Hi guys!

Been awhile I know. But I bring you this short little update! Not as crazy and probably not as enjoyable as the other updates, but... it's an update nonetheless. So I hope you enjoy it and hopefully I'll get around to updating everything else that needs it.


Dean eyed the oven in front of him and turned to look at Cas, who was busy beating the dough into submission. "Why are we doing this again?"

"A project."

"A project? Seriously? What the hell kind of project needs you to make cookies?" Cas just stared at him, shrugged and went about his business. Dean sighed and rolled his eyes, bending again to look into the oven to check and make sure the cookies currently in there weren't burning.

Their first batch hadn't been a raging success. The kitchen still smelled faintly of smoke.

"How many more batches do you need to make anyway?"

"That will be the last batch for my project; the one waiting to go in is for us, and this one is for Jimmy and Misha."

Dean brightened at the mention of getting his own batch of cookies to himself. He'd share with Cas of course, but still… cookies.

They worked in silence for a few more minutes, Dean pulled the cookies out of the oven and put in the next batch. When he turned to grin at Cas, he was greeted with a smirk.


"You've got…" Cas motioned towards his own cheek and Dean swiped at the indicated area.

"Other side." Dean tried again and Cas' smile widened; he shook his head when Dean tried again. Cas smirked and indicated the spot once more.

Dean tried, only to receive the same answer. He scoffed, glared over at Cas and mumbled, "I'm beginning to think you're just fucking with me right now."

Cas shot him an innocent look, "Would I do that?"

"Normally I would say no, but Misha is your brother, so I don't know what to believe."

Cas chuckled, set the bowl of dough he'd been mashing onto the counter, and approached Dean. When Cas raised a hand, Dean back up a few steps, "If that hand goes anywhere near your mouth and then my face, I swear to God, I will break up with you."

They both froze, Cas staring at him with wide eyes while Dean wondered what the hell had urged him to say that. Were they dating? Sure, they'd agreed to go to the dance together next month and they'd kissed a few times and done the cliché thing of making out in the janitor's closet at school… but did that equal dating and being able to actually break up? And when the hell had he become such a girl?

"Are we… do you…" He couldn't even say it.

Boyfriends. C'mon Winchester! Boyfriends!

Cas gave him a smile, stepped the rest of the way into Dean's personal bubble, and licked Dean's cheek.

"The hell?"

Cas stepped back and smiled, "Got it. And… yes. Unless-"

"Well, yeah… I wouldn't have asked you to the dance or anything else otherwise. And did you really just have to lick me?"

Cas simply shrugged and stood there smiling up at Dean.

"Finally. I was about to get diabetes watching the two of you. Are the cookies done yet?" Dean spun around and spotted Misha lounging in the kitchen doorway, smiling at the two of them. Cas mumbled something under his breath about brothers but turned and checked on the cookies anyway.

Misha smiled and approached the two of them. He paused by Dean and looked him up and down before whispering, "Don't get me wrong here, Winchester, I'm happy for the two of you. But if you break his heart, I'll rip your spleen out through your mouth… got it?"

Dean merely nodded; he wasn't bothered by the threat, but seeing Misha actually serious about something was more than enough to freak him out.

Misha grinned, patted Dean on the shoulder, and went to bother Cas about cookies.