*sigh* Hey guys. I know I've been on a serious hiatus. Before the lashings come, I must say that writing fanfic was a great cure for the stress and depression I was feeling over a year ago. Needless to say, going to college, meeting all new people (including the love of my life) has changed my outlook on life. Unfortunately, Edward and Jasper ceased to be my muses. Instead, I focused on writing my own feelings and how I felt about things like love, lust and bliss. I've read everyone's comments since I've been gone, and I want to please everyone, but I can't when things just aren't coming to me as easily as they did.

Though, I seem to have been reinspired after rereading this piece. My lovely beta Harrytwifan inspired me to come out of my comfort place, and as a result, I produced something pretty great. (Not to toot my own horn or anything )

I'm not promising updates on everything. I'm on summer break, so I'll be a bit less stressed (at least until I get a job!) and will have time to write. Anything that comes to me, I'll try to get down on paper for you lovely readers.

Blah! I'll stop talking and let you get to the hot gay luvin'. Just felt like there were some things I had to clear up before diving back into the slash and lemons. Once again, thanks for the support guys! You really helped me through a rough patch.


Alice applied yet another layer of mascara. Jasper rolled his eyes.

"Alice, baby, we're going to a gay bar. No one is going to be looking at you. They're looking for cock, not vag. So why are you making yourself look like a beauty school dropout prostitute?"

Alice gave him a stern look through the mirror and put the lash blast mascara back into her makeup bag. Just to spite him, she pulled out blush and began to brush it onto her high and pronounced cheekbones. Jasper face palmed and flopped onto her gigantic bed. He knew he shouldn't have said anything, but being the cocky ass he is, he couldn't resist.

Hell hath no fury on a woman scorned, he thought bitterly.

When Alice deemed she had punished Jasper enough, she stepped back from her vanity, gave herself a once over and announced, "I am perfect."

Jasper bit his tongue and sat up to see the finished product. Alice was wearing a very tight and very short sequined red dress. She spared on the jewelry, save for her favorite pair of gold earrings. Her makeup was extensive, but not like the beauty school dropout prostitute way Jasper had described it as. He was just being impatient. He gave her an impressed nod as she twirled in front of him to show everything off. When she was done, Jasper stood up, stretched dramatically and pulled the small girl out of the house before she decided she needed more makeup. Seriously, she was a straight girl going to a very gay bar. It was unnecessary.


Edward nearly bounced around his room as he got ready to go to the club. With wedding season upon him, he was busier than ever turning guys into gentlemen. Edward worked at the most prestigious men's formal wear store in all of the west coast. Just last week, he outfitted the delicious Orlando Bloom in something absolutely fabulous for a special gala. Edward loved his job, but he loved clubbing too.

When he decided that his outfit was tight enough and his hair was styled to perfection, he took his leave. He was going to the club solo tonight, which never really bothered him. That way, he wouldn't worry about someone else when he decided to bring a tasty number home for the night. And Edward had no trouble picking up tasty numbers. He was every gay guy's wet dream. His blowjobs were world-renowned and he had the twink thing going for him.

As usual, Pegasus, the hippest gay bar, was absolutely packed. The line to get in went around the block. Edward didn't have to worry about lines, however. One of the perks of being Edward, he got into all the cool places no matter what.

Conveniently, so could someone else.


Alice yanked Jasper to the bar so she could get her hands on a fruity and boozey drink. Jasper enjoyed a finely aged port or whiskey, and couldn't stomach the sugary things Alice drank. They were able to squeeze through the crowd and give the bartender their orders. As they waited, Jasper scoped the club. In the center, on the dance floor, every one was grinding and writhing against one another. The DJ played thumping techno music that had a great humping beat. Seriously, it was sex music. Jasper loved every minute of it. No one was immediately grabbing his attention. It had been hard for Jasper to find casual fucks ever since… well, ever since the last time he bought a suit. Something about Edward just got to Jasper. He had never cared about a one-time fling before. But that was just it. It was the first time Jasper didn't want it to be a one-time thing. He wanted more. He wanted to (he really hated this part) cuddle with Edward. Talk about their days. Watch scary movies with him in bed. Jasper didn't understand it. He considered seeing a psychiatrist about it.

"Earth to Jasper!"

He turned his head to his left and saw a slightly annoyed Alice trying to hand him his Jack on the rocks. He took it, regaining his composure. He slammed it back, considered getting another one but decided against it. No sense getting hammered tonight. Alice giggled a bit as she took a sip of her drink. Some kind of strawberry smoothie tini. Gag.

"What's so funny, doll?" Jasper asked his companion.

"You're thinking about the guy from Pierre's, aren't you?"

Jasper cleared his throat and went to take a drink from his glass before realizing it was empty. "Don't know who you're talking about, doll."

"Uh huuuuuhhhh…"

Jasper put his glass on the bar and looked at the small girl. "Now listen here, are we going to dance or what?"

