"This day... Nothing can make it worse..." Sarutobi muttered under his breath, sitting in his office before turning from his scroll covered desk and gazing out of his window towards the monument that shared his head along with his predecessors and his successor at one time.

Sensing the other two in the room, Hiruzen simply pushed one of the many scrolls on his desk before rolling in the direction towards the two. "Everything is in there... He refused to speak about anything so I had to authorize a Yamanaka to infiltrate into his mind to figure out what happened. ...I will warn you, what happened was graphic."

Taking the scroll, unraveling it to read its contents, a full moment passed before snarled escaped from Jiraiya's lips. He didn't even bother to finish with what he had read and rolled the scroll up, knowing enough from just what he had read.

Frowning at the sight before her, knowing that both Jiraiya and her sensei to be two of the most calm individuals despite the situation, Tsunade couldn't help but attempt to take the scroll and read it. However when Jiraiya pulled away for a split second, the look on his face was almost pleading.

Becoming further worried, she took the scroll before looking at the contents within.

Moments later a dull thud rang through the room, the scroll laying at Tsunade's feet. "That monster... How could he... HE USED NARUTO'S MOTHER AND HER BEST FRIEND! I'LL KILL HIM! I'LL FUCKING..."

"Hime..." Jiraiya whispered but was enough to cut the slug sannin from her outburst and bring her attention onto him. "I know how you feel... But as of now I don't think any of us in this room are capable of dealing with him the way he is now. Itachi has... Surpassed even our status... Our strength."

Sighing as this train of thought would get them no where, the Third Hokage of Konoha continued to look towards the monument as if he was asking for forgiveness.

Of course he had thought along those lines too... But then he came to a harsh realization when he gauged the young Uchiha's chakra and aura that surrounded him. Minato could have defeated him, easily. Of that he was sure but in comparison... The young Uchiha felt like the one other person he truly feared...

Uchiha Madara.

If the former Anbu captain was ever able to create a space/time jutsu like the ex-clan head had he could very well become the strongest shinobi at this current date, taking the title from the Raikage... A man that Minato called a worthy foe.

He wasn't even sure if Madara could defeat the Uchiha if he managed to create his own spatial rift in time. The ex-clan head while a grave threat... Seemed to pale in comparison in almost all other aspects outside of being able to bend space and time to his will.

A frightening belief... But one that could be true.

Shaking his head, knowing to keep down on such a path would only lead to more despair, Hiruzen turned his gaze to the two loyal sannin. "I will have to have him seen by counselors so that maybe one day... He can accept women. And because of this he may never have a sexual urge even when he goes through puberty."

"That I don't understand... He was too young for any of these things to take actually physically happen. I understand Tsukiyomi can make almost anything real... But to force his mind to believe he was capable..." Jiraiya left off and hoped that his sensei and Tsunade knew what he was trying to say.

He rather not have to say it for despite being a renowned perverted... He drew his lines and child molestation and rape was a crime he could not forgive.

"I know... But it happened nonetheless and we have to deal with the aftershocks." Tsunade ran her hand past her eyes, wiping the tears that were forming. "From the descriptions I know he used Mikoto and Kushina... But who was the other? I have never..."

"Kyuubi." The Third answered, his voice downtrodden at the very thought that Itachi would use something... No someone that Naruto had no choice but to have contact with in his twisted jutsu.

Jiraiya and Tsunade tensed at the mention of the fox demon. The name of the demon was fearsome enough, being the strongest of the bijuu, but to hear that Itachi had used her to molest and rape the vessel she was now placed within... Could cause massive repercussions for if Naruto were to find out...

He could rip open the seal and release the fox.

"Yes... He used the demon and it couldn't come at a worse time. Apparently she has been awake for quite sometime and has been very active." Hiruzen sighed for everything just had to become more and more complicated by the second. "They have been in communication for quite some time despite Naruto not realizing what she was and dismissed it as a voice in his head."

"But that is the problem now... For he now has a memory to connect to that voice and every time he hears it will trigger that memory. Therefore there will have to be an addition made to the seal to... Turn her into battle form while within the seal." Sarutobi stated before he turned his focus onto the rest of the scrolls on his desk.

Jiraiya's eyebrow immediately shot upwards, never hearing of such a thing before. "Battle form... What are you talking about?"

