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Edward absolutely loved his job. Well, who wouldn't love seeing men try on sexy suits? Sure, not all the men Edward saw were attractive, but people doubt the effects a suit can have on a man. If it fits him well, it changes his entire appearance. An okay guy comes in and leaves a handsome gentleman.

But damn. This guy did not need any help. He was already drop dead gorgeous. Edward fought to keep his mouth closed and tongue inside.

This man stood proud and he had every reason to. He was tall and lean. He wasn't scrawny, but not overly muscular either. His legs were incredibly long, and he knew how to wear a pair of skinny jeans. Edward's eyes slid up those legs and took in his perfect ass. It was round and tight, definitely something Edward could get a handful of. Up further, Edward's mouth watered at the sight of the sexy black leather jacket the man was wearing. It was tight like his jeans, and showcased his broad shoulders leading down to a narrow waist. While the man's body was enough to drive Edward wild, it was his face that made him want to bend over the desk, begging the man to ravish him. Like the rest of him, the man's face was long, his neck slender. Lightly curled blonde hair hung nearly to his shoulders and framed his face impeccably. The man's plump, pink lips quirked into a smirk and his aquamarine eyes became smug. Busted. Edward would've been embarrassed had he any shame, but he didn't. He mustered his most dazzling smile.

"Welcome to Pierre Formal. Is there anything I can help you with?"

Now, Jasper knew he was damn sexy. Anywhere he went, he expected to be ogled. So, it didn't surprise him when he walked into the store and caught the cute red head looking him up and down. And it wasn't in the way some men looked another up and down to gauge whether or not the other had a larger dick than he did. No. It wasn't a competition. It was a lusty and needy looking over. The red head was most certainly gay. For Christ's sake, he looked like he stepped out of an International Male catalogue. Everything matched perfectly and Jasper would bet his Ferrari that he was wearing a pair of briefs that were the same color as his tie.

Jasper always loved a man who knew how to dress. While he liked the vest and dress pants look, it wasn't really his style. Jasper knew his ass had to be seen, so he wore the tightest jeans he could get his hands on. He also vouched for tight v-necks and sexy blazers, or, of course, his favorite leather jacket. After admiring the cute red head's smile, he walked up to the desk, slowly so that the guy could drool over Jasper's banging body.

"Hmm, I believe you can," Jasper glanced at the red-head's name tag, "Edward."

Edward almost blushed. Not only was this man insanely hot, but his voice was low and sultry. He repositioned himself so that his half hard cock was out of the blonde haired man's view. Again, not that he was embarrassed by it. No, Edward just wanted to stay professional. Outside of the store, he wasn't so sure he'd be professional. If this man ever came into his favorite club, there wasn't a doubt in Edward's mind that he would've made it crystal clear just how excited he was because of the mysterious hottie.

Edward quirked an eyebrow at the man and let his smile become a bit more suggestive.

"Oh? Is there a special event you need outfitted for?"

Jasper was seriously starting to like this sales associate. He trailed a finger across the desk slowly. "Something like that." He looked up at Edward and turned the smolder on full blast. "Maybe you can help me pick out something pretty."

Edward nearly moaned, but kept his composure. "I most certainly can do that."

"Great," Jasper all but purred.

Edward made his way around the desk. "Do you know your measurements?" He prayed to every deity that the gorgeous man did not.

Jasper, intrigued by the idea of having the red head wrap his arms around him to measure, shook his head, his curls bouncing. He did indeed know his measurements.

Edward pulled his tape measure from his pocket. "Not a problem."

Jasper took the time to check the red head out as he measured him. Up close, Edward's hair was more of an auburn than red. His eyes were deep forest green. His face was angular, with a strong jaw line begging to be nibbled. As he worked, Edward bit his full, red bottom lip. He was a few inches shorter than Jasper, which pleased him. Jasper was the dominant one in relationships, and a height advantage always seemed to confirm that. From what he could see, Edward's ass was pretty impressive too. Overall, Edward was worthy of Jasper's time and attention.

Edward prolonged the measurements for as long as he could. He took many unnecessary steps, like measuring the width of his leg and circumference around his pecs. All this was done in an attempt to have his hands on the sexy man. When he admitted to himself that there was nothing else he could measure, he stepped away and looked the beautiful man up and down again.

"I think I've collected all your… numbers. Are you ready to find something pretty?"

Jasper stepped closer to the sales associate, running his index finger seductively down the tape measure draped around Edward's neck. Their eyes were locked on the others'.

"I've already found something pretty, but I'd love to look at the suits."

Edward suppressed his shiver and led the blonde man to his favorite designer in the store. He was surprised at how well versed the blonde was in fashion. That was a major turn on. After twenty or so minutes, Edward was able to put together a fabulous ensemble based on the customer's preferences. Edward unlocked the biggest and nicest dressing room for him.

