Hello fans of Irritation! I'm sorry, this is only an Author's Note! I'm re-writing the chapters already written by AkatsukiFreak31. She gave me this story and I plan to continue it. Don't worry! The characters will remain somewhat the same. I can't promise they'll be EXACTLY the same, since I do not have the same personality and writing style as AkatsukiFreak31. I'm going to try to keep them similar.

Anyway, I'm adding more detail and planning to the chapters. I'm going to try my very best to keep this story AWESOME! I've never written an Alternate Universe story so this should be an awesome experience and I hope you will enjoy the products of my imagination! If you'd like a taste of my writing style, check out my other stories. Child of the Puppeteer is my most resent story and should give you an adequate feel for my style. I will be re-writing Child of the Puppeteer... Putting the characters more... in character. :) Sorry for that ramble moment there.