Sighing for what felt like the millionth time, Hiruzen shook his head for he thought Jiraiya, having a great knowledge of the history of shinobi, would know. "Kyuubi has two forms. The battle form which everyone saw during her attack and her normal state, the state she was before she was one of the nine recipients of power."

"Kyuubi is not a full fledged demon as some think she is... She is merely a being refined by power given to her by the Sage of Six Paths. The power of Juubi." The Third Hokage stated seeing neither Jiraiya nor Tsunade could follow. "In his day he had more than just two pupils... He had fifteen."

"On his death bed he knew the ten tailed demon would be freed so he gathered all of his pupils. He gave the most trusted of his pupils the power of Mokuton along his volatile brother the Sharingan and four others abilities that could suppress and tame the power of Juubi. The other nine were entrusted the powers of Juubi and became what we know as the bijuu."

"These nine were kept under watch by the other six, not trusting the power of Juubi and believed the demon would corrupt them and attempt to reunite them into one being. Once they began to show symptoms that lead them to believe such they were sealed one by one into the Bronze Pot leaving only Kyuubi for she escaped her fate and conspired with one of the six... The Uchiha. And from that day on Kyuubi became the Uchiha's guardian."

"It wouldn't be till later that the first vessels were made and realized that the power was not corrupting them... But changing their being and refined them so they could wield its power. The chakra of Juubi had been creating transformations so they could house that power. This led to resentment by the bijuu and eventually they were consumed by their hatred leading to their labels of demons whenever they were freed."

"Kyuubi... Was different. She never experienced such rage for she was allowed to live freely with the Uchiha's until the time of Uchiha Madara. It was during this time that the clans were warring with one another and eventually she was sealed after the fateful battle between Madara and Hashirama, into the First's wife. I'm sure you both know of that story."

"Despite being sealed... She never once grew resentment towards her captors for at that point she was being controlled by Madara. Instead she accepted her situation and would be willing to be transferred to another vessel so long as she kept her free will and ability to communicate with her vessels. So even though Naruto did not know it... He was communicating with Kyuubi to uphold our end of the deal." Sarutobi finished and took a deep breath and wiping his brow.

Absorbing everything that was said, frowning for a moment as this conflict with what was in books, Jiraiya had a few questions he wanted to ask but there was only one that would prove that this story was this true. "Is that what Mito said?"

Seeing Sarutobi nod, Jiraiya rubbed his temples for now he knew it was most likely true. If it came from the Hashirama's wife there was no doubt that there was truth to the matter, having been there and mildly involved with Kushina's sealing process, and knew there were certain conditions that had to be met with the seal.

Still this didn't make too much sense. He knew of the story of the Juubi and the Rikudo Sage but to know that if it wasn't for his six pupils the bijuu wouldn't have turn into blood thirty monsters with the exception being Kyuubi... That was a little harder to swallow.

"But... That doesn't make sense. Whenever Kushina went over and used too much of the fox's chakra she became extraordinarily violent and would attack anyone. From what you are saying Kyuubi is a gentle being." Tsunade frowned as she remembered past experiences of Kushina drawing forth multiple tails of the demon's chakra.

Seeing that he needed to explain a little more, the Third brought forth his old pipe and made sure it was packed before lighting it. "I wouldn't say gentle... She has a heart and can care... But you have to remember her chakra is remnants of Juubi's power and while she has not been corrupted... The wielder is much more susceptible and falls pray to it while under the influence."

Frowning still, it made a little more sense to Tsunade. She also knew that Kushina spoke to the beast but never said anything about what was said... But that could have meant many different things...

"Jiraiya... I'm going to need your help implementing these seals onto the overseal." Hiruzen turned his attention onto the toad sannin before motioning him over to the few scrolls on his desk. "While I am very knowledgeable of all aspects you are my superior when it comes to sealing and the best seals for a certain job."

Taking a look at the scrolls for a moment, Jiraiya could only nod his head while he studied them. "I think they will... There needs to be a few adjustments and I'm unfamiliar with this process... But I can make this work. However... If I may. Why not just cut Kyuubi from Naruto for now?"

"NO!" The Sandaime hissed out at Jiraiya. "I've already stated reasons why not to but now even more she will be needed in Naruto's life. She will be the last line of defense to keep his mind from snapping. And above all else she will be able to guide him..."

