Pein could hear groaning and murmuring all around him. Opening his eyes he glanced around. Everything was... different. The Akatsuki were around him. They were the source of the groans he'd heard. They were all getting up and looking around. Hidan, not stopping to think about the consequences, yelled.

"What the hell! Where are we!"

"Hidan! Shut up!" Pein said in a commanding voice. Hidan's expression turned angry but he did not retort. There was a creak from above and then the softest of steps could be heard. The sound of a door opening, more steps and then another door being opened. Faintly, the Akatsuki could hear a girls voice.

"Trayton, I heard people down stairs!" the voice said.

"Huh?" a boys voice replied groggily.

"There's people down stairs! I heard mens voices!"

There was a thud as the boy jumped out of bed and then the slightest sound of metal sliding against metal. Watching the stairs, they saw a boy with a golf club appear. He saw them, positioning the club in his hand for attack, he charged down the stairs at them, yelling. Pein took quick action, grabbing the club as it was swung at him. He yanked the club, causing the boy to move forward with it. As the boy fell forward, Pein kicked the boy in the stomach, causing him to fly back and land on the stairs with a groan. Tossing the metal club aside, Pein quickly grabbed the boy lifting him to his feet and then forcing him to his knees.

"Kisame, hold him here." Pein said, releasing the boy into the blue man's "care." Hearing the name, the boy glanced up, breathing heavily, he looked at them all. His eyes grew wide.

"cosplayers? Why would cosplayers break into our house!" he thought.

Hearing a scream from upstairs, he realized that the guy with the orange hair had left.

"Ivory!" He panicked, trying to stand up, only to be pushed into the ground by the blue man.

"Do I have to cut your legs off?" Kisame asked, a sadistic smile painting his face.

The boy's heart quickened it's pace. Pein then came down the stairs, carrying two girls on his shoulders. Both were kicking, trying to get away. The boy surged upwards, again trying to get up.

"Okay! You asked for it!" The blue man yelled, swinging a huge sword above his head about to cut off the guy's legs.

"Kisame! Stop!" Pein yelled. Kisame faltered and then sighed. Letting his weapon fall beside him, he picked the boy up, holding him so he faced Pein.

"You're lucky Leader-sama is here... Or not." He said, another sadistic smile on his face. Pein threw the two girls on the floor.

"Sasori, Deidara," he said, gesturing to the two girls. The named Akatsuki members grabbed the two girls.

"Ivory! Alice! Are you alright!" the boy asked them frantically.

"We're okay, Trayton." One of them said, glancing at him. Harshly, Deidara yanked her so she was facing Pein.

"Where is this place?" He asked the girl.

"Why are you cosplayers attacking us!" The girl yelled at him. Slapping her harshly, Pein asked again, "Where is this place?"

"Ow! Why did he have to SLAP me?"

Just as she was about to repeat her own question defiantly, there was a sharp pain in her arm.

"OW!" she yelled.

Deirdara removed his hand from her arm where there was now a nice teeth mark. Seeing this mark, on her arm, the girl looked back at the other Akatsuki members and then back at Pein, shock written all over her face.

"Holy shit! You're the real Akatsuki!"

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