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Katherine had been up long enough to get the coffee started in her quaint, little kitchen. She enjoyed the time in the morning when she was up and no one else was. It was quiet and she could enjoy the peacefulness, before her, generally, hectic day started.

She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table, tracing the rim of her mug. Even though Katherine enjoyed her mornings before everyone else was awake, it had become the hardest time to keep Sirius out of her thoughts. When she wasn't chasing her daughter around or tending to her rather forgetful husband, her mind was open to memories, both good and bad.

Eventually she heard loud footsteps coming down the stairs and she was relieved when the image of Sirius laughing in their old apartment vanished from her mind.

"Two deliveries for you this morning," her husband said cheerfully. "A small child," he dropped her daughter into her lap, gently. "And your paper." The Daily Prophet was placed next to her coffee mug.

"How did you sleep, Anna?" Kate asked, before glancing at the paper.

"Very good, Mummy." The little girl snuggled into Kate's chest and she relished the post-sleep warmth.

When she finally looked at that morning's paper the warmth drained out of her, despite her daughter.

"SIRIUS BLACK DEAD," the headline screamed out at her. There was the same picture that had appeared when Sirius had been arrested, his mug shot.

"Darling I'm not feeling very well," Katherine told her husband, slipping out from beneath her daughter. "Can you look after her for a while?"

Katherine picked up the paper and walked back to their bedroom where she locked the door and crawled into bed. After reading the article, which hadn't offered any substantial news she burrowed under the covers and cried.

The doorknob jiggled after about an hour. "Are you alright?" Her husband called.

"I'm feeling terribly, actually. Don't come in, I don't want you to catch it."

Her husband left her alone the rest of the day and she remembered everything about Sirius, from the day they met until their last fight and then their last encounter. She was even more saddened by the fact that those memories were all she would ever have of him.

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