"Here you are. If you need any help-"

"Listen, Edward, I'm going to cut to the chase. I know you want me, and I want you. Let's skip the formalities and just do it."

Edward, who had only been half hard, stiffened at the man's boldness and was absolutely ready to jump his bones. Except…

"As much as I'd love to do that, I need to know your name."

Jasper smirked and pulled Edward close to his body. "Why? Do you want to know what to scream when I'm fucking that tight ass of yours?"

Edward gulped and nodded. Jasper's smirk became more pronounced as he leaned in to whisper, "You can just call me God, Edward. I'm the closest thing to Him as you'll get. And I assure you- I'm better than Heaven." He jerked Edward's face up and attacked his pretty red lips. He wasted no time demanding entrance into the red head's mouth, who granted it to him. The kiss got progressively more intense. Jasper pushed the shorter man against the mirror in the dressing room, his hands pulling the man's hips closer to his own.

Edward couldn't stop the shiver that ran down his spine and dropped the suit he had been holding until that point. He loved feeling dominated by the beautiful blonde man and he honestly tried to remember why he shouldn't be doing this right now. His mind became more clouded the longer they kissed. Before it was too late, Edward was able to pull away.

"I… need to… lock the door," he said breathlessly.

Jasper relinquished the red head and watched as he went to the front of the store, closed the blinds and locked the door. No one else was in the store, and that was a damn good thing. Jasper couldn't help but stare at Edward's ass, his mouth watering at the thought of impaling the sexy red head with his impressive cock. Edward turned back to Jasper, finally. His green eyes burned as he slowly walked, no, sauntered back to him. Jasper ran his right hand up his thigh and began to palm his hard, jean clad cock.

"Do you think you can handle me, twink?"

Edward bit his lip and ran a hand through his already tousled hair. Then, he moaned and ran a finger down the man's chest.

"What do you think?"

Jasper grabbed Edward's right arm and yanked him closer, needing to taste him again. His tongue plunged into Edward's needy mouth, hands working on the red head's vest, then tie and the buttons on his light blue shirt. Edward pushed Jasper's jacket off his broad shoulders and gripped them for dear life. He was in for the ride of his life.

Jasper pulled Edward's tie and shirt completely off, throwing them to the ground on top of the navy blue vest. Then, he went to work on his matching blue pants. Edward was already tenting them, so Jasper thought it only best that they go as soon as possible. They slid down his legs, and lo and behold, his briefs did indeed match his tie.

Edward jumped out of his pants and shoes as fast as he could. Then, realizing he was almost naked while the other man was fully clothed, he unbuttoned the man's skinny jeans.

Seeing how excited Edward was, Jasper decided to toy with him. Rather than take his shirt off normally, he crossed his arms as his hands went to the hem of his shirt. Painstakingly slow, he inched it up.

Edward nearly bit through his lip as he watched the blonde man take his shirt off. He went slowly, giving Edward time to commit every inch of his stomach and chest to memory for wanking later. When the shirt finally came off, Edward wasted no time and started licking and sucking the man's chest. As his tongue circled his left nipple, the blonde man moaned and knotted his fingers into Edward's hair.

Jasper was about to come undone under the red head's skilled tongue. Desperately needing out of his pants, he pushed Edward's head down ever so slightly. He must've gotten the hint, because he was on his knees, yanking the tight jeans down his legs. Jasper loved going commando, and today was no different.

Edward enjoyed having two eyes, so when he felt no underwear beneath the blonde man's pants, he backed away slightly when he pulled the man's pants down. Springing free from its confinements, the beautiful man's cock stood out proudly. Edward moaned and bit his lip before taking it in his mouth.

Jasper growled at the heat of Edward's mouth. He imagined the red head must've been very experienced, because Jasper never felt anything like Edward's tongue. It toyed with the vein under his dick, curled around the head and drew intricate patterns along the shaft. If he let the sales associate go any longer, Jasper was sure he'd come too quickly.

"Stand up. Let me see that pretty ass of yours."

Edward obliged and turned his back to the blonde man. He gave him a little strip tease, so Edward was going to return the favor. Hooking his thumbs under the waist band of his briefs, Edward inched them over his ass.

Jasper was enjoying the little show. His eyes looked the red head up and down. There was not a single hair on his toned body. His skin was a creamy pale color, save for a few freckles. Edward was the cleanest looking Irish boy Jasper had ever met. And he knew quite a few Irish boys. Jasper reached out to run a hand down the man's back. Edward arched into his touch and bent over, pushing his ass towards him.

"Get the condom and lube from my jacket pocket."

