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Just Lust?

Chapter One All Grown Up

The same familiar scenery flashed past as the train flew across the land. The same rolling, green hills, the patchwork fields, and, as the train got closer to its destination, the dark forests. Most of the faces on the train were familiar as well as most of the people on the train had gone to school together for at least a few years.

Somehow James Potter had convinced Lily Evans to join him and his friends in their compartments on their final journey to Hogwarts. So far Lily had managed to read part of a book with few interruptions from her cabin mates.

Glancing out of the sliding door James caught sight of the back view of a tall, blonde, girls with swaying hips. He elbowed a sleeping Sirius Black awake. Sleepily rubbing his eyes Sirius studied the girl from behind.

"I've never seen that arse before," Sirius said making James snicker. "Who is she?"

Lily poked her head out the compartment door. "Katherine Clarke."

"Who?" James and Sirius asked in unison.

"Seriously? She's only been in our year since we were eleven." Lily sighed in exasperation. "She's in Ravenclaw and we've had tons of classes with them."

James and Sirius continued to watch the girl as she bought a few Pumpkin Pasties from the plump, brown haired trolley lady. When she turned they still didn't recognize her.

"Has she always looked like that? I certainly would have noticed someone who looked like that before." Sirius asked.

Lily hesitated, trying to be polite. "Well no, not really."

"So she was ugly. That's why I never noticed her!" Sirius and James burst into laughter.

"I didn't say she was ugly!" Lily searched for a better word. "I would go with awkward."

"Whatever Lily."

James and Sirius leaned quickly back into the compartment as the girl went sauntering back to her compartment.

"She's certainly grown out of her awkward stage," James observed as he and Sirius leaned back out to watch her walk.

Sirius let out a world whistle. Katherine turned around, saw Sirius, and looked around her to see who he had whistled at. When she looked back at him he winked.

Confused and flustered Katherine disappeared into her compartment to Sirius's disappointment.

"What was that all about?" One of Katherine's best friends, Carol Davies, asked in her charming Irish accent.

"I think Sirius Black whistled and winked at me," Katherine mumbled uncertainly.

"What a pig!" Another of Katherine's friends, Samantha Baker, exclaimed. "You back this year gorgeous and now he chooses to notice you. I'm sure he didn't even know you existed before now!"

"Samantha!" The last person in the compartment to speak was Katherine's meek and mild friend, Anne Butler.

"What? Katherine is obviously aware that she hasn't always looked like this. She has, however always been smart, talented and funny. It's only after she gets an arse and chest that a pig like that would notice her."

Katherine flushed at the mention of her newly acquired assets. Samantha was strong minded but after her own encounter with the shallow Sirius Black she had jumped on any chance she got to bad mouth him and warn other girls of his piggish ways.

The train came to a stop at Hogwarts Station and the second through seventh years went to the horseless carriages, while the first years went to the boats.

The thing Katherine enjoyed the most about the sorting ceremony and feast was the Sorting Hat's new song every year. That night the Hat shocked everyone by telling the faults, along with the virtues, of each House.

While Slytherins were clever they were also arrogant. Hufflepuffs were loyal but timid. Gryffindors were brave but also brash. And Katherine's own house, the Ravenclaws, was extremely intelligent, but severely close minded. The Hat sang about not meaning to insult the students but wanting to help them and make them better people.

"Well that was different," Anne observed after the applause died down.

"We're not close minded, are we?" Samantha asked. "I mean come on; we're friends with a Paddy!"

Carol looked offended for a minute before joining in her friends' laughter.

The food appeared on the plates after the last first year was sorted into Slytherin. All conversation ceased as everyone piled their plates high with the delicious food.

After dinner the different houses began heading for their common rooms, first years gaping at all of Hogwarts wonders and shrieking when anyone fell through a trick stair.

Once in the Ravenclaw common room Katherine and her friends went up to their dormitory and changed into their pajamas before going back to the common room to sit by the fire. They talked amongst themselves and watched two boys in their year play a game of Exploding Snaps. Finally, not being able to keep their eyes open any longer, the girls shuffled up to their warm beds.

In the Gryffindor common room after dinner Lily was saying her goodnights.

"Goodnight Lily dearest." James took her hand and kissed it with a flourish.

Lily pulled her hand away. "Night James."

Sirius, Remus, and Peter snickered at Lily's curt goodnight.

"Oh shut up." James sighed. "I'm used to it."

"You should just give up on that one, mate," Sirius advised.

"She loves me. She's only in the denial stage right now." James grinned.

"Ah of course she is," Remus said sarcastically.

"So Jamesy what do you think about the blonde with the nice arse from the train?" Sirius raised an eyebrow.

"She was definitely a looker, mate."

"Do you think I can make her fall hard for me and get her up to the dormitory?" Sirius got the roguish grin on his face he always did when talking a new conquest.

"You're Sirius Black, of course you can!" James encouraged.

"You two are utterly disgusting." Remus rolled his eyes.

"Hey Moony I'm sorry I can't be a saint like you and be content reading books. I need the real thing, a good looking girl to sit on my lap," Sirius paused. "Or other places," he said slyly, winking at James.

"You know she's smart right? She's in Ravenclaw and she's top in our class," Remus said.

"Oh come one Moony. I've been with a few Ravenclaws." Sirius wiggled his eyebrows.

"Whatever you say." Remus went back to the book in his lap.

"Just wait and see, Moony."

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