Alice finished her drink and sauntered on to the dance floor. Jasper followed suit. The hypnotic lights glittered off of her dress and made her stand out even more. But as Jasper pointed out earlier, the guys here weren't interested in seeing what was under that dress of hers. The floor was a (mostly) clothed orgy. Guys were doing all they could to each other while still having their clothes on.

Jasper took a second to get a feel for the music. He put his hands on Alice's hips and they moved perfectly in time to the music. Jasper had absolutely no attraction to Alice, and the same went for her. But they were probably the best of friends. Alice often joked that she was Jasper's hag. They had many of the same interests, and Alice was basically the female version on Jasper. One thing they both enjoyed immensely- dancing. Neither danced to try to gain the attention of others. They knew they were awesome and warranted attention, but they didn't actively seek it. Surprisingly, there was a guy who found himself attracted to the small woman with Jasper and asked to dance. Jasper figured he was either bi or was straight and had gay friends who dragged him in.

Jasper didn't skip a beat and moved his body to the pulsing music. A few people asked to dance, but Jasper wasn't quite in the mood. He was channeling Billy Idol and was dancing by himself. That is, until he saw someone he hadn't seen for a while.


Edward was nabbed by some tall, muscular guy on the dance floor He grinded his very pronounced erection into Edward's very grindable ass. Edward was in a bit of a bind. He couldn't really get away from the guy. It wasn't that he was unattractive… No. It was his hands. They were all over the place. It made Edward feel a little weird. One of the guy's hands was under his shirt and on his chest. Edward cleared his throat.

"So mysterious handsy guy, what's your name?" Edward had to shout over the music.

The hunky guy grunted, "Emmett," before bending Edward over. Edward was not a fan, and this position made it easy for him to wriggle out of Emmett's grasp. He threw a "Thanks, but no thanks!" over his shoulder as he ran through throngs of people to get space. Edward wasn't exactly watching where he was going and walked right into someone.

"OH! Sorry, sorry! I did-"

Oh, but it was the best person to bump into.

"Jasper! I haven't seen you since you came into the store!"

Jasper gave Edward a smug smile, but his eyes were still terribly delighted. "Did you miss me?"

Edward wanted to hug Jasper, but seeing how they were still on the dance floor, a dramatic leap into the arms wasn't in order. Edward gave Jasper a crooked smile and asked, "Would you like to dance, hotshot?"

"Mmm, you know I would." Jasper turned Edward around and put his hands on the Irish boy's hips. They moved in sync, every thrust matched, every sway… Jasper remembered fondly their adventures in the dressing room. They moved together then perfectly too. Thinking about the time in the dressing room started to make Jasper stiff. Edward definitely felt it because he pressed himself to Jasper even harder.

Edward couldn't believe that he found Jasper again. After a few months had passed without Jasper returning his phone calls, Edward had given up on the beautiful blonde. He wasn't the type to stay hung up on anyone, but he had to admit, he was a bit sad. He really hoped that Jasper wouldn't become one of the countless other one night stands he'd had. He was really hoping they'd be able to get to know each other more. Their time in the dressing room was always something Edward always thought about. Every time he looked at the mirror he was fucked against, Edward's lips turned up into a smile.

When the music started to slow and Edward could hear himself over it, he asked Jasper, "Are you going to run away again?"

Jasper leaned down so he could touch his lips to Edward's ear. "Not if you don't want me to."

Edward closed his eyes, smiling, and leaned against Jasper. "No. I don't."

Jasper chuckled and wrapped his arms around Edward's torso, an embrace. They stayed like that for a while. Slowly, Jasper's hand made it's way down Edward's chest and towards his ever growing bulge. Edward practically purred, one of the most erotic noises Jasper had ever heard. He growled and pressed himself against the redhead. Jasper's other hand traveled up Edward's neck and pushed his head back, demanding. Jasper attacked the shorter man's mouth with such intensity, Edward nearly melted. Jasper's tongue didn't ask, it pillaged. Edward was not complaining. All the while, Jasper kept palming Edward's confined erection, driving him wild. With a final squeeze, Jasper pulled away from Edward. They didn't need to ask. The intensity in their eyes was enough for the both of them to understand what was going to happen next. They made their way off the dance floor when-

"Alice! Argh!"

Jasper had completely forgotten about his small companion. He scanned the dance floor. He stood on his tiptoes and still couldn't see her.

"Will you be a dear and wait here while I look for someone? I'll be right back."

Edward nodded and Jasper gave him a quick peck on the lips before diving back onto the dance floor to look for Alice. It shouldn't be too hard. She was wearing a freaking red sequined dress. Sure enough, towards the center, he found her and her dance partner tongue wrestling. He tapped her shoulder.



Reluctantly, and with a big smack, she separated her lips from her love-struck companion's. He had a silly, dazed look, almost like he was high. Alice was quite the drug. Alice turned to face Jasper, an annoyed expression on her face. "What, Jasper? What is soooo important?"

"Excuse me, miss. I seem to have found someone and would like to take him to my place and thoroughly fuck the ever loving daylights out of him… Again."

