if he ever wanted to get out and go to college.

Dean didn't want to go to college though, he was barely cut out for high school, he knew he wouldn't go far. Knew he was meant to be the one left behind while his friends went off and did greater things with their lives while he stayed in their little Kansas town and worked for his dad in the family garage.

So when his day had started out differently than all the others, when two pairs of piercing blue eyes landed on him, when they sat beside him and introduced themselves he had felt something in him…shift.

Jimmy and Castiel, two new students in town and somehow they had latched on to Dean and had become his new friends without him even knowing it. He'd gone through the day, oddly excited about his classes so he could see one or both of them, talk with them and listen to what they had to say.

They'd moved from up north, somewhere near New York, they were the last of their family to be in high school and since their father traveled a lot they'd come to live with an uncle or something. Dean couldn't remember, he'd been too caught up in watching Castiel's hands dance across the keyboard while Jimmy chattered on beside him in their computer science class.

Now Dean was standing beside his locker, waiting for Sam to make his way over so they could get the hell out of the school and go home, when he saw Cas standing in the middle of the hallway a few feet away. Dean had been thankful that he'd shared most of his classes with Cas, Jimmy had been in a couple, but Cas had the same schedule as Dean apparently and he'd grown a little fond of Castiel and his weird ways.

So Dean found himself pushing off the wall of lockers and headed towards Cas who was still standing there, oblivious to the rush of students milling around him while he stared down at his phone with one of those rare smiles. Dean stopped in front of Cas and waited for the other boy to look up, to give him that slight smile and say his customary, "Hello, Dean," like he had when he'd seen Dean in every single class.

When nothing happened, Dean cleared his throat and said, "Hey Cas."

Blue eyes blinked up at him and a slow smile spread across his face, "I'm not Cas."

"Oh…Jimmy? Sorry, thought you were Cas." Dean could have sworn it had been Cas wearing the black zip up hoodie over his blue t-shirt today while Jimmy had been dressed in a button down.

"Nope, not Jimmy either. You've got one more try left before your brain implodes." Dean frowned, looked around and asked, "Are you guys fucking with me or something?" Dean had learned during their study hall that Jimmy's sense of humor was a little odd and popped up at strange times while Cas' was more subtle and you didn't know he was fucking with you until you noticed the slight twitch of his lips or the way his eyes would shine with mischief.

Dean tried not to notice how much he'd learned and observed about the two of them over the course of one day.

"No fucking about on my end dude." Dean opened his mouth to respond, but stopped when he spotted Jimmy and Cas walking down the hallway towards them. They were dressed exactly as Dean had remembered but Cas was missing his sweater. They stopped on either side of the stranger in front of him and Dean stared at the three of them then blurted, "Holy hell, how many of you are there?"

The unknown triplet threw his arms around either of his brothers and said, "There's only these two so far. I plan to one-day take over the world with an army of clones. I've been working out the kinks on the machine but there are still some things to work out. This one has no sense of humor," he poked Cas on the cheek who frowned, "this one lacks a fashion sense," Jimmy glared when his cheek was poked;" I have high hopes for the future though."

"I so have a fashion sense you asshole."

"Oh please, that beige trench coat is not a fashion sense; it makes you look like a flasher. Need I remind you the time you got the police called on us when we were at the park?"

"They did think you were a flasher Jimmy." Cas pointed out, the corners of his mouth twitching.

"Thank you both of you, I had finally forgotten that embarrassing experience until you brought it up again."

"We aim to make you happy Jimmy." The three suddenly seemed to remember that Dean was still standing there, watching them a little slack jawed still. Cas shrugged off the arm draped over his shoulders and stepped forward a little, "I apologize Dean. This is Misha; he is the oldest of us."

"It's uh…nice to meet you."

"Oh you say that now." Misha grinned at him, threw his arm back around Cas' shoulders and steered his siblings around Dean and down the hallway, happily shouting for all to hear, "Come my minions!"

Cas turned before they disappeared around the corner and called out, "I'll see you tomorrow Dean!"

"Yeah, see you tomorrow Dean!" Misha parroted, giving a sly smile over his shoulder, and then they were gone.

Well, that certainly made Dean's life that much more interesting.