A/N: This wasn't originally a story I was going to do but... I felt compelled to do it. It now seems that the anime's official pairing will end up being Naruto/Hinata and while I'm fine with that... I do not like how it was done. Unfortunately a lot of the stories that have the pairing are somewhat similar or some event causes them to be with one another earlier in their lives(Like how I did Heartless and the Youkai).

So this will be my interpretation on how a Naruto/Hinata pairing should be like. However, that is not the main reason why I am airing this story. The main purpose is to compile what I have done well in each of my stories into this one. This is to be my masterpiece.

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"This day... Will the horror ever end?" Sarutobi Hiruzen muttered while he gazed out the window of his office at the destruction and death in the wake of the Kyuubi's attack.

So many dead... So much property damaged all because of one man. A man that was long thought to be dead. A man that was stopped by their now fallen Hokage, Namikaze Minato, who sacrificed his life to not only stop him but seal away the beast he had unleashed onto this village.

He now held in his hand the child of the man that saved them from certain death, taking the young boy from his mother's lifeless grip. He immediately knew to give the child his mother maiden name. Not out of fear of what would happen if it was learned that he was the fourth's son... But because he would follow his mother's path.

Uzumaki Naruto was the third vessel of Kyuubi no Youko. And he would be hated for it.

The retired Hokage knew that and had already devised a law to keep it silent that the boy was the container. Unlike his mother and Hashimara's spouse, who were not hated for what was sealed inside them. He would be for what the fox did today despite not having control over its own actions.

But what he found peculiar was what he had found in the sealing room, the room where Minato had tried to keep Kyuubi sealed in his wife while giving birth to Naruto. There was a small crater only a few meters from where Kushina lay.

It was too small for anything that could have been done by Minato or Madara. It also seemed like something had pushed the earth away, like someone was digging, instead of an impact crater. That made him wonder further at could have had happened but there was no use trying to explain it.

Sighing for there was nothing he really could do about any of what had been done, Hiruzen gazed at the young child cradled in his arms while he rocked in his chair. "My child... As the Hokage once more I will do what I can for you. This is not a fate you should have to suffer alone."

Smiling softly, hearing a miniscule coo coming from the young child for he was finally waking, the reinstated Hokage sighed. He would have to get this child a nanny to look after him for now. He wasn't sure he could trust an orphanage if they learned he was the demon vessel.

"Father..." He heard his eldest son, Asuma, enter the room with a look of worry written on the young jounin's face. "What is going to happen? Everyone is up in arms about what happened. Maybe if they know..."

"No... It is best that we keep this information to ourselves. I'm already going to put it into a law that no one can speak about what he contains or his lineage without severe punishment. It might not keep them from knowing ... But it will give him a little peace for now. That is the most I can do." The Third responded, softly running his finger against Naruto's tiny hands as he reached out.

Frowning for a moment, Asuma understood very well what his father was doing. He was doing what he could to protect this child... To keep him from torment just a while longer. For once it was known he would be shunned and hated by many of the villagers. "What about the Uchiha? Kushina had already named Mikoto Naruto's legal guardian if anything were to happen to either her or Minato."

"I can't... The Uchiha are not to be trusted." Hiruzen sighed while Naruto wrapped his tiny hand around his finger. "Mikoto may be his legal guardian and I will allow her such... But he will not be adopted by their family. The Uchiha are on heavy watch now that we know Madara took part in what happened tonight."

Restraining a frown, wondering why his father held such disdain for the clan and why he always felt like there was a cold war going on between the village and the Uchiha, Asuma sighed. Whether he liked it or not his father was probably right about that. Just from seeing how Itachi was being raised... Did they really want to put a true weapon in Fuguku's hands?

A knock at the door turned his attention to the three figures entering the room. The first was who they both figured it would be. Uchiha Mikoto reached the desk first, practically storming over to take Naruto from the Third. Next, rather predictably was Danzo who was always looking for new tools to use. Finally to the mild surprise of the Hokage was Aburame Shibi, who rarely had anything to say other than a few words.

The three simply gazed at one another, as if waiting for one of them to go first, Sarutobi had to sigh. Neither wanted to come out and say what they had to in front of the others. Danzo was the most obvious for he didn't want to get into a brawl with Mikoto and the Aburame never got along with the Uchiha.

However he would put this to rest quickly for he had already made his decision. "If you have come here to make arrangements for Naruto, forget it. It has already been done. Shibi, despite being friends with Minato I cannot give you full custody of Naruto. Mikoto, the same thing applies to you for you both were named his legal guardians."

"Living arrangements and contacts will be discussed later for I have not decided on that yet. For now I have a meeting so you may wait outside." Sarutobi stated before giving them a direct order for he wanted to speak to Danzo alone.

Both looked ready to argue, something Shibi was not accustomed to, but one look from the Hokage told him there was another reason for them being shooed away. And it was the man that was in between the two of them.