"To guide him?" Tsunade immediately fired back, her eyes slightly narrowed at this statement. "Despite what you have said... I don't see any reason why we would allow her any control over this situation. She has been sealed over sixty, almost seventy years now! She may have developed the same hatred the others possess and could mold him into a weapon and with the Rinnegan..."

"Tsunade... It is because of the Rinnegan I trust Kyuubi in this situation." Sarutobi interrupted Tsunade from her rant, gazing into her hazel eyes. "No other knows the responsibilities that being blessed with Rinnegan than the fox. She was there..."

"She was taught under the Sage and she saw the miracles he performed. And it is because of that she will do what it takes to have Naruto walk that path... Becoming the next Sage as he should."

Frowning at how his sensei responded, Jiraiya was now puzzled. While he could get the fox being a last line of sanity for if her vessel went down hill it would mean that she could be sealed into another without anyone knowing of her conditions and that could cause a problem.

However it was what Sarutobi said at the end that really caught his attention and when the light clicked his eyes widened. "She loved him..."

The Third nodded in response before taking a deep breath. "Just like any daughter would love their parents."

Both Jiraiya and Tsunade tensed at the revelation that had been revealed before them and Tsunade was the first to vocalize her thoughts of that. "You can't be serious... She can't literally be his daughter?"

"And yet she is." Hiruzen softly sighed and rubbed his left temple. "Out of everything he gave to his disciples in the end he could not trust anyone else but his very own flesh with the power of Juubi... Just like Minato trusted Naruto with the task of being Kyuubi's vessel even if time was limited when the call was made but I'm know there were others available."

At this reason neither could truly find a fault. There wasn't a doubt that Minato could have picked up any other child and left Naruto alone and had sealed Kyuubi away. However instead he used Naruto, for whatever reason since the events of that day were eschewed and no one truly knew what happened, as he trusted his more than anyone else.

And why wouldn't the Sage of Six Paths have the same devotion to his daughter and believe she could withstand the power of Juubi?

Coming out of his stupor, Jiraiya rolled up the scroll of seals that his sensei had handed him and took a deep breath. "Have Naruto prepped for the sealing in a few days. I should be finished with the adjustments and will implement them into the overseal. However I would like to request one thing in exchange for my services."

Frowning at the mere notion that Jiraiya wanted some for of compensation for this, and noting that Tsunade didn't look to happy at his choice of words either, the Third tilted his head at his white haired student. "And what would that be?"

"Move all Naruto's things into his father's estate... I am coming home and I will be the boy's guardian." Jiraiya said with a stern glare as he gaze towards his sensei. "I will not except anything less after this and I know you thought you were doing what was best for him by being his main guardian... But now I hope you can see that it would have been wiser to have left either Mikoto or Shibi in charge."

Hiruzen couldn't help but be surprised at the demand Jiraiya wanted. To be honest he was expecting Jiraiya to have someone situated around Naruto at all times from this point onwards as a legal guardian but he hadn't expecting that Jiraiya himself would take that role... Not to mention that he had his spy network and his personal hobbies...

Needless to say he wasn't the only one to think this and Tsunade had to call the Toad Hermit on this. "And just what makes you think you are an appropriate guardian for Naruto? You peep on women constantly, you go to brothels to get your jollies off more times than actually checking on your agents in said brothels and both of these things could and would traumatize Naruto if he were to see them thanks to what that bastard did to him!"

"Look, I will admit that I am not the best person in choice of character and those are flaws that have haunted me to this day." Jiraiya admitted that those factors actually made him a rather horrible guardian especially after the trauma of Tsukiyomi. "However... It is time that I stopped with this childish behavior and do what is necessary and if that means abandoning what makes me truly happy... I'll do it for him."

"And as for my spy network I won't be able to look after it as well spending most of my time here in Konoha so I will need someone outside to keep tabs on it for me. Tsunade... You know what I'm asking." Jiraiya added on as he turned his gaze to the Slug Princess.

Tsunade was in shock at her teammates actions. First of all Jiraiya had just sworn off his perverted habits all for Naruto and that was a tough pill to swallow on its own. And then he immediately followed by asking her of all people to keep his spy network in check as he was here taking care of Naruto.

And was it that much of a price to be asking her if he was going to give up everything?

"I agree with Jiraiya..." A new voice spoke, making both Jiraiya and Tsunade turn their heads to the door seeing the newcomer was standing by the door with yet another silent individual.

