Congratulations! The Spanish were amazed by the market and saw golden treasures. You have gained 50 men.

Oh no! You have got small pox disease, you are very ill and you will die soon enough. You lost 100 men

Congratulations! You went to Tenochtitlan and the Aztecs thought you were a god you picked up jewelry and got wealthy. You gained 100 men

Oh burn! The Aztecs found out that you're not a god and got in war with you. You lost and had to leave. You lost 100 men

The Spanish conquest was a catastrophe or disaster to the Aztec.

Lose 20 men

Cortes hade to treat the priests better Gain 10 men

The priests burned the Aztec temples and books so they don't go back to their old religion. Lose 30 men

You've been shown a new religion, and their God helped them when yours abandoned you. You convert. Gain 30 men

You were turned into workers/ slaves for the Spanish settlers. Sorry but you have a lot of hard labor coming your way. Lose 10 men

You made the marriage law and are successfully making a colony. Gain 20 men

New Spain no longer feels devoted to the home land and becomes an independent government after generations. Lose 30 men

Oh no! You got the smallpox virus lose 20 men

Good news you have fund some gold. Gain 50 men

Oh no! You had to start giving your gold to the king. Lose 10 men

Cortez is treating the priests with respect he also gave you 25 men.

A Spanish system gave you Spanish settlers Aztec workers. 29 to be exact.

Gain 30 men

Have your gods abandoned you? Apparently some of your men did. Lose 15 men

Oh no! Bad new… You are a Spaniard in New Spain. You broke the marriage law, you didn't marry an indigenous. You lost you encomienda and 100 men.

Oh damn, you are a lucky person! You are a settler, and you got a number of Aztec workers, now you don't need to touch work, when some other people are working for you. Gain 30 men

Oh burn! The Spanish Conquest is a disaster for you! You became a slave for the Spanish. So said… you got some work over your head. Lose 100 men

Oh wow! Herman Cortez knelt in the dirt and kissed the hem of the priests robe. You are an Aztec that got amazed and impressed of how much respect is given. You gained 50 men.

You've met with the Spanish and believe they are your Gods because of their pale skin and they can make thunder and lighting. Gain 40 men

You throw a celebration for the Spanish and they killed your dancers. The people are angry and rioting lose 30 men

You've meet Malinche a woman who can speak Nahuatl. She converted to the catholic religion and has become a spy and mediator for you. Gain 50 men

You underestimated the Aztecs and they have attacked you. You draw back and are forced to leave Tenochtitlan for the time being. Lose 20 men

Velázquez sent out two expeditions to learn about an unknown area. They found a stronger civilization. The Aztecs want to learn more roll again and gain the amount on the dice.

Malinche alerted Cortés that you were going to attack the Spanish. The Spanish then conquered the Cholula people. You lose 20 men.

You used a musket that took the Aztecs completely by surprise. You gain 30 men by defeating 30 of their men with the musket.

Cortés needs to find out if he wants to be friend or conquer the people. It will take him a while to decide lose a turn.