Letting their gaze wash over Danzo, the two were slowly escorted out of the room by Asuma who followed them out for he knew his father did not want him to hear what was about to be said either.

"So what do I owe this pleasure, my old friend? Am I to believe that you actually want this boy for his good will?" Hiruzen mocked his former opponent for the role of Hokage before his face hardened and his gaze pierced into him like daggers. "Or is this another ploy of yours to gain power for you supposedly disbanded Roots Agency?"

"Actually neither." Danzo smoothly countered for he figured his old rival would figure he would come here for such a thing. "I have no interest in the boy or taking him under my wing. I doubt he would flourish under my tutoring anyways. What I've come here to do is give you a report on the incident in the seals room."

"How do you know what happened there? Even from our best Intel operators we were unable to find a single clue about what happened." Sarutobi narrowed his eyes at the bandaged man before him, knowing he had some unsavory contacts but used them for the benefit of the village.

He swore Danzo smirked at him before replying. "You know I have... Questionable methods and dangerous contacts but this time this information came from the source's mouth... Uchiha Madara. I came across him when Minato warped Kyuubi away from the village."

"To say I was surprised at what he said is an understatement. He managed to break into the barrier Minato had put up, killed all the Anbu with little problems and then kidnapped Naruto to use him to free Kyuubi... Which he managed to do even without the boy." Danzo continued, ignoring the heated look on the Third's face hearing he had contact with the traitorous Uchiha.

"Get on with it..." Hiruzen snapped, having no patience for the man's games. He may have been his friend and he did the village's dirty work for him but that did not mean he wasn't in full control of the situation, something he was going to get across to him sooner or later.

"Ah yes... Before I do I want to confirm his story. I wish to see the boy's eyes. The eyes of the so called savior." Danzo stated, his attention solely on the young vessel who had yet to open his eyes while he had been awake.

Finding his request rather unusual, along with the infant not attempting to open his eyes to see what was around him, Sarutobi had to bite back a growl. While Danzo would tell him regardless if he submitted to his request or not, it would make things smoother so he gently place two fingers at the fidgeting baby's eyes and slid his eyelids open.

And there it was... The eyes he would never had expected. The same eyes of the one that helped create the great clans and gave birth to chakra.

The Rinnegan.

"What? How is this possible? There is no connection to Minato and..." Sarutobi tried to tell himself before he fell silent, realizing that Minato was an orphan in war time and could have come from anywhere. It was very conceivable he could have been a descendent of the Sage of Six Paths.

"I don't know but we both know that means Minato was a descendent to the Sage." Danzo answered having his suspicions confirmed before closing his eyes. "From what Madara said... The boy saved himself and expelled Madara from him allowing Minato time to get Naruto away from him. But that gave Madara enough time to free Kyuubi from Kushina."

"From what I know of the conflict and saw of Madara's injuries, Minato won their bout. It seems he made contact with the Rasengan and had placed a marker on him to try and chase him down. I don't think Minato wanted to sacrifice himself to seal away Kyuubi... He simply had no choice." The bandaged man continued with his report.

Hearing that Madara was injured, Sarutobi frowned for a moment before growling. They could not spare a unit now to chase the man down. He was vulnerable at this very moment and they couldn't capitalize on it. Frustration didn't even describe what he was feeling of the situation at hand.

"I see... Tighten security around the village and keep a lid on this. No one must no about the Rinnegan for it will only cause further problems for us and may make things more dangerous for him in the foreseeable future." Sarutobi tipped his hat over his head while rubbing a few fingers against his right temple.

"It will be done." Danzo bowed before leaving the room without another word, leaving the Hokage to deal with the other problems at hand.

And at that moment both Mikoto and Shibi entered the room once more. One thing Hiruzen knew was that before this was over he was going to have a massive. Not only did they have to make arrangements on what to do... But how to conceal his heritage and the eyes the young boy possessed.

Both stood at the front of his desk, neither willing to break the ice and speak first. This was also in part because the Hokage looked highly irritated and they didn't want to be the one to warrant his wrath. They both had good reasons to adopt Naruto but...

"There is a complication now that no one could have foreseen..." Hiruzen spoke his mind while his attention was focused solely on the young child cradled in his arms, his eyes now wide open. "A power that has not been seen in over a hundred years has been reborn."

Both Mikoto and Shibi temporarily froze once Sarutobi lifted Naruto to their gaze, seeing his silver ringed eyes. "And because of this... I cannot grant either of you guardianship of Naruto for that will fall onto me now... For I am the only one with knowledge on how to train and hone these abilities he now possesses."

"What?" Mikoto hissed at the Hokage, her fists tightening while her onyx eyes bled into the Sharingan. "I gave my word to Kushina that if anything happened to her and Minato that I would take care of Naruto for her and raise him how she wanted! You don't have the right to supersede..."