"When the hell did you get here and further more didn't I tell you to keep from restraining yourself, Mikoto?" Tsunade questioned seeing Shibi standing next to the Uchiha matriarch wearing nothing both her medical gown. "And didn't I leave Shizune at your side so you wouldn't strain yourself?"

"I hypnotized her after I heard you three were holding a meeting about Naruto without us." Mikoto hissed at the Sannin, displeased that she and Shibi were not called to this meeting to decide what was the prudent move for Naruto's future. "Futhermore thanks to what my bastard of a son did to not only Naruto but myself it would be nearly impossible for me to ever watch over him again."

Jiraiya winced at that for they had an equal right as anyway to have a say on what was best for Naruto than anyone else. After all they were originally intended to be his guardians while he and Tsunade were just his godparents. So in all fairness they should have a vast majority vote in deciding what was best for him in the first place.

"I also concur with Mikoto. And we've been here since your outburst on what Itachi had done to him, Lady Tsunade." Shibi added on after a moment's delay. "To be honest now Naruto is a peculiar situation and not even I would be able to look after him since at this moment he fears all women. It would be best for Jiraiya to be his guardian now as he has no attachments to one particular woman and after hearing his vow I feel confident that he will not lead us astray and take care of Naruto as he was intended to be."

"Geez... I'm getting rusty if I didn't sense either of you there." Tsunade rubbed her right temple in annoyance for she hadn't even sensed the duo behind her before closing her eyes for a brief moment and turning to the Third. "I have to agree with them. Jiraiya as Naruto's guardian is the best course of action at this moment until Naruto is capable of taking care of himself and returning to his networks."

Seeing that all four had banned together for one cause, Sarutobi's hands were tied. Eight years before when it was only Mikoto and Shibi he was able to hold his ground for he believed he was correct in his assessment but after everything that had happened since then... He realized he had made a grave mistake.

If he had let Shibi taken care of Naruto he would be sure that Naruto would have a fairly decent life even if he inherited a little of the Aburame's personalities. Hell, it could have been quite possible for Naruto to have deter Itachi from this path if he had allowed Mikoto to look over Naruto. Who really knew?

Each of them had there merits back then and now that his had panned out for the worse it was time to admit he was wrong. "Then it shall be so... From this day onwards Uzumaki Naruto will be placed under Jiraiya's guardianship. In addition I hereby announce that while Jiraiya is within Konoha's walls Tsunade will maintain the networks that Jiraiya has forged to continue the informational edge we have on the other villages."

"I would also have two request." Mikoto spoke after another moment's silence and as everyone was about to go about there business. "Firstly I would like to have someone act as Sasuke's guardian until it is deemed at such time I am able to take care of him once more. As you know, Lord Hokage, Naruto was the only fucked by my son."

Leaving those words hanging in the air, making each person wince at the mere thought that Itachi had done that to his very own mother was not only sick and degrading but had done sever damage to her mental capacity just like he had done with Naruto, Hiruzen sighed and for a short moment thought of reaching for his pipe.

"Very well... I will have to find someone capable to do so at this moment. I would hand him over to Jiraiya as I've done with Naruto but the reality of the matter is that he will have his hands full with dealing with Naruto and refraining from returning to his old habits." Sarutobi stated once he cleared his head and acted on his best judgement.

"Very well. That is acceptable." Mikoto spoke with a slight edge to her voice though no one really called her for it. "My other demand is this... I would like to train Naruto when and if he is ever able to get over his fear of me in a few choice areas."

"And what is it that you want to train him in? I am more than efficient to train him in various subjects when the time comes as Naruto isn't the first Rinnegan wielder I have trained. And even if it involves Doujutsu abilities I'm fluent enough to teach him" Jiraiya spoke with a slight edge in his voice, wondering just what in the world Mikoto wanted to train Naruto.

It wasn't that he didn't trust her, as he dealt with her quite often when she was around Kushina, but he didn't want to have to worry about someone watching his every move and dictating whether or not he was doing a good job.

At this Mikoto simply turned to him and Jiraiya jumped back in alarm as he notice the shift in her Sharingan eyes. "Because I want to see if the Rinnegan is truly capable of wielding even Mangekyou techniques since the Sharingan is devolved form of the Rinnegan or at the very least is able to counter them."

"I want to make damn sure he is able to counter Itachi if they ever run into him again!"

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