Alice raised an eyebrow and smiled smugly. "So you found him again, did you? Good for you. Go off. I'll get a cab. Go fuck that boy stupid."

Jasper chuckled, "Oh, you know I will." He navigated his way off of the dance floor to return to Edward. When he got to him, he saw his lovely redhead was in a bit of a bind. Some smarmy guy had his hands all over Jasper's merchandise. When Edward saw Jasper, he pleaded for help by giving him a very wide-eyed look.

"Excuse me sir, but you seem to have your hands on something that belongs to me."

The snake like guy just snickered and said, "I don't see your name on him. And he seems to be enjoyed himself, so why don't you go away and leave us to our business."

Jasper stood as tall as he could and looked down at the pushy guy. "I don't think you understand who you are dealing with. Now please, get your hands off of him or I'll break them for you."

Edward grabbed Jasper and was able to free himself from the guy. They left promptly. Jasper led Edward to his shiny, red Ferrari. Edward raised an eyebrow and said, "Nice." He slid into the passenger seat, running his finger over the soft leather. Jasper's car was almost as sexy as Jasper himself. When Jasper got in, he grabbed the back of Edward's head and smashed his lips against Edward's. The kiss was hungry, needy and full of promises as to what was going to come next. When they were both breathless, Jasper directed his attention to starting the car so they could get to his house as fast as they could.

"You like things fast, don't you Edward? Hold on, baby."

Jasper slammed on the gas and they shot down the street as fast as possible. Edward did indeed like things fast and fast cars were a major turn on. He sat back so he could enjoy the ride. After only 5 minutes, they reached a high rise. Edward looked to Jasper.

"Are you in the penthouse?"

Jasper smiled smugly and said, "You know it, babe." He parked the car, got out and opened the door for his companion. Jasper slapped Edward's ass for good measure. The redhead moaned. They wasted no time getting in the elevator to go to the top floor. In the elevator, Jasper pressed Edward against the wall, holding his face and kissing him tenderly. Edward's hands wove into Jasper's sexy curls. When the elevator dinged, they got out and stepped into Jasper's stylish apartment. Edward would've like to see everything, but Jasper yanked him to his bedroom and pushed the smaller man onto his gigantic bed. Jasper got on top of Edward and began to unbutton his shirt. Edward loved his button downs. Jasper stopped to fold it before setting on the ground. He didn't want Edward's nice shirt to get wrinkled. He kicked himself for being so hasty when they were in the store.

Edward saw what Jasper was doing and felt a swell of some emotion he couldn't put his finger on. Jasper was folding his shirt. There was absolutely nothing hotter. As soon as Jasper was done, he ripped the blonde's shirt off and started unbuttoning his jeans. Soon, it became a fury of trying to take clothes off fast enough. When both men were naked, Edward moaned and began stroking his hard cock. Jasper sat back and watched for a minute before reaching into the drawer on his bedside table and pulling out lube and a condom. "Are you ready, Edward?"

Edward stopped stroking himself and nodded. He was beyond ready. Jasper chuckled and put the condom on before lubing his fingers. He prepared Edward just enough so it wouldn't be uncomfortable for him. Then he lubed his cock and positioned himself.

"Just do it already!" Edward was about to bust a nut. Jasper laughed before shoving his cock in balls deep. Edward's eyes rolled back and his mouth was open in a silent moan. Jasper growled. Going in was always the best part. He took a second for Edward to get used to him before he started thrusting. Hard. Delicious sounds came out of Edward's mouth and some of the dirty things he was saying was enough to make Jasper blush.

"When… did… you… get… such… a… dirty… mouth?" Jasper grunted between thrusts.

"Ohhhh! Fuck me harder! Oh yeahhh!" Edward's eyes were closed. Jasper could tell he was close. Not wanting to cum first, Jasper started stroking Edward's cock. It didn't take long for Edward to cum all over his stomach and Jasper's hand. He stammered something incoherent. Jasper started fucking Edward even faster and it didn't take long before he came hard inside of him.

"FUCK! EDWARD!" Jasper screamed as he came. He rode his orgasm; eyes squeezed shut and mouth open. It was even better than in the dressing room. With a grunt, Jasper collapsed on Edward's chest.

"Um, ah! Okay…" Edward wanted to clean off, but he couldn't when Jasper was on his chest. He chuckled and let Jasper catch his breath. When he did, Jasper sat up and got a towel out of his bedside table and cleaned both of their chests and his hand before taking off the condom, tying it and threw it into the garbage.

"Fuck me, Edward. That was better than last time."

Edward laughed and nodded. Jasper pulled the covers down so he and Edward could get under them. They were both very tired and spent. Jasper pulled Edward to him so his back was pressed against his chest. As Edward started to drift to sleep, he asked, "Is this going to be the last time I see you for a while again?"

"No, babe. I'm not letting you go again."

Edward smiled and closed his eyes and fell asleep in Jasper's arms.

Thanks for reading! Maybe I'll write another chapter, maybe not. Once again, thanks for sticking with me!

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