Edward did as he was told and handed the goods to the blonde eagerly.

Jasper wasted no time in preparing the wanton man in front of him. He lubed his fingers and ran his index around Edward's puckered hole. He heard a sharp intake of breath and watched in the mirror as Edward's eyes closed and teeth bit into his bottom lip. Jasper stuck his finger in to the first knuckle.


He pushed it all the way in and massaged from the inside. After a minute, he added another finger and began to scissor them, stretching the muscles. Before long, Edward was pushing back on Jasper's fingers, exclamations of 'fuck' and 'shit' falling from his cherry lips. Jasper yanked his fingers out, ripped the condom wrapper open, rolled it onto his cock and lubed it up. He was getting too excited and was ready to fuck.

Edward gripped the sides of the mirror and squeezed his eyes shut as the blonde slammed into him. He had been properly stretched, but the beautiful blonde man was big. Edward sucked in a ragged breath.

For a split second, Jasper became worried. He never really thought about being careful with the men he fucked. All he really ever did was stretch them a bit and start fucking them good and hard. Hell, he didn't even really care if they got off, as long as he came, he was good. But there was something about Edward that brought a level of concern out of Jasper. What was it? Why did he worry about the man that was bent in front of him so eagerly?

"Are you okay, Edward?"

Edward moaned in reply, and Jasper took that as an okay to proceed. He rocked his hips back and forth, going slowly at first, but steadily picking up speed.

"Look at me. I want to see your eyes."

Edward opened his eyes and gazed into the man's blue ones through the mirror. Never had he seen such striking eyes. They were bluer than the most priceless of sapphires. Until that point, Edward's favorite gem had always been a diamond. C'mon, diamonds are a girl's (or gay boy's) best friend. But right then, while getting his tight ass fucked by some gorgeous man who he still did not know the name of, Edward couldn't imagine anything more beautiful than the glittering sapphires that were his eyes.

Jasper adjusted his angle, and Edward's back arched and he moaned in wanton desperation.

"You like that, don't you, twink?"

"Oh yes! Oh God, YES!"

Jasper chuckled, but it was cut off by a throaty grunt as Edward flexed around him. He could tell the man was close, so in a very non Jasper move, he reached around the red head's body to stroke his cock.

As soon as the customer's hand touched his dick, Edward felt like he would burst.

"Yes! Right there! Oh God… I'm co-co-coming!"

Edward tightened around Jasper's cock, and all it took was a few more thrusts before he reached his own earth shattering orgasm. Jasper's mouth opened, but no sound came out. His knees trembled and he couldn't hold his torso up. He collapsed on the red head's back.

Edward loved having the beautiful man's weight on him, but he didn't think he'd be able to hold him up for long.


"Oh, sorry."

Jasper pulled out of the sales associate and peeled the thoroughly used condom off and tied it. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Edward lean into the mirror, his cheeked pressed into the glass and his breath leaving a foggy patch. It was the most adorable thing he had ever seen.

"Didn't I tell you I was better than Heaven."

Edward let out a breathy laugh. "Yessss… Oh God… That was…"

He couldn't even finish because the blonde man began to run his fingers down his bare back. His touch was light, but it felt so good. After a few minutes, once Edward caught his breath, he turned to the blonde man behind him. He then realized that they were both very naked.

"Perhaps we should get dressed now?"

Jasper chuckled and nodded. "But I still need to try on the suit."

Edward, momentarily forgetting that the man had originally come into the store for a reason other than to fuck the ever loving daylight out of him, let out a startled laugh and grabbed his clothes so he could give the man some privacy. Not that it really mattered, but he should at least try to keep things professional. He redressed quickly and anxiously waited for the blonde man to emerge in the sure to be sexy suit.

Jasper tightened the tie and checked himself out in the mirror before stepping out of the dressing room. He knew he looked good, but he wanted to see Edward's reaction. He didn't fail him.

"Wow! That cut accentuates everything perfectly. And the tie! It brings out your eyes so much!"

Jasper smirked. "Tell me something I don't know." His expression softened as he looked into Edward's emerald eyes. "But thank you. For everything."

Edward smiled and nodded. He checked the mirror to make sure he didn't look guilty before walking to the front of the store so he could ring the man's purchase.

After punching numbers, swiping a card and boxing the suit up, Edward looked at the blonde man expectantly. He never did learn his name.

Jasper was about to leave, but there was something nagging him. Edward wasn't just a quick fuck like he was used to. He wouldn't mind seeing the red head again. So, swallowing a bit of his pride, Jasper reached in his pocket and extracted a business card with his full name, email, work and cell number and slid it across the desk to Edward. Then, he strode out of the store with his head held high.

Jasper Whitlock, Edward read. And what a sexy name it was.

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