"I have every right, Uchiha." Sarutobi growled back before he whisked Naruto into his lap once more. "I am the Hokage and if you forgot I oversee everything including things such as adoption. If I so choose I can take one's rights away without question. And in this case... I am the only one capable of handling Naruto in this state."

"May I ask why?" Shibi broke his silence for despite being quite a deep frown adorned his face beneath the collar of his cloak. "Either of our families is capable of dealing with his powers and honing them. I don't see why it must be you."


That one word set off both the Uchiha matriarch and the newly instated head of the Aburame clan.

"WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? Are you trying to say that we would sway him to a direction Minato and Kushina would not have?" Mikoto roared while her chakra flared, probably catching her husband's attention just outside the tower and having him running to her aid.

"I concur... Do you think that we would do something as trivial as turn him into a weapon or something to that matter to gain power? I find that thought to be appalling and disrespectful to each and every clan of our village." Shibi bit back a snarl as he spoke for one of the few times in his life he was truly furious.

"Nothing of the sort. I meant no offense by it and I apologize for upsetting you." Hiruzen calmly responded before motioning to the crying child for their outbursts had startled him.

Both reigned in their killing intent and chakra, but kept their livid gazes focused upon the elderly Hokage. "What I meant by influence was that with this power... He needs to be treated just like any other child. Even though he is something special, he cannot be seen as such. If so he may end up developing a complex that will eventually lead to his downfall..."

"Above all else he must live a semi-normal life... And for that I will have him placed in an orphanage and have his eyes sealed so they will only activate by will like the Sharingan or Byukugan to hide his gift from those who may exploit him for it." Sarutobi sighed, for this went against his better judgment knowing his life would be difficult.

"So... What you are saying is... That you are going to throw him to the wolves. You are going to let them decide how he lives!" Mikoto bit her lip for she knew there was nothing she could do if this was the will of the Hokage and knew there would be no adopting Naruto to keep him from a difficult rode ahead.

The Hokage simply nodded, ignoring the glare coming from Mikoto and the intense distaste from Shibi. "Whether we like it or not, it is what's best for Naruto. However I will not be a fool and leave Naruto in someone's hands I cannot trust. That is why I will have you two appoint a personal overseer to report to you about Naruto's treatment because I know both of you care for his well being more than anyone else. You may take your time to decide who."

To his surprise neither left the room. Instead they simply gazed at the other, trying to read what the other's opinion was of the matter. There was not a verbal word between them yet a decision was made, one both could agree with without regret.

"Uchiha Itachi."

Hiruzen was floored for it was Shibi that had called onto the six year old Uchiha. The young boy had just graduated from the academy, smashing almost every record set by Hatake Kakashi and seemed almost like a machine at times. So why would they trust Naruto's well being to such a young and stoic child.

"My eldest is the best suited to be the overseer. If you want someone that won't interfere unless it is necessary and will make sure Naruto is brought up exactly how you want... Itachi is the best choice. He will also show enough care to make sure he will not be mistreated for our sakes." Mikoto said and knew why Shibi had said her son was the best option they had.

Still not entirely convinced, for Itachi was only six and was only a gennin, Sarutobi could only sigh. If they wanted Itachi to oversee his development, so be it. "That is fine... But since he is so young and inexperienced I will have an Anbu squad watch over him and to enforce his sanctions if they are reasonable and to set up their own if he makes a bad decision."

They did not argue his point, for they were valid, Mikoto could only bow. "Then I will inform him of the situation... I bid my leave, Lord Hokage."

Frowning for her blatant antipathy towards him and the position he held, Sarutobi simply nodded and allowed her to leave while Shibi stayed behind, to speak his mind. "I pray you know what you are doing... For if this does not work you will regret it for the rest of your life, Lord Hokage."

And with a bow, Shibi left as well. Growling for he would be having problems with both of their clans in the foreseeable future, Hiruzen let out an exasperated sigh and gazed down at the small child in his arms.

Was this kid really worth all this trouble just because he was their savior? He hoped so otherwise Shibi would be right...

He would immensely regret it if this did not turn out as he hoped.

A/N2: This is the prelude to the story and merely sets everything up from here on out. This will also start out kind of slow before building up to the point that I caused me to defy my own rules and write this story.

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Naruto will not be super powered despite having the Rinnegan. He'll be strong, but he isn't going to have the power to float over a village and decimate it... Yet. That will take time and by the time he possesses that power he's going to need it. I would explain more but that is what the story is for.

In these next few chapters after I'm going to be shaping Naruto's personality so it will become like how the summary says how he is. I don't want to just jump right into the graduation and have him be so different. I want to show what happens to make him uncaring... Unmotivated (spoiler).

Also on a side note, the title was actually orignally planned for a Blood Naruto sequel... But then I realized that the sequal would really suck for I would have to create and monsterous amount of OC villians and explain changes in Pein and the Akatsuki. So I trashed it and when this story came to me... The title stuck for it matched rather well.

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